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  1. FrancisP

    CBS Releasing Horror at 37,000 Feet

    I see that CBS is releasing "The Horror at 37,000 Feet" on Mar 18. I would love to see this succeed and hope it leads to more tv movies being released. Is there any way to find out what other tv movies CBS controls?
  2. FrancisP

    "The Legend of Hell House" on blu

    Scream Factory is releasing "The Legend of Hell House" on blu-ray on Aug 2014. I am a little surprised as I thought the movie belonged to Fox. Did not realize they had a pipeline into Fox.
  3. FrancisP

    McHale's Navy Movie Double Feature

    I know this was released in Australia on blu-ray. I originally thought it was region locked but CD Universe is offering it as a import. I can't imagine them selling something that can't be played in the US. Does anyone know if it is playable in the US?
  4. FrancisP

    My Favorite Martian S2

    I see S2 is up at Umbrella Entertainment. Does this set fix the issues that Rhino's S2 set had? Namely 5 episodes that were either cut or sped up?
  5. FrancisP

    Beverly Hillbillies S2

    I notice that dvdpricesearch has added The Beverly Hillbillies S2 to their database. Right now it is only listed at DVD Empire as a October preorder. Has anything been confirmed by Paramount?
  6. FrancisP

    Elvis Announcement?

    During Warner's chat, they said something about an announcement. Does anyone have a clue what the announcement might be? I'm hoping it will include the last few remaing Elvis films not yet released on dvd.
  7. FrancisP

    Region 2 Movies

    There are some movies that are available in Region 2 that I am interested in. I know I need a dvd player that has a PAL converter in it. When I sit down and watch the region 2 disc, will I notice any difference between watching a region 1 disc versus a region 2 disc?
  8. FrancisP

    Leave It To Beaver S2 Coming

    According to tvshowsondvd.com season 2 will be coming on May 3rd. This is good news because this is a relatively quick turnaround time for Universal. I would assume that the first set sold fairly well. Hopefully this will show that there is a market for older b&w shows.
  9. FrancisP

    Create A Boxset

    I see that studios are starting to create boxsets of completed tv shows by taking select episodes and wrapping them around a common theme. Star Trek, Xena, and Buffy have done this or will do it in the future. For fun, create a boxset. I would start out with a Callisto boxset by taking the...
  10. FrancisP

    Paramount TV in 06?

    I do like the way Paramount handles its tv releases. They concentrate on a few shows and put out new seasons on a regular basis whereas Universal is scattershot. They release a number of titles and may get back in a year or so. Also many of these shows look very good for the age and quick...
  11. FrancisP

    Question About Bucket of Blood

    I notice that MGM has A Bucket of Blood on dvd. Can anyone tell me if this is better than the PD versions that have been released?
  12. FrancisP

    TV King In 06?

    I don't know how everybody else's dvd in 06 looks like but mine consists almost entirely of tv shows. I have at least 7 tv on dvds to get and that's to date. On the other hand, there is one possible movie release that I am interested in. TV Shows Sure Time Tunnel S1 Vol 1 Voyage S1 Vol...
  13. FrancisP

    Tarzan Boxset On Sale At Walmart

    Walmart has had the Warner tv boxsets on sale for under $20.00 for some time. Now they have some Warner movie boxsets for under $20. The most prominent is the Tarzan collection with Johnny Weissmuller. I also noticed the John Wayne Signature Collection as well. There probably were more but my...
  14. FrancisP

    Question About Godzilla Set Due 11/5

    I notice there is a Godzilla 5 disc set that is set to be released on 11/15. I have been trying to find out which movies these will contain and whether they are widescreen or not. The only thing the online retailers seem to have is it is a five disc set. Can anybody give me the scoop on this set?
  15. FrancisP

    Race With the Devil

    I had fond memories of this movie when I bought the Anchor Bay disc. It didn't disappoint. This is an obscure but very well made film with a first rate cast. I also give kudos to Anchor Bay. The picture is in good shape. The extras include a interview with Peter Fonda, a commentary with the...
  16. FrancisP

    Amicus Horror Films

    In the 60's and early 70'd Amicus did a series of horror-anthology films based directly or in the spirit of the old EC comic horror tales. They were Vault of Horror, Tales From the Crypt, Dr Terror's House of Horrors, House That Dripped Blood, and Asylum. These were really fun to watch. Joan...
  17. FrancisP

    War of the Worlds SE on 11/1/05

    The Digital Bits is reporting that the delay in the release War of the Worlds SE is due to Steven Spielberg's desire to delay it. I guess King Steven couldn't stand the competition so he decreed we peons(customers) will have to wait. I think that Spielberg has become a egotistical maniac. Why I...
  18. FrancisP

    Studios Out of Older 'A' & 'B' Titles?

    In the Wall Street Journal article about Paramount stepping up their DVD releases had a line that I don't believe. It said "Other studios having run out older A-list and B-list titles,". There are a number of titles that have never been on home video or only videocassette. To name a few, the...
  19. FrancisP

    Non Region 1 DVDs

    I am looking for someplace where I can find DVDs for different regions most notably Region 2(Europe). Can anyone give me a url for some websites that sell these DVDs.
  20. FrancisP

    Universal Studios Is The Pits

    I have to say that Universal is currently the worst company in the home video market. The things I would like to do to the so-called brain trust and none of them are legal. Their products are overpriced and shoddy. First exhibit is Night Gallery. First of all there are only 7 episodes maybe...
  21. FrancisP

    TV Movies or Mini-Series You'd Like See on DVD

    It's a shame that tv movies and miniseries are being ignored by the studios. The only ones that I can think of that have seen the light of day are Nightstalker/Nightstrangler, Dracula(Jack Palance) and Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde(Jack Palance). These are some I'd like to see. Cat Creature The...