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  1. Luc D

    Quantum Mechanics

    I've been reading up on the subject and I've grown increasingly fascinated by its concepts/applications/possibilities and would like to learn more. So if those of you with a physics background could recommend some books I could check out I would be greatly appreciative. Keep in mind, however, I...
  2. Luc D

    Flash Drives, Opinions...

    I'm looking into getting a Flash Drive (those neat little USB storage devices the size of a key chain). Looking for a relatively cheap one (30 megs) and I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience with these things and could tell me if some brands are better than others. Also, what about...
  3. Luc D

    DVD Storage question/concern

    I'm moving to a new city in about a week for an indefinite period of time (about three years) and of course I plan on bringing all my DVDs. I have about 200 titles so I decided to put them all in a CD/DVD folder and leave the cases behind. Should I be at all weary of storing them for an extended...
  4. Luc D

    Portable GPS Kit

    I've been thinking about buying a portable GPS kit (they install on a pocket PC). It seems more practical than installing one in my car for twice the price, especially since I can share it with someone else. Now, first I have to get a pocket PC. I've been told the ideal one is the...
  5. Luc D

    Tips for living in Los Angeles...

    Having just moved here, I could use all the advise I can get. Also, I have been relying on online driving directions to get where I want to go. Is there a service out there that stands out among the rest? I've been using Yahoo Maps so far. Thanks
  6. Luc D

    Interview with Gary Kurtz

    IGN has an extensive five part interview with producer Gary Kurtz, whose most notable accomplishments include Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back. It's a bit long, but worth reading. Mods, I skimmed through the most recent pages of the active Star Wars threads and saw no mention of it, and...
  7. Luc D

    The OOP Thread

    I thought it might be useful to have a thread where members can report news on titles that are going out of print. This way anyone can check in to see if any older and perhaps more difficult to find DVDs are in fact going OOP. I know of at least two-dozen Criterion disks I'd love to get my hands...
  8. Luc D

    Rare treat for film enthusiasts in Montreal!

    Jean-Luc Godard will be giving two lectures August 24th as part of the Montreal Film Festival. The first is entitled "The Evolution of Cinema Since the New Wave" and the second "What Will be the Future of Cinema". I'll post more info later!
  9. Luc D

    Aguirre: The Wrath of God

    What can you tell me about the region 1 disk? Any good? Thanks
  10. Luc D

    Anyone here speak Russian?

    I'm looking for the Russian equivalent of the word "stereotype". Thanks
  11. Luc D

    Punk Rock Recommendations

    Looking for some modern Punk Rock (anyone who mentions Blink 182 will be murdered). Stuff along the lines of The Hives, The White Stripes (though they may not really embody "punk rock"), The International Noise Conspiracy etc. Thanks
  12. Luc D


    Has any one heard of this file-sharing software? Any good? http://www.neo-modus.com/
  13. Luc D

    Have any of you seen this monstrosity?

    www.ok.com I'm not sure if anyone else has posted about this site before (did a search and came up with nothing), but I was completely shocked when I saw it. How is this practice even legal???
  14. Luc D

    Where can I get S-VHS tapes?

    Can't seem to find any. What kind of stores sell them? And to be more specific, where can I find some in Montreal?
  15. Luc D

    Why isn't The Butcher Boy on DVD?

    And when will this problem be rectified? :) No but seriously, this was a moderately popular film wasn't it? For some reason I thought this was released on DVD (Region 1 at least) but a search on Amazon came up with nothing. Any news? Also, completely unrelated (sort of): who owns the rights...
  16. Luc D

    What ever happened to Prodigy?

    Their last album, "Fat of the Land", came out back in '97. Since then, nothing. So, anybody know what's going on with this band?
  17. Luc D

    Need tips for using Adobe Premiere...

    I'm looking to dump my film (timeline) back onto a dv tape. Someone mentioned to me that there are different ways to export it and it could have an effect on the quality of the image. I'm still pretty new to Premiere so any tips will be greatly appreciated.
  18. Luc D

    Looking for music similar to Gyorgy Ligeti

    Not that there is a lot of music out there that sounds like what Ligeti has put out over the years, but I'm looking for very weird, frightening, atmospheric stuff. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated Thanks
  19. Luc D

    Rumble in the Bronx trailer question

    What's the name of the piece of music that was used during the trailer? It was a purely percussive piece. Thanks
  20. Luc D

    Minor computer problem

    I just added a second hard drive to my computer and a small problem has occured. My old drive is called C and the new one D. Now my CD rom used to be D and now has been changed to E and CD Writer to F (and so on). Anyway, now when I try to access a CD rom it asks to insert it to the D drive. And...
  21. Luc D

    Looking for a Firewire Adapter for PC

    Any suggestions??? What's good, what's not so good... Whatever info you have will be helpful. Thanks.
  22. Luc D

    Requiem for a Dream reception study

    I'm doing a reception study of Aronofsky's Requiem for a Dream, which means that I'm amassing large amounts of criticism and reactions to the film. For those of you who have seen it and care to help me out, write down what you felt about the film as you watched it and your reactions...
  23. Luc D

    Kind of a strange problem...

    www.thehockeypool.com is a website that I have used for a good year now, but for some reason that know one I know seems to be able to explain, neither my brother or myself are able to access this website anymore. And it's not because it's down, because everyone else I know can access it without...
  24. Luc D

    Robot Bastard

    Check this out http://www.robotbastard.com/robot_bastard.html Also, anyone know what the music is? I think it was used for Rumble in the Bronx.