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  1. Brion Lydon

    The best Special Feature DVD all the time

    I second Lord of the Rings. Best extras I've ever seen on a DVD. Brion
  2. Brion Lydon

    Xbox fan noise?

    I've never noticed any fan noise coming from my Xbox. Brion
  3. Brion Lydon

    "Transformers: The Movie" 2-Disc DVD May Come In 2004

    If it doesn't include a widescreen anamorphic transfer than I'm not buying. Brion
  4. Brion Lydon

    What was your very first DVD?

    My first was In the Line of Fire with Clint Eastwood. This was back when Sony only had four discs out and Warner Brothers were only selling their discs in select markets. So I guess you could call me an early adopter of the format. Brion
  5. Brion Lydon

    Anyone hear anything about a Dragon Ball Z game for the Xbox?

    I'm a big fan and would like to know if anyone knows the answer to my question. Brion
  6. Brion Lydon

    Harry Potter like you've never read before....

    That is some funny stuff! Brion
  7. Brion Lydon

    Return of the King Soundtrack Insert Question

    Here is where you can get it. http://www.lordoftherings-soundtrack..._internet.html Brion
  8. Brion Lydon

    *** Official BIG FISH Discussion Thread

    I want to see this movie but I just can't see it being better than The Return of the King. I'll have to check it out myself. Brion
  9. Brion Lydon

    What Did Y'all Get For Christmas???

    DVDs X-Men/X2 box set The Hulk Digital Video Essentials Pirates of the Carribean The Office Xbox Games The Return of the King Spongebob Squarpants: Battle for Bikini Bottom CDs Limited Edition Return of the King soundtrack Beatles: White Album Dragon Ball Z Calander Speaker stands for my...
  10. Brion Lydon

    *** Official THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING Review Thread

    I saw it for the second time yesterday and let me tell you that it was every bit as amazing as it was the first time. Man, the Extended Edition can't come soon enough. I want my precious, now. Brion
  11. Brion Lydon

    Acoustic Guitar Intonation

    Hey Michael, Are you sure you are talking about intonation or action? Because all you have to do to intonate a guitar is to tune the string open and then make sure it is tuned to the same note one octave higer(the 12th fret). If you mean action(how far the strings are off the neck) you'll need...
  12. Brion Lydon

    Lord of the Rings: Further reading?

    I made it through the Silmarillion. But I will say it was hard to get into the book. Although it does get pretty cool after the first few chapters. If you can stick it out you're in for a great book with some great history of Middle Earth. Brion
  13. Brion Lydon

    *** Official THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING Review Thread

    I just got back from the midnight showing and I think the movie is the best of the three even though I do consider all three to be just one big movie. It has everything going for it-acting,effects,charactor developement,sound,huge battles,cool bad guys and all those moments that make you...
  14. Brion Lydon

    Problems with Raiders/Indy movies

    No problems on my JVC player. Brion
  15. Brion Lydon

    Queensryche fans?

    Anyone in here into Queensryche? I've been a fan since Operation:Mindcrime came out. Personally I'd like to see them make a comeback. Brion
  16. Brion Lydon

    Please help with KOTOR.

    Thank you very much. Brion
  17. Brion Lydon

    Please help with KOTOR.

    I'm on Manaan and am trying to overload the fuel injectors to get rid of the shark. Does anyone know the sequence I use to get the fuel injectors at 4 million? Thank you! Brion
  18. Brion Lydon

    John Ritter dies

    RIP John! We will miss you very much! Brion
  19. Brion Lydon

    New Bioware Xbox RPG Announced

    I will probably pick this one up. Especially if it is anything like KOTOR. Brion
  20. Brion Lydon

    Anyone else pick up Otogi Myth of Demons?

    I've had more time to play this game and it just keeps getting better and better. Anyone contemplating buying this game should. It is one of the coolest games I've played on the Xbox! Brion
  21. Brion Lydon

    Anyone else pick up Otogi Myth of Demons?

    I just got this title today and it is pretty killer. Anyone else pick this one up? If so, what do you think? Brion
  22. Brion Lydon

    Not sure about buying Knights of the Old Republic

    Get this game now! I picked it up today and have played it for three and a half hours so far. I am addicted to this game. By far the best Star Wars game released in my opinion.
  23. Brion Lydon

    Any Entombed fans here?

    If you like Wolverine Blues and Hollowman then you will like Inferno.
  24. Brion Lydon

    Any Entombed fans here?

    Just wondering since the new album Inferno came out recently. Pretty great album if you ask me.
  25. Brion Lydon

    Why did Jason Newsted leave Metallica?

    I wish Jason would re-join Flotsam and Jetsam. "Doomsday for the Deceiver" is one of my favorite metal albums.
  26. Brion Lydon

    For Metallica fans ... re: new record!

    I picked it up this morning and have probably listened to the album at least 10 times. Trust me, it gets better with every listen.
  27. Brion Lydon

    The Matrix: Reloaded DVD cover art survey

    Third one for me. Brion
  28. Brion Lydon

    For Metallica fans ... re: new record!

    I like the song, too. It reminds me of all the heavy albums that came out in the 80's and early 90's.
  29. Brion Lydon

    The "Cool News from E3" thread

    Where is the Dragon Ball game information? Brion