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  1. Jordan_Brulotte

    My Friends on the HTF

    I hope everything works out well for you and your family.
  2. Jordan_Brulotte

    FS: 2 Adire Audio Tempest Drivers w/IB box

    Hi, I am assuming that these are original tempests and not the newest versions? Are they both DVC 8ohm? Shipping cost on these will determine if I can get these, as I live in BC. If I pm you my address can you get an estimate on shipping?
  3. Jordan_Brulotte

    FS: Adire Audio Tumult, DPL-12, Mass 2012, Gr-Research speakers and more

    I am very interested in the Adire Tumult, however I am located in Canada. If you were able to ship it, what would you figure it would cost to V1L 6V6, BC Canada?
  4. Jordan_Brulotte


    Where are you located Steve?
  5. Jordan_Brulotte

    UGH! HAD it with Dell...!

    Working as a computer tech, over half of the systems that came in for repairs were Dell. Their re-installations cds are pretty worthless too. I advise people to look elsewhere when Dell comes up in conversation.
  6. Jordan_Brulotte

    Old Laptop

    You can buy controller cards for Laptop LCDs, but they tend to be quite expensive. A brand new 15" LCD would be basically the same cost.
  7. Jordan_Brulotte

    DVD drive

    I also would recomend lite on and pioneer. I use the slot load pioneer 106s and like it a lot. It can be noisey on startup when it spins fast, but at movie watching it runs much quieter.
  8. Jordan_Brulotte

    Google Earth. Has anyone ever used this offline?

    I'm not sure where they are saved, but an easy thing to do would be to screen capture the images. Hit the print screen button (print scrn) and then paste in an image editor. then you can save them as what ever format you want.
  9. Jordan_Brulotte

    FS: Large unique starwars hangable cutout for HT

    Price dropped to $100 US + shipping! These things would look awesome in a large home theatre, especially for a fan of Star Wars. They have to go as I will not have room for them. :)
  10. Jordan_Brulotte

    For sale- Set of 3 ADCOM GFA-535

    would you happen to have pics?
  11. Jordan_Brulotte

    Home Theater Pics Finally Done....What do you think?

    I feel the jealousy rising within me... :emoji_thumbsup: It's disheartening seeing this kind of stuff 'cause I'm not sure if I'll ever get to have/experience it. :frowning:
  12. Jordan_Brulotte

    My Computer Takes 4 Minutes+ to Boot, I Hate It!

    WinXP uses 128MB of ram just to boot. 512MB is the realistic minimum for optimum performance.
  13. Jordan_Brulotte

    FS: Large unique starwars hangable cutout for HT

    Price dropped to $125 US. I am still open to offers/trades as well!
  14. Jordan_Brulotte

    Disk Drive Problem

    If all 3 stop working at the same time it is possible that the IDE channels themselve are failing. This happens sometimes when the motherboard is on it's last leg. Is you harddrive on the same IDE channel as one of the malfunctioning optical drives? A windows reinstall may solve the...
  15. Jordan_Brulotte

    Adire Shiva Mark III, 250/360 watt plate amp, need to sell FAST!

    Do you know what shipping would be approximately to BC on both the amp and driver? Thanks
  16. Jordan_Brulotte

    FS: B&K ST1430 Series II - 3 Ch. Power Amp

    Ditto on the pics. I just recently bought a B&K stereo amp from a member here. This might be a good addition to it. :)
  17. Jordan_Brulotte

    SVS or Build

    Really you can't go wrong with either root. Unless SVS has free shipping, I'd expect that to add a lot to the final cost... enough to possibly pay for a DIY cabinet. I personally am a big fan of DIY.
  18. Jordan_Brulotte

    Does anyone know of the card/cards that support 3 monitors?

    To be honest I'm not sure if it'll work. You would need a PCI card powerful enough to keep up, and for the most part they do not exist. What games do you intend on playing on 3 monitors? I ask because only a small percentage of games can be played over 3 monitors.
  19. Jordan_Brulotte

    WTD: Decent Stereo amp for my 261s

    Thank you Carl! For those who care, the above message doesn't apply, as Carl was simply away for a few days. I'm just too anxious I guess :b . Carl was great to deal with and I would do so again without hesitation.
  20. Jordan_Brulotte

    Does anyone know of the card/cards that support 3 monitors?

    Mark, it depends on your application... are you intending on playing 3d games, or just desktop use? If you are planning on playing 3d games then the pci card most likely will not work, as it wont have enough power to keep up.
  21. Jordan_Brulotte

    Does anyone know of the card/cards that support 3 monitors?

    The only 3 monitor AGP card capable of running games of that kind that I know of is the Matrox Parhelia. It it somewhat old now, and will not be capable of playing the newest games. However, that card is designed for 3d applications. If all you need is 3 screens for desktop, multimedia...
  22. Jordan_Brulotte

    WTD: Decent Stereo amp for my 261s

    Carl I have sent you multiple emails since sending you payment. Please respond, as I am getting worried.
  23. Jordan_Brulotte

    DIY Sub Questions (Atlas 15)

    For a down firing sub, the minimum leg length is typically half the diameter of the driver. IE a 15" down firing sub should have 7.5" legs.
  24. Jordan_Brulotte

    WTD: Decent Stereo amp for my 261s

    Thanks to Carl, I have fulfilled my request! Can't wait to get this thing setup!
  25. Jordan_Brulotte

    Htpc Software Needs

    You may find that running a game console through the HTPC, and upscaling it, could cause some latency. IE: you push a button and the game "responds" on the screen a fraction of a second later. However, check out htpcnews.com for a ton of HTPC advice, and here for info on upscaling and...
  26. Jordan_Brulotte

    Want some opinions

    Have you thought about selling the kids and getting even louder/better speakers? Hehe
  27. Jordan_Brulotte

    Help Build My Home Theater System

    Balzac I have a somewhat different idea for you :) Have you thought possibly about taking your speaker budget and putting it toward the best stereo pair you can afford? In my opinion it is much easier to add pieces later as you can afford it, as opposed to buying a full lower end 5.1 or 7.1...
  28. Jordan_Brulotte

    overpowering a sub(but just by a little)

    Depending on the enclosure type you may hit the mechanical limits of the driver before reaching the thermal limits. The tempest based sub I am running has a 360W amp into 4ohms and there is no way I can use close to all that power before it would bottom out the driver. However, my sub is ~10...
  29. Jordan_Brulotte

    WTD: Decent Stereo amp for my 261s

    As the title says, I am looking for a decent stereo amp for my Exodus 261s. I have a modest budget of $300-350 CND (including shipping). That is about $250-290 US. I know my budget doesn't allow for too much, but I am getting to the point where I am anxious. I have been checking the forums...