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  1. HDnuts100

    Looking for the most jaw-dropping DTS-HD MA track on blu...

    i, Robot Mr. and Mrs. Smith Die Hard 4 Broken Arrow
  2. HDnuts100

    Looking for a good projector screen

    Thanks, I think I'm just going to paint the wall.
  3. HDnuts100

    Looking for a good projector screen

    Hey everyone, I just bought a Panasonic PTAE2000U projector and I'm looking for a screen. I just got a condo so the screen I'm looking for has to be somewhere between 80 to 90 inches. Does anyone know where I can buy one? I don't want to spend more than $200, so I'm not looking for high end...
  4. HDnuts100

    Panasonic DMP-BD10A problem

    Hmm, that's strange, I own the DMP-BD10 too and don't have any problems with it at all. The only thing that bugs me is the loading time on newer BD movies, it takes forever to load these films.
  5. HDnuts100

    Which Blu-Ray players have built in Audio Decoding?

    All Blu ray players has internal audio decoding, although some can't decode Dolby TrueHD, I believe the older Samsung and Sony player can't but if I'm wrong, please someone correct me.
  6. HDnuts100

    What happened to

    I couldn't access the site either, could it be that they're shutting it down since the war is over now? I believe a lot of their "founding members" are pro HD DVD, so maybe they're thinking of getting rid of the site.
  7. HDnuts100

    Now that WB is Blu-ray exclusive... when will we see LOSSLESS audio on EVERY BD???

    Amen brother! I was so pissed off when I saw that The Assassination of Jesse James will come with only regular DD. I hope now that they'll only release films on BD, all of their upcoming titles will have either TrueHD or PCM track.
  8. HDnuts100

    Just wanting to make sure I understand this HD-Audio thing

    Let me ask you, why would you want to apply any DSP processing to a TrueHD track, it's already sounds great, I'd leave it alone.
  9. HDnuts100

    Poor sound quality in Transformers HD DVD.

    Mitch, For me when I watch Transformers, I found that the first half of the movie sounded pretty low but then the last 30 minutes sounded great. Let me ask you this, is your Dialog Enhancer on or off? In the HD player I mean, if you turn it on then the sound would be louder in the center speaker.
  10. HDnuts100

    Which HD format to buy Harry Potter movies on ?

    Well if that's the case, then I'm getting BD version since I love PCM tracks. I don't care for the IME crap.
  11. HDnuts100

    first pics from remastered FIFTH ELEMENT :) 21.6 MPEG2 versus 35.1 GB AVC

    Does anyone know when Warner will release this version of Superman Returns? I have it on BD but will buy it again for the TrueHD and PCM tracks.
  12. HDnuts100

    People with both players

    My receiver has two HDMI inputs so I connect my HD-DVD and BD player to them.
  13. HDnuts100

    Ghost Rider problems

    That was great :laugh: and I agree the movie was awful. Although, the PQ and AQ on this BD was just amazing. The TrueHD and PCM tracks rocks.
  14. HDnuts100

    Ghost Rider problems

    No problem here, I have the Panny player.
  15. HDnuts100

    PS3 - Linear PCM?

    Well, since you're using optical cable not HDMI, you should go with bitstream.
  16. HDnuts100


    What I would to know is why didn't they include the trailer for this film on the disc? I love the trailer for M:I - 2, Paramount included the trailers for the first and third film but not the second, does anyone know?