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  1. Fred Bang

    WHere's the "Time to throw down our top 10 of 2008" thread?

    For old time's sake, here are the links to the previous years: Our top of 2005 Our top of 2006 Our top of 2007 Okay here's my tentative list which will change for sure in the coming weeks. 1- THe Dark Knight I was surprised how good it was despite the enormous hype. A great...
  2. Fred Bang

    Unanswered Questions at the movies

    I'm trying to get a list of these movies featuring mysterious scenes that were never explained but theorized to death on the web. Here are the examples that comes to mind: The Briefcase in Pulp Fiction: What does it contain?? The secret conversation in Lost in Translation The meaning of...
  3. Fred Bang

    *** Official THE WEDDING CRASHERS Review Thread

    I disagree. I thought the strings were quite apparent. :D
  4. Fred Bang

    *** Official WAR OF THE WORLDS Discussion Thread

    Couple of reviews over at AICN, by the way. Harry says its the best movie he's seen this year, and Moriaty's extremely positive also.
  5. Fred Bang

    Kung Fu Battles Compilation??

    Hi, i 'm looking for some kind of Great Kung Fu battle compilation. Do you guys know if one exists? It would be great to have the spectacular battles from Drunken Master, Twin Warriors and other classics without having to buy each and every separate DVDs. (I personnaly find the non battle...
  6. Fred Bang

    Directors Best Space Battles?

    What's the top 5 space battles ever made out there? Frankly, beside Star Wars, there's not much choice: 1- Return of the Jedi's final battle (simply astounding) 2- Star Wars' Trench Run 3- The Empire Strikes Back Asteroid Chase 4- Star Trek II's "naval" nebula battle 5- ... is that it??
  7. Fred Bang

    The Official "First Time we saw that in a movie" Thread

    Not sure if it's done before, but didn't find anything on the forum. i think it would be fun (and informative) to start a thread where something was new or inventive or before it's time in a movie. Let me start: - Psycho: First Time we saw a toilet bowl flush. - Willow: First time...
  8. Fred Bang

    Jean De Florette / Manon of the Spring availability

    I'm trying to find these two movies but am unable to. Are they available anywhere?? Are new releases planned?? Thanks
  9. Fred Bang

    Top Tens by year

    Hi, I'm trying to create top tens for each year. So far, I've done top tens from 1990 to 2004, but I'm unable to remember what good movies were made from 1980 to 1990 (beside the obvious oscarized one). So I would appreciated if you guys posted your top ten by year (1980-1989) as a...
  10. Fred Bang

    Need help finding the name of a movie.

    Hi, I remember seeing an adventure movie when I was very young. The movie probably has been made in the 60s. As I recall, its a "quest movie" where the party must travel to somekind of dark tower to find the treasure. Along the way, they face multiple danger (like alligators (I think)). The...
  11. Fred Bang

    24 season 1 vs season 2

    Hi, I rented the first season and really enjoyed it. I'll probably buy the second season, but I would like to know how it rates against the first one. Is it better or worse? Thanks
  12. Fred Bang

    Let's talk the best alternate endings!

    While watching Fatal Attraction on DVD yesterday, I was amazed how the Alternate ending (spoiler) fits more into the context of the movie: Alex Forrest commits suicide, and Michael Douglas gets arrested for her murder instead of the slasher ending: Alex Forrest tries to kill the wife...
  13. Fred Bang

    THE RING questions.

    Sorry if it has been discussed in another subject. I did a search, but I keep getting Lord of the Rings results. 1) How's the Japanese original version? 2) Is it available on DVD? 3) Should I try to watch the original, or will the remake be worthy? Thanks
  14. Fred Bang

    Man Bites Dog

    Anybody ever seen this amazing movie? (called "C'est arrive pres de chez vous." in its original Belgium title). I hear a Criterion version is coming soon this fall. Can't wait!! For those who don,t know what this movie is about, it has a similar concept to Blair Witch project. It's a...
  15. Fred Bang

    Need help finding the title of a movie!

    I remember seeing this movie when I was a kid, and I believe it is a 50-60's movies (in color). It,s a sci-fi movie where a group of astronaut are sent on an asteroid to destroy it before it collides with earth. They destroy the asteroid except a man brings back some kind of goey virus on...
  16. Fred Bang

    Triump the Insult Dog vs StarWars Fans! Hilarious!

    Check the hilarious link out: http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/video/tv/nerds.html I believe this is Conan OBRien's mascott.
  17. Fred Bang

    Boogie Night's Burt Reynold and George Lucas

    Hey is it me, or does Burt Reynolds in Boogie Nights seem like an homage to George Lucas? Same shirt, same hair, same beard... even the way they see their movies is the same (they see them as art, when it's only popcorn fun (of hardcore fun)).
  18. Fred Bang

    Rotten Tomatoes Validity discussion

    Hi, I did a search on the subject, but didn't find anything on it, si here it goes: I've been wondering about this ROttenTomatoes "Fresh or Rotten" black or white review. WHat I mean is, which movie would you consider to be better: A- A movie with 100% positive reviews that consider...
  19. Fred Bang

    Where are James Cameron and Oliver Stone?

    These two are among my favorite directors... ...but what the heck are they doing these days? Is James Cameron still on Dark Angel?
  20. Fred Bang

    Serie D owners: Are you satisfied?

    I looking forward to buy this inexpensive tv. But is it good? Do you feel that you should have paid more for a WEGA or a GAOO? I want your feedback! Thanks