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  1. Max Knight

    Oldboy - what's the appeal?

    Warning - spoilerish material will follow, and this is a long post! I just watched Oldboy this weekend, and I have to say I was very disappointed. I was really looking forward to this film. The premis is wonderful, I really wanted to see where it was going to go. After...
  2. Max Knight

    Deadwood Season 1?

    I heard something about Deadwood being released on DVD in February. Anyone have more info?
  3. Max Knight

    Where do you buy your Canadian DVDs?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to track down the Canadian SE of Ginger Snaps, and am wondering where people go to get their Canadian DVDs. Amazon.ca has ok prices but the shipping is very expensive. So, where do you get your CA discs from?
  4. Max Knight

    (Unleashed) Danny the Dog, new Jet Li / Luc Besson film?

    I just saw the trailer for this here: http://home20.inet.tele.dk/jetli/video/002.avi From the trailer, it looks great! I heard that there is going to be a release in France this year, and the US might get it next year. Anyone know anything more about this film? Supposedly Li plays a man...
  5. Max Knight

    Lone Wolf & Cub: Sword of Vengance OAR?

    Does anyone know the OAR of Lone Wolf & Cub: Sword of Vengeance? I'm trying to find out, and I'm getting conflicted sources saying 2.0:1 and 2.35:1 respectively.
  6. Max Knight

    Good websites for selling a large unit of laserdiscs?

    Hello everyone, I have a friend looking to sell a collection of aproximately 500 laserdiscs. He's looking to sell them as a lot, not individually. Obviously I recommended ebay as an option, as well las the software for sale forum on this site. Does anyone know of any other good sites for a...
  7. Max Knight

    Dead or Alive 3 booster?

    I understand that there was a booster disc released for DOA 3 that includes new costumes and such. This disc was available about a year ago in xbox magazine. Is there any route other than ebay to go for this disc?
  8. Max Knight

    HT combining RPTV and FPTV

    Hi everyone, I currently live in a lovely NYC loft, using a Toshiba TW40H80 as my display device. The HT is setup in the far end of the room, well away from the windows. I am looking towards purchasing a projector for movie viewing, and had given thought to doing away with the RPTV totally...
  9. Max Knight

    A good dishwasher?

    Hi Guys and Gals, My wife and I recently bought a condo that came with some beautiful stainless steel appliances. We love the stove, the microwave, and the refrigerator. But the dishwasher is awful! It doesn't clean! It gets gunked up really easily. This beautiful, though totally ineffective...
  10. Max Knight

    Window shade installers in NYC?

    Can any NYC HTFers recommend a good company for purchasing/installing window shades? I need some for my new place, and have had a bad experience so far. I tried "Exclusive Interior Decorators inc.", which proved to be awful. They quoted me $150 per shade for what I wanted, took a $25...
  11. Max Knight

    I lust after the new Hummer H2. Anyone have one?

    It's so bad. I'm a good environmental person, but it looks like GM has created the exact necessary stimulus to tap directly into my inner 8 year old, who is shouting "To hell with gas milage and finding a parking space! That thing is coooooool! Vroom vrooom!" I saw an H2 drive by my house...
  12. Max Knight

    Would an HTPC be necessary for me?

    Hi All, I'm relatively new to the HTPC stuff, though I feel like an old hand at other HT items! I'm considering a low-end projector (Panasonic AE-100 or one of the newer ones), and got the general feeling that if you went with a projector, you should go with a HTPC. How much of an...
  13. Max Knight

    Using Mac as HTPC?

    Is anyone here using a Mac as a HTPC? I'm considering getting into a FPTV setup (finances and new apartment willing), and rather than spend a bunch of cash building a Windows PC for DVD playback (I have no interest in getting back into the Windows world), I was wondering if it would be possible...
  14. Max Knight

    Looking for good movers in NYC

    Hello all, I'll be moving in late September / early October, and need to find a good moving service! Of course the chief concern is moving my projection TV (toshiba 40H80)! Has anyone here moved in NYC and had a good experience with their movers? Any companies to recommend? Advice in general...
  15. Max Knight

    Favorite Recipes?

    I'm wondering what some of the HTF's favorite recipes are. During the summer I love Brie Pasta: Chop three fresh tomatoes into a bowl. Add about a half pound of chopped Brie cheese, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, and salt and pepper to taste. Dump in one pound of "short" pasta (I like...
  16. Max Knight

    Just had a bid accepted on an apartment!

    The bid has been accepted, contracts are being sent to lawyers! It's a new development in Brooklyn, converting the old industrial building that used to house the printing presses for the New York Daily News into condos. My wife and I are getting a 1200 sqft loft-like studio (literally one...
  17. Max Knight

    Monster Garage!

    Anyone else love this show? It's like Junkyard Wars with more attitude and tattoos! I saw two episodes this week, and thought it was a blast.
  18. Max Knight

    New HBO Series: The Wire

    So who watched this last night? To be honest, I didn't make it all the way through. I thought that the writing was lackluster, and the constant swearing got on my nerves. I have nothing against swearing, but it was just so constant, and without any point that that it felt like each sentence...
  19. Max Knight

    Anyone sent back their old SVS driver? Shipping costs?

    Has anyone here taken advantage of the SVS driver upgrade program and sent back their old driver? If so, how much was your shipping?
  20. Max Knight

    Anyone have a late model Subaru Impreza (non WRX)?

    Hey people, I recently got a 2000 Subaru Impreza L sedan, and was wondering if any other HTF members are fellow Impreza owners. So far I really love the car, but I would love to make a couple of modifications to it: 1. Rims (I have the default covered wheels right now). 2. Easy HP...
  21. Max Knight

    Any other iPod users?

    I was given an iPod for Christmas from my fiancee and some friends, and it is so cool! Are there any other HTF iPod users out there? -Max
  22. Max Knight

    AVIA menu bug on Tosh 6200?

    I was doing some calibrations last night using AVIA, and noticed an odd thing: In the video calibration section under "special tests" I couldn't highlight any of the menu options. I essentially had to navigate blind, which was very difficult. Actually it reminded me of old computer games...
  23. Max Knight

    Backlighting for RPTV?

    [NOTE: I posted this in Building a Home Theater, but didn't get a response] I've recently installed a 6500K backlight behind my 40H80. It seemed a bit bright reflecting off the white wall, so I stuck a few sheets of black matt above and below it which has helped a lot. So far I like it, it...
  24. Max Knight

    Backlights for RPTVs

    I've recently installed a 6500K backlight behind my 40H80. It seemed a bit bright reflecting off the white wall, so I stuck a few sheets of black matt above and below it which has helped a lot. So far I like it, it provides enough light in the room that I'm not going to knock over a glass, but...
  25. Max Knight

    Amazing speech on the Daily Show last night

    Did anyone here see the Daily Show last night? It was the first time they had shown an original show since September 11th. The segments were re-runs, but John Stewart gave one of the best speeches about the attack that I have heard so far. I have been trying to find the text of it on-line but...
  26. Max Knight

    Sources for reproduction modern furniture (Eames, Le Corbusier and others)?

    Hi all, I am a huge fan of mid-century design, especially the furniture designs of Eames and Le Corbusier. Unfortunately, my bank account cannot handle the prices that these collectors' items command! I have found one fabulous website, www.steelform.com which sells high quality reproductions...
  27. Max Knight

    Question about 40H80 and Progressive scan

    Ok, I have a 40H80 and a progressive scan player. For anamorphic DVDs I use the Full mode and everything looks great. Here is the question: for non-anamorphic, if I use a zoom mode (TW2 for instance) do I loose the progressive benefite? I feel that I should know this but have nagging doubts...
  28. Max Knight

    Sony xxHS10 and remote control sensor?

    I have a question about the Sony xxHS10 series TVs that I was hoping an owner could answer. Where is the IR sensor? The source of this question is this: If you put the TV into an entertainment center style media wall (spans length of room, floor to ceiling), and for aesthetic reasons wanted...
  29. Max Knight

    What's a good HD ready 4x3 Mitsubishi set?

    I remember hearing a lot about Mitsubishi sets a while back, but have not heard too much lately. I like to stay current on all the offerings, and am trying to find out what 4x3 HD ready Mitsubishi sets are on the market and if they have anamorphic squeeze or not. Any advice? Thanks! Max
  30. Max Knight

    Visio 40H80/56H80 convergence overlays

    INTERIOR - MAX'S HOUSE long shot of Max making convergence overlays. He is frustrated by the difficulty of getting the exact measurements and right angles. MAX: This sucks! ***** INTERIOR - HALLWAY IN MAX'S OFFICE BUILDING (the next day) Following shot of Max walking down the hallway...