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  1. David S. Peterson

    Paramount+ Star Trek: Discovery - Official Thread

  2. David S. Peterson

    Cinemax: Strike Back

    I have enjoyed the first three episodes of this show on Cinemax. Sort of a uncensored '24' - British counter terrorist unit. Cinemax is repeating the episodes this Friday with the holiday weekend and continues new episodes the following Friday.
  3. David S. Peterson

    Two and a Half Men Season One in September

    Saw this on amazon today with a September 11th release date. Had been released overseas.... but not in the USA until now.
  4. David S. Peterson

    Andreas Katsulas Passes Away

    See Link below [url=http://www.scifi.com/scifiwire/index.php?category=1&id=34628]
  5. David S. Peterson

    What has happened to DigitalEyes?

    What has happened to Digital Eyes? I ask this as a longtime customer of five years. I have never used a different online company to get dvds. I used to swear by their service, but no longer. Orders are now messed up. I cannot track orders on their website any longer. I do not get responses...
  6. David S. Peterson

    Stargate SG1 7th Season is Officially Announced

    The 7th season of Stargate SG1 has been officially picked up by Sci Fi. Production begins early next year. Summer 2003 premier.
  7. David S. Peterson

    Married with Children "Lost Episode"

    I caught a promo run by the FX channel for the showing of the "Lost Episode" of Married with Children that never made an airing on Fox. It is supposed to run just before the Son of the Beach season premiere on Tuesday the 18th.