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    Best "show off" soundtracks that are not bombastic.

    When people show off a sound system they usually choose stuff with explosions and action. Does anyone have any goto movies for showing off soundtracks that are more of a subdued nature. For me, it would be Hugo. From the scenes with the clockwork gears clicking away all around you to the...
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    International Bell Book And Candle Spanish Import

    I hadn't seen BB&C until today so I hadn't thought of purchasing Twilight Time's limited edition until I saw it and liked it. Now, it is out of print and pricey though but there is the Spanish import...
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    24p streaming interference

    Does anyone have any idea what is going on here. I can only describe it as interference that comes and goes. The unit is a Panasonic BDT 500 connected to a Panasonic TV via HDMI The streaming has a selectable 24p output which I enjoy using. But lately the use of 24p more often than not shows...
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    New generation blu ray players lacking analog outputs

    Not that I need a new blu ray player yet but I was just browsing and was surprised to find that the newest blu ray players have only HDMI and digital audio out. This is distressing because my current setup utilizes both the HDMI and composite video outs. The HDMI goes into the big TV and the...
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    Streaming audio anomalies

    I am recovering from something that is limiting my mobility and therefore my ability to pull out a blu ray/DVD. I want to see. So, I have been streaming more. A movie I have wanted to add to my Vudu library for a bit was The Towering Inferno, even though I have the blu ray. So, I finally did...
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    Why the lower prices for Blu ray UK sets VS US?

    When the ALIEN set came out and was kind of pricey for my pocketbook I was looking for bargins and was eventually pointed to the UK set which was signifigantly less and I got it after I was assured it was region free. It worked out fine. I hadn't thought much of it until the same thing came up...
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    Time Warner Scientific Atlanta DVR de-evolution

    I think I have had a Time Warner SA DVR for about 5 years. The interface was sort of primitive looking but it worked fine and was quick (not that it didn't have an occasional glitch). When I found that the internal memory was not quite enough for my needs I got an expansion drive and had no...
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    How to flag a 4:3 video as 16:9

    Problem: I recorded squeezed 16:9 video on my home DVD recorder but it is, of course, flagged as 4:3. I simply want a way to apply a 16:9 flag to this 4:3 video to tell a DVD player to stretch it. Womble can't seem to do this except for the menu. Nero has a 16:9 setting but what it...
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    5.1+remix soundtracks on films first released on older media in stereo

    Back in the caveman days of high school I so loved movies that I worked to get the only movie delivery device within striking distance: the RCA Selectavision CED player It introduced me to stereo sound in movies and began questions when some of those CED discs were marked with "This videodisc...
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    VIZIO E371VA 37-Inch opinions?

    I am in the market for a new TV. I'd like to spend less than $600 for it. I want it to be 37" 1080p, 120hz (is it a given that all 120hz TV's can display 24p video?) I keep on coming back to this...
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    Does 60hz cause stripe flicker?

    I am probably getting a new TV soon and am looking at the 60hz and 120hz refresh rates in my budget. I currently have a 60hz screen which I have few or no complaints about "trails" or "lag" but what I do see is a flickering of picture material that displays stripes and moves. A perfect...
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    What could this be on my LCD?

    I have had an offbrand (Sceptre) 32" LCD for a couple years now. It's served well. But from the beginning, it had a vertical band off the middle to the left that was a bit darker than the rest of the picture. It was most pronounced when the TV was turned on and was usually invisible during...
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    When DVD packaging is more deluxe than the Blu-Ray

    Some time ago I got The Towering Inferno blu-ray which came in those cursed eco cut out cases with a regular title sheet. The DVD release of the same title had the slip cover, reproductions of the lobby cards and program and was just plain better looking. So, I slipped the blu-ray disc into...
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    Troubleshooting Scientific Atlanta 8300 with a Western Digital 500g DVR expander

    Okay, I have had a certain 8300 from Time Warner for about 3 or 4 years and since last July I added on a Western Digital 500g expander. It all worked well until that certain 8300 crashed. I exchanged it for a new one at the Cable company. So this time I had the expander hooked in from the...
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    Good basic DVD editing program?

    I am not looking for anything fancy or expensive (freeware would be great if it exists) but what is a good software where I can take pieces of uploaded DVD title tracks and edit them into one title. I am looking for something that I can edit accurately with and perhaps control the audio level...
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    DVD error E4 54037380 when using Memorex DVD-RW only on Magnavox DVD recorder

    My recorder seems to have developed a distaste for Memorex DVD-RW or +RW but it continues to load and format other brands of RW (as luck would have it, area stores only stock Memorex RW's) Anyone got any insight about this?
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    Tom and Jerry Chuck Jones aspect ratio

    I Netflix the Chuck Jones Tom And Jerry and they are 16:9. The opening credits of most of the shorts are slightly pillerboxed and the main body of the cartoon on full 16:9 Were the cartoons supposed to be 1.33, 1.65 or 1.85? The cartoons always seemed composed well in TV fullscreen.
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    Planet of the Apes blu-ray Easter Egg

    Here's the deal: I was fiddling around with the menu on the POTA blu ray going over special features, pressing stuff fast. And all the sudden, a picture of a Banana appeared. I selected the banana picture and it shows the Mego ape commercial (the one that is also an Easter egg on the DVD)...
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    Blotches on DVD's in a Macgyver complete set

    In a list I belong to, someone posted about receiving a sealed Macgyver full series set as a present. It was gotten by someone off of Ebay. When the discs were inspected it was found that most of them had some degree of blotches on the DVD's. They have playback problems. I inquired more...
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    How far do you go back with video/audio?

    Ever since I was a kid in the 1970's, I loved TV and movies enough to want to be able to have them to watch when I wanted to. I heard about this recorder thing that could save TV but never actually saw a VCR until, about 1979 when a school buddy of mine taped Alien off of cable and I finally...
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    About to do my first firmware update:nervous

    Well, I checked the Panny website every so often to see if my BD30 needs an update and low and behold my 2.6 machine is now not current to the update level of 2.8. Everything plays well, the only issue so far I had is on Pinocchio where when I try to figure out using the status bar for...
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    4:3 HDTV explorer 3250 HD handling

    In the kitchen we had a 17" 16:9 Sony LCD that conked out on Superbowl Sunday. It was still under warranty and so it was sent to a Sony service center. It could not be repaired so we are going to be getting a similar model LCD, only it's 19" and 4:3. The conked model was a MFM-HT75W and the...
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    Erasing wires in movies in the pre digital days

    Back in the day, it was called "Painting out wires". I had heard the term back in the day and as I got more and more into films I came to believe that "painting out wires" were a myth because I'd often spot wires in movies like The Exorcist. But something was definitely done to the wires in...
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    Extending speaker wire

    This sounds pretty basic but I can't seem to find couplers that would allow me to attach a length of twin lead speaker wire to another length of twin lead speaker wire that is too short to reach the target speaker (because replacing the entire speaker wire with something longer will involve more...
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    Are studios puposely making sloppy DVD's to push people to blu-ray?

    Last time I looked at the DVD of Harry Potter and Order Of The Phoenix it was on a CRT with anamorphic squeeze and I didn't notice anything that detracted from it shown that way. Fast Forward to now, I have a LCD and a newly acquired Order Of The Phoenix blu-ray (Thanks Dave Scarpa) It...
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    King Kong '05 is there supposed to be audio with the PIP?

    I have a Panny BD-30 with firmware up to 2.6. When I watch the beautiful new King Kong disc and assess the Picture In Picture stuff through U-Control it seems that there should be audio but I can't seem to access it. There is a secondary audio button beside the remote's PIP button and I...
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    My first so called reference quality disc KIng Kong

    I had the blu ray player for less than a month. The first BD I got was Terminator 2 (it was cheap) I thought it looked pretty good, better than DVD. Then I got The Omega Man (also on sale) and that looked pretty good too. Neither knocked my socks off though. I pretty much figured both of...
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    Dolby Contrast (local dimming)

    First I heard about this. Where the backlight employed is LED's instead of a single florescent and can dimmed in dark and black areas to boost contrast on LCD's. Exciting news.
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    How much advanced BD soundtracks are utilized on player 5.1 line outs

    My reciever was gotten at the dawn of DVD and had an line input for 5.1 but no Dolby Digital or DTS decoding capability. So, my main DVD player had a 5.1 line out and that has been my system until HDTV. One of my main requirements for a Blu-Ray player was 5.1 line outs. Fortunataly, I...
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    Making a Scientific Atlanta HD DVR stay at 1080i mode

    I did recently get an HDTV. Until I get a blu-ray player my HD content comes from the Scientific Atlanta cable box/DVR. It's hooked up to the TV by way of HDMI and the box also has a couple of secondary SD composite connections. I used to "setup wizard" to set it for 16:9 1080i. Also, the...