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  1. ScottDombrowski

    The Partridge Family-Season 4!!!

    Well this was definitely a surprise and especially to come so fast after the third season, which took a really long time! Now I'm picturing the complete series set in something like the Jeannie bottle packaging for I Dream Of Jeannie but in the shape of the Partridge's bus. Here's a sneak peek...
  2. ScottDombrowski

    Starsky And Hutch Season 3?

    Nothing official, but a few people from a Starsky and Hutch message board sent e-mails to Columbia about further seasons and one got a reply that Season 3 could be out later this year but no date was set yet, and another person got a reply that Season 3 should be out in December. How cool is...
  3. ScottDombrowski

    Think we'll get more Starsky And Hutch?

    I've had so much fun watching this childhood favorite again after so many years! With S.W.A.T season 2 seemingly not coming, and Charlie's Angels season 2 almost not making it, I'm wondering what the chances are of seeing more Starsky And Hutch? I know it hasn't been out long but any ideas on...
  4. ScottDombrowski

    Any word on S.W.A.T season 2?

    I don't ever remember seeing this show when I was a kid, but I picked it up to watch with the recent first season release of Starsky and Hutch to sort of have a 70s night ( I need to add Charlie's Angels to this lineup!). Anyway, I've been pleasantly surprised to find that I'm really enjoying...
  5. ScottDombrowski

    Anyone interested in Gunsmoke?

    I know a lot of people may not want 20 seasons of Gunsmoke, but is anyone else interested in this series in season sets? I've just read that the tv movies that were made after the show ended will be released and am really excited by the news! I haven't even seen them, but it gives me hope that...