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  1. Frank Zimkas

    Samsung BDP-1000 problem

    I've had mine for a couple of months and have watched a few BR movies without any problems to speak of till this evening. I put in a brand new BR DVD and the player would not load the disc. There was a message on the screen saying the disc could not be played. I tried a few more BR DVD's that...
  2. Frank Zimkas

    Put down your beer/soda/coffee.....

    ... and make sure you don't need to go the john before you read this! It's long but well worth the time.
  3. Frank Zimkas

    Onkyo Universal 6-Disc player.

    Looks like Onkyo has a new 6-disc universal player on the market. I've been holding off on any upgrades until HD-DVD or Blue Ray players hit the streets, but this might be worth an audition. http://www.shoponkyo.com/catalog_det...&p=i&ext_war=0 Anybody seen one yet?
  4. Frank Zimkas


    Well I finally upgraded to a FP! It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I sold my 55” Mitsubishi on ebay and replaced it with a DIY 98” screen and a Sony VPL-HS20 LCD projector. The picture quality is incredible! I had some reservations about LCD vs. DLP but it turns out I really...
  5. Frank Zimkas

    Question for HS20 owners

    I'm going to start building my DIY screen this weekend and was curious about what others have done with regards to projector throw and screen size. I'm planning on a 106" diag. screen, front row seating at 11', and the projector mounted at approx 13' from the screen. Will this work or will I be...
  6. Frank Zimkas

    Cd's & DVD's 4-Sale

    Time to make some room on the shelves! Let me know if you're interested in any of these. Post on this thread and let me know which one you want and then send me a PM with your address. If my mailbox is full, be patient and I'll clear it out as soon as I can. FYI, I screwed up the thread...
  7. Frank Zimkas

    Pioneer Elite M-10x Amp 4-Sale

    No need for this amp any more so it's up for grabs. I paid $392.86 and am asking $200+freight. You can read all about it here. No scratches, dents or dings!! If you're in the market for an amp to power a 2 channel system or need an amp to upgrade to a 7.1 system, this amp is a great...
  8. Frank Zimkas

    Thinking about an Anthem?

    The great thing about these forums is that you can learn alot about equipment before you buy. I read alot the Anthem AVM-20 and auditioned it and many others before I finally saved up enough to buy one. I know that there are alot of Anthem fans here and else where that have had excellaent...
  9. Frank Zimkas

    Today is "Upgrade Tuesday!"

    Finally!! Got the call the yesterday that my new preamp is here and I'll be picking that mutha up today! What did I get? Anthem AVM20! I'd love to take the day off and play, but it's cooling season and it's supposed to be 90deg. today so I'll have to wait untill I get home tonight to...
  10. Frank Zimkas

    Pioneer Elite Receiver

    Time for me to upgrade! Therefore Ladys and Gents I submit the following gem for your inspection. My Pioneer Elite VSX-37TX receiver, I am asking $800+ freight. I have the manuals, but not the original box. Not to worry, I will pack it extremely well, and will insure the shipment to boot! The...
  11. Frank Zimkas

    Used Equipment Pricing?

    Not sure where to post this question, so I guess that this is as good a place as any. For those of you that have sold equipment, how did you determine what to ask for it? I'm going to be upgrading in a while and want to get a fair price for my Pioneer Elite VSX-37TX receiver. I've looked at...
  12. Frank Zimkas

    Looking at some new seats...

    And was wondering if anyone has any experience with these seats? http://www.salamanderdesigns.com/tc1/index.jsp
  13. Frank Zimkas

    I "DO NOT" have an HT!?!?

    I thought I did, but I was wrong! http://www.hometheaterdiscussion.com...=8195#post8195 I will have to take up a collection to upgrade so I can advertise as having a true HT again. Any pocket change would be appreciated! Wonder if I need various bodily fluid stains and chewed gum on the...
  14. Frank Zimkas

    2 channel amp for sale

    I've got a Pioneer Elite M-10X 2 channel amp that I do not need anymore. Approx 1 year old 70Wx2 @ 8ohms 100Wx2 @ 4ohms $275 plus freight
  15. Frank Zimkas

    Outlaw 7100

    I put my name on the waiting list for the new Outlaw 7100 7 channel amp. It's rated at 100w x 7 into 8 ohms (165w x 7). The amp is supposed to be ready for shipment around the end of Feb. or first part of March. Anybody else getting one?
  16. Frank Zimkas

    A "Must Read" Thread

    A friend of my Dad sent this to him and he forwarded it to me. As a former Marine this means a great deal to me, I hope you take the time to read it and let it soak in a bit. Semper Fi Here's to the Marines of MALS 39 and ALL Servicemen > everywhere............... Please read on. >...
  17. Frank Zimkas


    Does anyone know when/if Rocketman will be released on DVD? My family loves this movie!
  18. Frank Zimkas

    Opinions on Outlaw 770 wanted

    I borrowed an Anthem PVA-7 amp from a local A/V shop to see if it would be a worthwhile purchase. Although it sounds fine I really feel that it lacks the power that I think I need for my Lsi's. Any Outlaw owners out there care to offer any opinions on their experience with the 770 amp...
  19. Frank Zimkas

    Socom-u.s.navy Seals - Fs

    Too much for my son! Best offer+shipping gets it.
  20. Frank Zimkas

    NO E.T. For ME

    At least for today! Made the mistake of paying in advance for the 3 disk E.T. We ere supposed to get it today from Media Play. My wife went to pick it up and she was told that they had not received them!:angry: :angry: :angry: I know that MediaPlay is not responsible for distribution problems...
  21. Frank Zimkas

    Virus Alert!

    Some Hoe-bag Skank sent me an email with the following file names as attachments; EnvCowboy.Doc & Att00009.txt Norton Anti-Virus quarantined the files before any damage was done. Keep an eye on your emails folks!
  22. Frank Zimkas

    Need help with unwanted email

    I've got a problem receiving unwanted (adult content) email from various sites. How in the hell do I get off of these damn mailing lists? I've got 2 young children that I don't want exposed to this filth. I've tried replying to the sender and asked to be removed from their list but most of...
  23. Frank Zimkas

    FS: Polk Audio speakers

    1) 1 pair Rt800i Towers - less than 1 year old 2) 1 Pair RT25i Bookshelf - approx 2 years old 3) 1 Pair FX300i Bipole/Dipole Surrounds - less than 1 year old 4) 1 each CS400 Center Channel - less than 1 year old 5) 1 PSW350 Sub - Approx 2 years old All speakers are black, and are...
  24. Frank Zimkas

    Speaker Break-in...Fact or fiction?

    I've read a bunch of posts on this and other forums regarding breaking in new speakers. My question is basically this...Does anyone have any REAL data to support their belief that speakers will sound better after X amount of "Break-in" No opinions please. Lets see if this is a fact or just...
  25. Frank Zimkas

    Roger Waters/In The Flesh SACD

    I've been a Pink Floyd fan for a long time so when I saw the "In the Flesh" SACD at CC I thought I'd better get it now or I'll have a tough time finding it again. Got home and plugged it in and was promptly disappointed. I can handle Pink Floyd without Waters but I just could not stand Roger...
  26. Frank Zimkas

    She Said Yes!!

    WAF factors have been taken care of, new Polk Lsi speakers are now on order from Sounddistibutors.com:emoji_thumbsup: Should have them in about 2 weeks. These folks were great, Eric was a huge help! Anybody interested in a complete set of Polk speakers. Check out my site to see what is...
  27. Frank Zimkas

    Polk Lsi speakers vs. WAF....Help Me Please

    Here's the problem folks. I have decided that I want to get a new set of Polk Audio Lsi speakers to replace my existing setup. Seeing as how I just upgraded my center channel and mains not to long ago,and added Bipole/Dipole surounds also, my Wife (whom I love with all my Heart and Soul, and is...
  28. Frank Zimkas

    New Center Channel

    I bought a new center channel speaker, take a look at my post in the after hours area (My wife and I are crimestoppers Thread) to find out why.
  29. Frank Zimkas

    MY Wife & I Are CrimeStoppers

    :D :D I own a small (1 man) Heating & Air Conditioning business. Back in mid February my spare service van was stolen for the parking lot of my shop. The police department said that they normally recovered stolen vehicles in 6-8 hours, but they never found mine. I waited and kept my eyes open...
  30. Frank Zimkas

    Need help with an upgrade

    Thought I'd try and save some time by asking for some recommendations for a new DVD player. I've been looking into getting a new Proressive scan DVD player to replace my current Sony player. I have not had any luck finding a 5-disc changer that offers progressive scan, multi-format, SACD, &...