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  1. Beau

    Where is this line from?

    Browsing through one of my favorite sites just now, (ytmnd.com) and came across a page with a movie line I SWEAR I've heard before, but can't place it. Can anyone help? Here's a link to the page and it plays an audio of the line: http://thenew007.ytmnd.com/
  2. Beau

    Possible sequel to Clint Eastwood's "Firefox"

    If anyone remembers the 1982 movie "Firefox", where Clint Eastwood is smuggled into the Soviet Union to steal a new technological warplane, than you may or may not know that Craig Thomas, the author of the novel of which the movie was based, worte a sequel called "Firefox Down", published a year...
  3. Beau

    7th Heaven ending

    http://tv.yahoo.com/news/ap/20051111/113174670000.html Too bad. The current season is actually more entertaining than usual, if you ask me. At least compared the recent years. Now, how to end the series? How about this: The Reverand is really a coke dealer with Mary's husband Carlos (he...
  4. Beau

    Mind of Mencia?

    Since Comedy Central puts out a lot of thier series on DVD, anyone know if there's plans for Mind of Mencia? It's really funny, and I'd buy it if they released it.
  5. Beau

    Three Amigos SE anytime?

    Is it possible that this movie would get Special Edition treatment soon? It's 20th Annaversary is next year, so that would be a good time. From what I've heard the current DVD thats out is really crappy. Is there anyone else who'd be interested in this?
  6. Beau

    Surviving Christmas on December 21st

    Just read at digital bits that this movie will come out on Dec. 21st. Just under two months since it's opening, is this the QUICKEST a movie has ever come out on DVD? I actually saw it and thought it was pretty funny, guess I'm the only one though. Poor Benny.:frowning: Though I did get a little...
  7. Beau

    Everwood on DVD September 7th

    From TVShowsOnDVD: After a 3-month wait since we were first told to expect it, Everwood - The Complete 1st Season was announced this evening by Warner Home Video. This set contains 6 DVDs in a "Wyncase"-style packaging (such as Smallville uses, among others). The release date is Sept. 7th...
  8. Beau

    "The Edge" and other movies set in the Wilderness

    Was going to buy a DVD or two tomorrow, and was going to pick up The Edge. I think I remember reading it wasn't anamorphic. I don't have a widescreen tv, but is it at least a good transfer for a non-anamorphic? Also, anyone know if there's any other good action movies set in forest/wilderness...
  9. Beau

    Monsters tv show ever?

    Does anyone remember that show Monsters? Don't know when it was originally on, but I remember watching it on sci-fi some years ago. I'd love for this show to come out in seasoned box sets. Anyone else? ADDED: I just voted for this show to be released at TVshowsondvd.com and there have only...
  10. Beau

    Questions about widescreen

    I used the search thing, but couldn't find the answers. I have a few questions. Whenever I watch a DVD on the tv I have in my livingroom, the picture seems to be stretched. A movie with a 1.85 aspect ratio seems to be streched to a fullscreen, and a movie with a 2.35 aspect ratio seems to be...
  11. Beau

    Anybody else want That's My Bush!?

    Anyone remember that show on Comedy Central about President Bush from Trey Parker and Matt Stone? I would LOVE to see this get on DVD. It's only 8 Episodes. Who else would want TMB! on DVD? A brillaint man deserves a brillaint DVD!
  12. Beau

    Santa Clause SE Question...

    At Internet Movie Data Base, it says that on the last DVD version, the 1-800 Spank Me line was edited out. I don't know if that's true, but if it is, will that line be cut out of the upcoming SE aswell? That would suck.
  13. Beau

    Return of the Living Dead 4: Necropolis ?

    IMDB has Return of the Living Dead 4: Necropolis listed as coming out DTV on July 16th. Is there any truth to this? I heard that a DTV sequel was in talks, but IMDB has a title (Necropolis), and a release date. Is this confirmed or is it false information?
  14. Beau

    Question about D-VHS

    I've been hearing about something called D-VHS. What is it? Is it a new sort of VHS, and can you play them on normal VCRs?
  15. Beau

    MacGyver anytime soon?

    Is there ANY word if the show MacGyver may be given some DVD releases? This is one of my favorite shows and would LOVE to see it get released on DVD. I don't care if it isn't season boxed-sets(although season sets would be sweet, but that isn't very likely)any MacGyver DVDs would be GREAT!:D
  16. Beau

    Speed: Five-Star-Collection

    I read that 20th Century Fox is planning a Speed SE for sometime this year. That's cool, but does anyone think that they'll also release Speed 2 SE with Speed Five-Star-Edition in a 2-Pack? They also did that with The French Connection and a trilogy pack for Die Hard. Both movies with SE would...