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  1. ScottL

    mp3 connecting to receiver

    I use a Roku M1000 with Windows Media Connect. It is very classy and sound is excellent over wireless. -Scott
  2. ScottL

    HK AVR7000 sounds better than Parasound Amp...

    I believe the parasound manuals say to turn the gain knob for both channels all the way to the max. -Scott
  3. ScottL

    Rejoice! SCROOGE is finally coming to DVD!

    I was waiting for someone to bite. :)
  4. ScottL

    Steven Spielberg Presents "Taken"

    Well my vote is I think this is shaping up to be a great mini-series. But I did just write scifi feedback and told them they can stick their "Dream Team" crap up there black holes. Scott
  5. ScottL

    Steven Spielberg Presents "Taken"

    I am watching it right now. Did anyone else seem to remember the scene where the girl(who's car shortly stops working and gets the hood blown off) is going around the corner in the vehicle. Doesn't that shot look exactly like the shot from Close Encounters where Richard Dreyfus and other...
  6. ScottL

    Gong Show on DVD?

    YES!!!, Gene Gene the Dancing Machine and the unknown comic. What more could one ask for? :D
  7. ScottL

    Doctor Who recommendations, anyone?

    "Not only do you get Tom Baker but the other 4 top Doctors in the series!!! " Not to be nitpicky, but I think he is only in this story for a brief minute or two if I recall. :D Scott
  8. ScottL

    The Secret Life of Walter Mitty?

    Thanks for the quick response guys!
  9. ScottL

    The Secret Life of Walter Mitty?

    Hi All, Does anyone have any info who owns this film? Although I am only 30 years old, I grew up watching stuff like this on rainy Saturday afternoons. I think this is one of Danny Kayes best. Is there any news if this will ever be released? I see that there are a few other Danny Kaye titles...
  10. ScottL

    A Bug's Life: CE OOP?

    I am probably wrong, but my guess is that the CE is the only one to have an anamorphic transfer?? Someone please correct me if I am wrong. Scott
  11. ScottL

    Any reviews of Them! ???

    Looks like I found one on dvdfile. I guess I did not see it there the other day. Anyone else see it yet?
  12. ScottL

    Any reviews of Them! ???

    I see that "Them!" was released on Aug 6th. Anyone pick this up yet?? Please do tell!!! Nothing better than radiation mutated giant Ants :) Scott
  13. ScottL

    NHT or PSB

    Hi Jim, I have the vt 1.4 and the VS 1.4. Two words..... "Get them." I have had them for about 8 months now. They are wonderful for music and Hometheater. Make sure you have a good amp to power them because they are pretty power hungry. Actually I have mine bi-amped with some bettercables...
  14. ScottL

    Any word on if Dreamcatcher's going to be good?

    The scnenes from the trailer look like it is right from the book except I don't recall a character as portrayed by Morgan Freeman(aka. Easy Reader) in the book. Of course I read it when it came out a year or two ago. Scott
  15. ScottL

    HTF REVIEW: "Amelie" (Highly Recommended) (with screenshots)

    Well, I'll be the first to say it. I don't know. I was expecting something else I guess. I mean it's good, but it's not sliced bread. ;-) I guess I did not feel the magic everyone else did. Great camera work and lighting though. I'll have to rewatch it I guess. Scott
  16. ScottL

    scare me please!

    I'll second Event Horizon. I saw that in the theater and I was pretty scared although I'll never admit publicly... (oh shit..I just did) :D Scott
  17. ScottL

    No "The Day The Earth Stood Still" until 2003?

    "Do you want it fast or do you want it good? " YES! BOTH :D
  18. ScottL

    Anyone know if the TNT movie PURGATORY is coming to DVD?

    You know did I. Scott
  19. ScottL

    Star Wars Laserdiscs?

    Thanks Matt. :) I just had to know because I have a few bids going on players on ebay at the moment. I have a 53" Hitachi widescreen so I am eager to see what a LD looks like. I am figuring on using the 3D comb filter of the Hitachi and going composite into the set. Hell I figure if it is...
  20. ScottL

    Star Wars Laserdiscs?

    Well Matt???? There a few of us here that are looking forward to your opinion of what you thought about the LD player and the LD's... :) Scott
  21. ScottL

    New Widescreen set - What titles are MUST HAVES

    Well coming from another Hitachi viewer(I own a swx01B 53 16x9" set) Here is my list North by Northwest A Bug Life Collectors edition The fifth element(superbit) Toy Story II & The 13th Warrior is also pretty good Everyone always to see the Matrix when they come over to see my set...
  22. ScottL

    HTF REVIEW: "Every Which Way But Loose" (with screenshots)

    NO doubt. I also grew up with this and love it, but hey..I am from Wisconsin we are all a bunch of Rednecks ;-) I WILL be purchasing this one. Scott
  23. ScottL

    Northern Exposure on DVD?

    Ok Dave... Inquiring minds want to know. Please tell us how you got that??? :-)
  24. ScottL

    Did I go to far?

    Going to far??....bah! Way to go Mark! Scott
  25. ScottL

    The future of home video and home theater?

    Hell, I'll are my ramblings..a grand exercise in free form thinking....... ;-) Dare i say it without sounding to cliche', but as I see it we are at the digital crossroads. We are upon a new era of home entertainment where we can get movie theater quality sound and picture quality...
  26. ScottL

    "Something wicked this way comes"

    Just picked this up 2 days ago and watched it last night on my Hitachi 53" wide screen. Probably one of my better looking "letterboxed"(non-anamorphic) dvd's that I own. Go ahead a pick it up. By the version is not a flipper. Both version(widescreen/P&S) are on the same side . Scott
  27. ScottL

    Thing From Another World, The (1951)

    >> "including the bondage scene" Can you fill me in on this missing scene? At what point in the movie does this happen? Scott
  28. ScottL

    Thing From Another World, The (1951)

    Just another little bump, since I watched this the other morning on the scifi channel. I need this now!! :-) Scott
  29. ScottL

    Yes DVD Rot?

    I also disagree with the "dirty" comment above. While it sounds like that this is not the the case in this example, wiping a disc with no detectable dirt and or smudges has worked for me in every case. There was a thread here a year or so ago that many people had similiar problems, but most...
  30. ScottL

    Ok, Fans of goofy C. Heston Sci-Fi / disaster movies come forward!

    Count me in. Still waiting for Omega Man. Last year they played it on New Years Eve on AMC. Looks like they aren't this year. Scott