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  1. Ushabye

    Issue with Sony UBP-X700 4K Bluray Player

    I've tried to connect my new Sony UBP-X700 to my WIFI network. When I scan for available networks, my home network shows up. BUT for some reason the machine is insisting this network is not security protected (see photo). Because of this the player doesn't ask me to enter a password to connect...
  2. Ushabye

    Sub Woofer icon has suddenly disappeared

    The sub woofer icon has vanished from the digital readout at the front of my Yamaha RAV 293. On my basic playback from my satellite box and Popcornhour the standard would be two channels plus sub icon. Now it's just showing the two channel icons. It shows up and works fine when I run the test...
  3. Ushabye

    What's the correct OAR of "The Shield"?

    Ive been watching "The Shield" over these last months picking up the box sets one at a time. I live in Region 2, and all the sets from 1 to 4 are 1.78:1 Anamorphic, filling up the screen of my Widescreen TV nicely. Ive just picked up season 5 on region 1 (not out in R2 for a long time yet) to...
  4. Ushabye

    TV shows from iTunes NOT OAR!!

    Not sure if I'm posting this in the right section, but thought I'd vent my great disappointment in this service. I was delighted when I read that both LOST and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA would be available to download the day after broadcast from iTunes. Then I was gutted when running the file to find...
  5. Ushabye

    DVD drive problem: thinks DVDs are CDs, some help appreciated

    Ive tried various DVD making software over the past few days to see which I prefer. And today Ive discovered that my WXP now doesnt recognize my DVD burner drive properly. When its empty is says its a DVD-RW drive in My computer, but put a blank DVD or DVD movie into it and it says its a blank...
  6. Ushabye

    Divx playback problem

    I've recently picked up a stand alone DVD player that also plays Divx files. When I playback a Divx file of a TV show that has widescreen black bars, the player seems to add black bars to the black bars resulting in the picture looking 2:35:1. The ratio is fine when it's played back on my PC...
  7. Ushabye

    A Fistful of Dollars & For A Few Dollars More -Special Editions : R2 Released 18/ 04

    I just noticed this evening to my delight that 2 disc Special Editions of both A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS and A FEW DOLLARS MORE will both be released on the 18th of April in Region 2! Here are the full list if specs - and yes they both will include Dolby Digital 5.1 & DTS, plus both are Anomorphic...
  8. Ushabye

    Kung Fu Hustle OFFICIAL Region 3 release February 1st!

    Kung Fu Hustle Region 3 edition is released Febuary 1st in Hong Kong. There are two versions available, a regualr edition that retails at about US$12.50, and a super limited edition for US$78, which features: A collectable item of strictly limited stock by first come first serve with extas...
  9. Ushabye

    Please help identifying this TV show...

    I remember a show from when I was a kid in the 70's, it was a serial set on an island where the heroes, two men and one women, had crashed landed I think. There was an evil mastermind on the island who was trying to catch them (he had his minions pursuing them) and it also featured a Robby the...
  10. Ushabye

    House Of Flying Daggers OFFICIAL R3 DVD Release Oct 18th!

    With the complete and utter poliferation of pirate copies of this movie on eBay it's a relief to see the official R3 release coming out so soon. I saw pirate copies of this being bid up to $60 on a daily bases! Well, we have the last laugh as the R3 release retails at HK$78, which is roughly...
  11. Ushabye

    Two problems I'm having with my PC, could do with some help!

    Ive been getting many RUNTIME ERRORS from my browser recently which is preventing pages from opening on a lot of sites, from what I can tell it seems to be in relation to JAVA SCRIPT. This all seemed to start when I installed ZONE ALARM PRO. But even when I switch it off completely, these errors...
  12. Ushabye

    Can only save Pics as an Untitled BITMAP?

    This is a recurring problem for me for which I got a soloution here some time ago, but for some reason the fix wont work now: Whenever I try to save a picture to my hard drive from the net the only options I'm offered is to save it as an untitled BITMAP. Emptying my temp internet files...
  13. Ushabye

    When does the new season of The Sopranos start on HBO?

    When does the new season of The Sopranos start on HBO?
  14. Ushabye

    Need some tech help with XP restore console

    On loading the Windows XP on my laptop says there is a driver file missing so it cannot run the explorer, so my desktop is blank. It says the missing file is : shdocvw.dll from explorer.EXE and recommends I reinstall it. Since my laptop did not come with an XP CD I presume the only way to...
  15. Ushabye

    Problem saving photos to my hard drive

    An odd problem has suddenly appeared in my XP: when saving photos to my hard drive from the net I do the usual right-click then save as jpeg with the files imbedded title. But now whenever I right click any picture the only option I get is the save as a BMP and the tiltle box now just says...
  16. Ushabye

    Macrovision problem, cant play DVDs!

    I'm trying to sort out this problem on my friends computer: Whenever he tries to play any DVD on the PC, the picture is scrambled and has MACROVISION in big letters on the screen. Windows tells me that the computer is "not configured to deal with the Macrovision signal from the discs and needs...
  17. Ushabye

    Sound card and built-in sound question...

    I have a new PC with built in sound. If I install a sound card will the system automatically use this as the default or will I have to manually change it to now ignore the build in sound? P4 2.4ghz, 512mb, WXP.
  18. Ushabye

    Monitor shimmering problem

    I've just bought a new P4 2.4 to replace my old P3 500. I'm using the same monitor, a Gateway vx900, as my old system but I've noticed some shimmering on the screen when ever small boxes appear; for example when I right click a file, the box that appears with the specs is shimmering at its...
  19. Ushabye

    Help...I'm going Blaster Worm CRAZY!!!

    My laptop kept shutting down after 2 minutes online with the warning "RPC servive terminated" etc. and I discovered I had that dam Blaster worm. Using my desktop PC which was unaffected I got all the deatils on how to purge it: 1. I switch on the XP firewall. This prevented my system from...
  20. Ushabye

    My new XP is SLOWER than my old W98?

    I just moved from a Pentium3 500mhz with W98 to a Pentium4 2.4ghz with XP, 256ram, expecting general operations to be a bit faster, but on the new machine programs take anything from 5 - 10 seconds or more LONGER to open than on my old machine. I've defraged and all but things remain the same...
  21. Ushabye

    Is there an S-Video to Coaxail cable?

    My laptop has an S-Video out. My girfriend's TV doesn't have an S-Video in. Is there such a cable as an S-Video to Coaxail(or even SCART - as I'm in Europe), or is there another way to solve this?
  22. Ushabye

    Is there such a cable as an S-Video to Coaxail or Scart?

    My laptop has a S-video out connection. My girfriend's TV doesn't have an S-video in. Is there such a cable as an S-video to Coaxail(or even SCART - as I'm in Europe), or is there another way to solve this?
  23. Ushabye

    Help with Windows 95 fixing corrupted boot up files

    It's a long time since I've had to deal with anything DOS Windows 95 related so if you all could point me in the right direction here: My girfriend's room mate has an old Pentium 2 200mhz W95 computer that has suddenly refused to boot up. I can get the F8 menu up, and when I do a line by line...
  24. Ushabye

    Laptop & external monitor problem

    I've tried connecting an external 19 inch monitor to my laptop. The Windows Xp loading page comes up fine, but after that nothing. The monitor just goes into sleep mode as if I've shut off the laptop. Any suggestions?
  25. Ushabye

    The Italian Job remake trailer gives away THE WHOLE MOVIE!!

    Hollywood has remade THE ITALIAN JOB. You've seen the original and besides the name, the cars and the traffic concept it's a whole new deal. But don't bother going to see it this summer, just download the trailer, because the trailer gives away the WHOLE G**D**M MOVIE FROM BEGINING TO END!! This...
  26. Ushabye

    Need Region free soloution for Matshita (Panasonic) SR-8177

    This is the DVD on my new laptop. I've looked over The Firmware Page and there seems to be no obvious way. Even the new version of DVD REGION FREE (V.2) has this note at the bottom of the download page: "Note: DVD-RAM and Matshita SR-8xxx series DVD-ROM are not supported now." CURSES! My...
  27. Ushabye

    Broadband? Ethernet? Network? Some help...!

    Finally afordable broadband has come to my city, Dublin -Ireland, and will be available in a couple of weeks. Plus at the same time I've just picked up a laptop. So now I have a home PC (W98, P3 500mhz), a laptop (WXP,Celeron 1.5ghz) and a new ASDL broadband connection all to hook up. I want...
  28. Ushabye

    Please recommend me Top 10 Shaw Bros. DVDs

    Now that there is a wealth of classic Shaw Bros. films out on DVD I would like to start enjoying this famous epoch of Hong Kong cinema. But where to begin?! There are so bloody many of them! A TOP TEN recommended Shaw Bros. list from you all would be much appreciated.
  29. Ushabye

    What happened to the commentaries on ICHI THE KILLER R2?

    Was it my imagination but didn't I see commentaries listed in the specs for the R2 uncut 2 disc edition of ICHI THE KILLER? Because I recieve it yestesday and no commentaries at all. I'm pretty sure they were with Mike Takashi and Bey Logan, that dude who does those excellent commentaries for HKL.
  30. Ushabye

    Have Window's sounds but no CD sounds?

    My girlfriend just got a second hand computer which I've been fine tuning. But for some reason that I cant figure there's no sound coming from the CD drive, but the usual computer Window's sounds are working fine. The sound card is ok and recognised, the volume levels are fine. But still...