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  1. HienD

    Opinions on the Panasonic DLP TVs?

    Thanks, I just demo'd the tv. Even did some minor adjustments, the still look bad. Hien
  2. HienD

    Opinions on the Panasonic DLP TVs?

    I'm thinking of purchasing a 56" Panasonic DLP TV. Model number: PT-56DLX75. It has a lot of features and plenty of inputs. It's also relatively cheap compared other brands. Are Panasonic DLP TVs any good? The only good things I hear about Panasonic are their plasma display. Any input...
  3. HienD

    MASTER BURN-IN THREAD: READ THIS FIRST! (And ask follow-ups here.)

    With TV in torch mode and movie menu screen left on for hours, your bound get burn in. Moderate contrast and proper colour temperature setting should mimize the effects. If your paranoid about burn in on a CRT RPTV, just get a DLP or LCD RPTV. They've come down in price quite a bit compared to...
  4. HienD

    MASTER BURN-IN THREAD: READ THIS FIRST! (And ask follow-ups here.)

    I've had my Hitachi 51S500 RPTV for over a year now and have only played about 4 hours of games on it. All of it spent on NHL 2K5. If there was an option to turn off the score overlays in the sports games then I would be in heaven. I mostly play sports games with the only static image in them...
  5. HienD

    Feedback from my sub - why?

    Sorry, I meant sub cable. Corrected now.
  6. HienD

    Feedback from my sub - why?

    What I'm guessing is you have a rca cable connected to the sub pre-out which is then connected to the subs rca in with a y adapter. Don't think that should cause the feedback. Have you tried a good quality shielded sub cable? A good digital coax or video cable should work too.
  7. HienD

    SVS Subwoofer pics?

    That's just so beautiful. Wish I had a SVS let alone 4.:frowning:
  8. HienD

    Just got a job at A&B sound!!!

    Yep, I've seen Parasound and totem in the Calgary stores for ages. They did have Nuance speakers advertised in one of their flyers quite a few years ago. Smaller towers for $600cnd a pair.(50% off the retail prices they said) I think that was the only time they had Nuance for sale.
  9. HienD

    Zenith DVB 318 & LG 7832 DVD Player merged thread

    On my LG, 480p does look pretty bad. But I bought this player for the 1080i ouput and the picture is so much better at the resolution. Running through the DVI output BTW.
  10. HienD

    Zenith DVB 318 & LG 7832 DVD Player merged thread

    If that happens, just order the canadian version, LG 7832.
  11. HienD

    Zenith DVB 318 & LG 7832 DVD Player merged thread

    I just picked one of these up today.(7832) Did a basic calibration with DVE and the picture is just fantastic for a $250cnd dvd player. A noticeable improvement over my $150 prosacn karaoke dvd player and better then my parents 2 year old jvc interlace player. Kill Bill and Lord of The Ring TFTR...
  12. HienD

    Question about Hitachi 51S500

    I have that tv and it recommends limiting 4:3 view to less then 15% of the time. I personally like the 4:3 expanded mode best but do agree with you, it does it cut a bit off the top and bottom. That's why I still use normal 16:9 viewing. Just make sure you turn down the contrast and brightness...
  13. HienD

    Too Big?

    I'm 9 feet away from my 51 RPTV and it seem just a little to big. 11 feet looks better to me. But I just got the tv a few weeks ago so I'll probably get used to it. It's better to go too big then too small. With RPTV, if you sit too close the picture doesn't look as good. Too dim and fuzzy. I...
  14. HienD

    Sears and My Hitachi RPTV

    If it's an CRT base RPTV I'd pick the Hitachi s500 series tv. Great PQ. Just picked bought one last weekend.
  15. HienD

    Thinking of a 42" Sony Wega LCD rear projection TV, good?

    Hello, I'm thinking of buying a 42" Sony LCD rear projection tv and have a few question. 1. Is there other TVs that I should be considering also? Has to be LCD or DLP based. 2. How much of a discount should I be expecting from MSRP? 3. How long does the lamp last? The tv is turned on...
  16. HienD

    Can someone recommned a Ultra Small DVD Player?

    Actually, the slim Malata player is $60cn. So $45usd. It's about half the size of a regular dvd player.
  17. HienD

    NAD 541i or Cambridge Azur 540C?

    It was the c541 that had problems with cd-r. The c541i added cd-r support along with other little tweaks. My c541i is a great player. Especially with HDCD disc.
  18. HienD

    h/k 130-$699 can. should i get something else?

    I also agree H/K is way over priced in Canada. Onkyo is also bad when it come to conversion. 501- $299us, $599cnd 601- $499, 899cnd. List goes on and on. WTF? when did the exchange become 2.0? Pioneer and yamaha seemed to be price right. My Friend got a pioneer 912k for $450 and...
  19. HienD

    Which Brand Bookshelf

    Some of the speakers you have listed, Can you find them for $200 or less? One more speaker you should add to your list is Wharfedale Diamonds, 8.1, 8.2. Very good speaker for the money.
  20. HienD

    How much did aesthetics play into your speaker choice?

    For me, it was more about type of veneer then style of speaker. I like the lighter wood veneers or just plain black. Don't like dark woods, red woods or colored speakers. My First set of speakers was beech veneer and my second is maple/champaine.
  21. HienD

    Pioneer VSXD-912K vs. VSXD-914K

    I wonder why this years model is so much lighter then last years model. Did they skip on the power supply, smaller heatsink or less parts? BTW, My friend loves his d912k.
  22. HienD

    How loud is your music/movies?

    I don't push my system very hard. Refrence level on my receiver/speakers is 75 on the volume knob or so. Of course, that's the theoretical point with with the calibration disc or test tone. With music and cross over point of 80Hz, my speaker can only reach about 93db @ 8 feet away before...
  23. HienD

    New Panasonic F87 dvd player: dvd-audio, HDCD and........Pro-Logic II??

    HDCD is really popular in asia so the inclusion of it is no surprise. Too bad they couldn't release a sacd/dvd-a player.
  24. HienD

    $2050 for PB2-Plus- Competition????!!!!

    Jamo subs aren't that good. For the price anyways. My Jamo e4.4 sub that retailed for 600cnd didn't sound like a $600 sub, more like $400ish. But I got it for half price so it wasn't all that bad. But I recen't listened to a $1200 Jamo sub and it didn't sound that great either. Don't think it...
  25. HienD

    Jamo input

    I have a lower end jamo 5.1 speaker set.(e4 series) Cost me around $650 for the complete set. Got them when they went on clearance so I got a really good deal on them. But they are a little over price for the money. The D series is really good but does require a really good amp to run them. I...
  26. HienD

    Mix and Match within Same Brand

    As long as they are in the same speaker line or use similar drivers it should be fine. I know that the wharfedale diamond and evo pacific line shares a lot of the same technologies so they are very closely matched tonally. The Evo's of course have better cabinets, more power handling and cleaner...
  27. HienD

    MSRP!? I hope not!

    Depending on the brand, you should get around min 15%-20%. I've been to lots of local dealers that will offer me 20% off with no haggling. Some speaker companies don't allow more then a set amount so 20% might not be feasable.
  28. HienD

    Scan lines

    Yeah, I think you have a ground loop. Here are some other post that have that problem too. Ground Loop Here's another one on AVSFORUMS. Ground2
  29. HienD

    Fluance SX-HTB, 4 Paradigm Atoms + CC-170, JBL NSP-1II?

    I think the diamonds 8 are a wonderful speaker for it's price. Very smooth sounding and clean vocals. I have a pair of 8.2s and a diamond center. Still not sure if I should get the 8.4s as mains or 8.1s as rears later on. I compared 8.4s to the much more expensive Evo 40 speaker and they faired...