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  1. Steven Wesley

    Walt Disney Treasures: Wave 9

    A forum poster over at UltimateDisney.com seems to have uncovered that Zorro will be included in Wave 9 of Walt Disney Treasures.
  2. Steven Wesley

    True-Life Adventures - Aspect Ratio Issue on "Secrets of Life"

    In order to keep conversation on topic regarding the issues seen in the Walt Disney's Legacy Collection releases, I'm starting this conversation to discuss another apparent issue with the DVDs. (If you would like to talk about the color issue found on Prowlers of the Everglades, here is the...
  3. Steven Wesley

    True-Life Adventures - Color Issue on "Prowler of the Everglades"

    Being a fan of the Walt Disney Treasures series, I was very curious to see what the Walt Disney's Legacy Collection was going to be all about. For the most part, I've been very happy with the restoration and features that have been included in the initial 4 volumes of the first wave, all of...
  4. Steven Wesley

    Walt Disney Treasures - Wave 6 Speculation & Discussion

    UltimateDisney.com reports the following via forum member Bill Cotter (author of The Wonderful World of Disney Television: A Complete History). From UD's homepage: Link to forum post
  5. Steven Wesley

    Odd video banding on Walt Disney Treasures: Spin & Marty

    Unlike most of you who have been discussing the quality control issues on the animated released of Wave 5, I decided to pop in The Adventures of Spin & Marty set first. While I'm not a videophile with all the snazzy equipment and the like, I did notice something odd on Disc 1 that I'm hoping...
  6. Steven Wesley

    Free DVD: "Hardrock, Coco & Joe" and "Suzy Snowflake" (Chicago market)

    Last night as I was watching TV here in Chicago, I saw an advertisement by Walter E. Smithe, a local custom furniture store with a bunch of locations in the area. In the last year, they've elevated their advertising and promotion, with an emphasis on the 3 brothers who now run the company. Often...
  7. Steven Wesley

    Disneyland USA content from 1970?

    The other day I was organizing my Walt Disney Treasures tins and glanced at my copy of Disneyland USA. I noticed something that didn't quite click. Namely, the date range printed on the packaging blue band around the tin. In the yellow area on the blue band, it states: "Originally...
  8. Steven Wesley

    I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown! (12/9)

    I'm curious to hear everyone's thoughts to the new Peanuts holiday special that ABC aired on Tuesday. Overall, I liked it. That said, it did not compare with the classic A Charlie Brown Christmas, but I liked the approach this new special took. Instead of trying to do the same thing once...
  9. Steven Wesley

    How do you display your "Walt Disney Treasures"?

    Since these DVD's cover multiple periods of time, I was wondering what organization method everyone here uses to display their sets (if you have all of them or just a few). I don't store them in the tins, just the keepcases, putting the tins in a safe place or on display somewhere else. When...
  10. Steven Wesley

    Custom Inserts: Mickey Mouse in Black and White

    With all the talk about studios not including inserts on many recent releases, I thought I would add a smile to your day... Announcing my custom DVD insert set for Mickey Mouse in Black and White, the 4th in my series for the Walt Disney Treasures collection. In this collection of free...
  11. Steven Wesley

    Question for anyone who owns "Mickey Mouse: The Black and White Years" laserdisc

    Hi there! I'm currently working on a custom set of inserts for the Mickey Mouse in Black and White DVD collection that came out last year. I was fortunate to also have been provided a copy of the insert from the Mickey Mouse: The Black and White Years - Volume One laserdisc to help with...
  12. Steven Wesley

    Friends Season 4: Artwork error?

    Like many of you, I've been purchasing the season sets of Friends. However, upon the purchase of season 4, I noticed a slight change in the package art that made me go "why did they do that?". Every season to this point has consisted of a multi-fold digipak case to hold the actual DVDs, and...
  13. Steven Wesley

    Fox clamping down on DVDCoverArt.com

    It appears that one of the studios isn't liking the whole "get your own cover art" concept. Matt posted this over at his site today:
  14. Steven Wesley

    Custom Inserts: Disneyland USA

    Hi there everyone! Last year, I posted two sets of custom inserts I created for the Walt Disney Treasures collections... one for Mickey Mouse in Living Color (click for thread) and one for Silly Symphonies (click for thread). For those of you who aren't familiar with these projects, they...
  15. Steven Wesley

    Broadcast schedule archive

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a website or resource that had an archive of broadcast schedules for previous years. For example, when The WB or UPN first launched in 1995, what was their lineup of programming? I just figured it would be an interesting comparision to look at. Any help would be...
  16. Steven Wesley

    Recommendations on a CD changer requested

    Hi everyone! It's time for me to buy a new CD player. Nothing too fancy. Just a dedicated CD player. I've hunted around a couple sites reading reviews, but would also like your input if you have the time. Basically, I'm looking for something thatPlays CDs (duh!)Is a changer (5-6 discs; don't...
  17. Steven Wesley

    Custom Inserts: Silly Symphonies

    Greetings fellow HTFers! Back in June, I posted a set of custom inserts that I made for the Walt Disney Treasures: Mickey Mouse in Living Color DVD set (click for thread). I decided to make these for myself because I thought the collection was great, but lacked a little context and background...
  18. Steven Wesley

    Custom Inserts: Mickey Mouse in Living Color

    Hi there, fellow HTFers! A while back, like many of you, I purchased the Walt Disney Treasures: Mickey Mouse in Living Color set. Great set, and as a fan of Disney (more of the business/theme park side than the characters, but who could pass this set up?), I really enjoyed watching it in my...
  19. Steven Wesley

    Who do I contact regarding getting a new box?

    Howdy all... My wife recently picked up Friends season 1 at Target. Been quite pleased with the discs themselves. One thing, however (because maybe I care too much about such things), is that the outside slipcase box (that the DVD holder thingys slide into) has slight box damage. My wife missed...
  20. Steven Wesley

    Wal-Mart DVD's under lock and key

    Like you needed another reason to get mad at Wal-Mart... I live in Chicago, and the nearest Wal-Mart to me is actually beyond the city limits in a small suburb. Purchased DVD's there before without a hastle, because frankly, you can't beat their prices sometimes. This past weekend I noticed...
  21. Steven Wesley

    Arena Football to be in widescreen

    Well, I would guess there isn't much of a fanbase for Arena Football here in the forums (I personally love it, and with NBC showing it next year, the appeal is sure to grow). Anyway... here's the recent announcement about upcoming games being in widescreen...
  22. Steven Wesley

    Looking for attractive CD storage

    Hello there! I apologize if this is posted in the wrong forum. Recently I got married and now have the joys of merging two CD collections together in our apartment. We each have something similar to this CD spinner that holds about 200 CD's a piece (7.25 X 11.25 X 11.25). Anyway, with about...
  23. Steven Wesley

    "Cheers" going HD, DVD far behind?

    The following was listed in my February 4th copy of Electronic Media: