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  1. Mike Temple

    How to reset Denon reciever

    My friend has a Denon 1802 that is currently doing the blinking power light thing, indicating a averload or crossed wire. After disconnecting all speaker wires, it still blinks. Afte unplugging, it still blinks. I know ther is a processor reset for Denons but can't rember how to do it. Tried...
  2. Mike Temple

    Did I get a good deal on Klipsch?

    Decent prices for these. I paid $130/pr for 1.1's about 1 year ago. ------------------
  3. Mike Temple

    New Home Theatre. Want Opinions!! I am new to HTF!

    Adam, I have similar tastes in music as you and found that I love the Klipsch speakers that I have. They seem to be made for rock music with excellent sensitivity and decent bass. Before you buy any other speakers, I would absolutely listen to them, If you can't, don't buy them IMO. Norhs...
  4. Mike Temple

    A/C Fir ply for 2-ply sub cabinet?

    Removing the weight of the ply doesn't sound like a good idea. I might be wrong, but the wieght of this thing is going to be one of the reasons ( density ) that you wouldn't get cabinet resonances. I have a single Shiva with MDF heavily braced and where the largest open spaces are I can feel...
  5. Mike Temple

    Help with Adire Sub Cabinet

    Another option is to cut a relief in one of the braces and run the amp more toward one side than the other. The loss in rigidity can be compensated for by cutting some 3/4 or 1" wood dowels and using them for bracing, by cutting them about 1/32 oversize and tapping them in then using...
  6. Mike Temple

    basement home theater help

    Most building codes require insulated basement walls in colder climates, and in some warmer ones. R11 is usually a minimum. A normal cement basement wall has a R value of around 4 or 5 if I remember correctly. The insulation will deaden sound and keep a constant temp. much more readily. I...