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  1. Joe michaels

    Hosting games with a Router

    I have microsoft Router hooked to my PC and XBXO, and I was wondering, can you host XBOX games without having a problem? I know when I used to try to host PC games I would have a problem due to the Nat/Firewall. Are there any ports that have to be open or is the XBOX good to go?
  2. Joe michaels

    Indiana Jones And The Emperor's Tomb

    Does anyone else have Indy? No one seems to be discussing it. Here's my little review. Platform: XBOX Release Date: AVAILABLE NOW Genre: 3rd person action/adventure Number of Players: 1 Difficulty: 3 available difficulty levels. I played the game on medium. Premise: You play...
  3. Joe michaels

    MS& EA looking at possibly buying Sega

  4. Joe michaels

    Check out this popcorn maker!

    I just ordered this very cool hot air popper. Decorative without spending the money or taking up as much space as a real popper & No oil! http://www.walmart.com/catalog/produ...30140612702498
  5. Joe michaels

    Romier was right on again (What else is new!)

    Well after the big heated debate about Steel Batallion and what reviewer was right and how many points were given blah blah blah, I decided to get off the fence. It started when I saw a guy picking up his giant box system at Gamestop. The Box itself was so cool I had to stop and take a closer...
  6. Joe michaels

    Ziff Davis may declare Bankruptcy

    Ziff Davis, publisher of game Magazines such as Electronic Gaming Monthly, Playstation, and Game now and PC magazine may be filing for Bankruptcy very soon.... More to come...
  7. Joe michaels

    Pierce Brosnan to star in new Bond game

    From EA's Press release: EA Signs Pierce Brosnan to "Star'' in James Bond 007: NightFire Star of Current Bond Films to Cross Over Into Original Interactive Bond REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 18, 2002--Electronic Arts announced today that it has reached an agreement with...
  8. Joe michaels

    GTA3 and a Shark port (PS2)

    Does anyone have saves for GTA3? I am at a point I just can't seem to pass and am looking for game saves to download.
  9. Joe michaels

    Light kit for GBA goes on sale today

    I know some of you were interested in this. I am too but the cost of $35 and $7 for shipping AND the instructions for installation all seem just a bit much. Anyhoo- The kit goes on sale at 1:00 central time. www.portablemonopoly.com
  10. Joe michaels

    Discgear DVD storage

    Hello all. I just tried to look through a few DVD storage threads and din't see anything on this product. I was at the mall and they sell them there and on the website http://www.discgear.com.
  11. Joe michaels

    Is anyone going to get the extended warrantee?(XBOX)

    In the box there is an order form for 2 years of protection for $49. Anyone going to take them up on it? ------------------------------- www.joeshometheater.com When E.T.'s lost now, He phone's ME!