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  1. Henry Ferris

    moving sub do I need L/R wire

    Can't remember model number or see the info in its current position but its a mission 10" direct firing. I have had this sub for a number of years. When i dig it out I'll be able to check the model number. It will shortly be the weak link in my system but I have spent my limit so that particular...
  2. Henry Ferris

    moving sub do I need L/R wire

    I noticed on one thread that it was stated that you only need the left or right line plugged in on the sub. I have 2 sub cables plugged into the L & R. I am going to move the sub so I need new cables. Will it be alright to just get 1 cable and hook it up to the L or R?. If so then the store sold...
  3. Henry Ferris

    receiver for $1600

    Thanks guys. Future shop just lowered the price on the Denon 990 by $500. Just to good a deal so I pulled the trigger. Can't wait for it to get here.
  4. Henry Ferris

    receiver for $1600

    My budget of $1600 is to get a receiver where audio is primary. I have an oppo and an Ati amp for power so do not care about power on receiver. Good use of the new codecs and a quality audyssey setup. Of course this means preouts and if the unit has good HDMI switching all the better but I...
  5. Henry Ferris

    where to buy pioneer 59-avi in BC

    After finally deciding on the pioneer 59-avi. I can't find an pioneer elite dealer . I live in central BC Canada. Does anyone know of a dealer in my area. If not in Prince George I will take anything in BC . Thanks Henry
  6. Henry Ferris

    looking for higher end RPTV than Samsung or Sony.

    FP is not an option for me. As far as RP goes I would like to find something better than Samsung or Sony. Is there some killer DLP or LCD in the $10,000 US range? Plasma is out because of burn-in. Thanks Henry
  7. Henry Ferris

    Will RX-Z9 drive 4 ohm speakers ?

    I am going to upgrade speakers and receiver shortly. I have Yamaha and Polks now and want to go to Polk LSi25, LSiC which are 4 ohms speakers. Will the new RX-Z9 drive them easily. I am asking because I had to buy 200w monoblocks for the old speakers as the old receiver was not up to the task...
  8. Henry Ferris

    where to see samsung dlp in Vancouver BC

    I am making my yearly [13 hour] drive south to Vancouver and I would like to see a Samsung DLP. I am going to stay with my kids in Bernaby so it would be nice to find a retail outlet near there. Thanks Henry
  9. Henry Ferris

    BC Canada dealer for Philips

    Anyone know a BC Canada Philips dealer for the new dvd player 962. I can not find anything through the Philips dealer search. Thanks Henry
  10. Henry Ferris

    Thinking of buying an AQUARIUM. Looking for newbie tips.

    Steve, Fishkeeping is a rewarding hobby It is suppose to prolong your life due to the relaxing meditative state that we all get into from long hours of watching our little worlds. But be assured that you need to take care of them and establish a regular maintenence schedule. People get into...
  11. Henry Ferris

    Bad Toshiba 50HX81 Problem..

    Greg, Sounds like the cable box may be causing the problem. Try removing the cable box and feeds. See if your other sources are ok. If not try moving your cables making sure you have no parallel runs etc. Hope this helps. Henry ------------------
  12. Henry Ferris

    how to bypass a yami 2092 crossover

    Hi Wayne, My sub has built in crossover and is self powered. I understand my best plan would be to use the pre-outs for the main left and right channels,I am currently using outboard ma 700s for power. My next question is by doing this will I lose informatoin that is not being sent to my front...
  13. Henry Ferris

    how to bypass a yami 2092 crossover

    i have finally decided i want to go to a lower crossover than the yami offers [90]. i am thinking of going down to 60 as a start. i tried a search for methods, but i must have used wrong search criteria. could someone give me a blow by blow discription of how to set my system up to bypass the...