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  1. Eric-S

    Talk me out of buying an Oppo BDP-93

    I recently bought a used BDP-80, as I'm simply using it as a transport.
  2. Eric-S

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Smokey and the Bandit -- in Blu-ray

    I have a fond memory of my parents taking us kids to the (now closed) drive-in in Minot, ND. It was a double feature. Grease, followed by Hooper. Those were the days.
  3. Eric-S

    Looking to replace a 65" CRT

    If you were looking to replace your Toshiba with something of similar size, plasma is probably your best option. If you have a light-controlled theater room, you owe it to yourself to demo projector technology. Digital projectors, LCD, LCoS, and DLP have all come a long way in the past few...
  4. Eric-S

    Pioneer CLD-M90

    Once you open it, you'll want to leave it off! Kind of like being able to see a record change in an old jukebox. It makes for a great conversation starter.
  5. Eric-S

    Pioneer CLD-M90

    I've had an M-401 since '94. My first one made it through 1 side of the first movie. My second is still going 17 years later. If you get the chance, remove the top. It works nothing like a carrousel. A square turns and slides on a track, spins and moves out to the cd, picks it up and drops it in...
  6. Eric-S

    Which is the better Laserdisc Player - Pioneer LD-707 or the Pioneer CLD-S201?

    Many people like the 201 because 1. It is newer and not likely to have dried or worn out parts. and 2. It was an entry-level player, and many like that because it had no "digital processing" or other "enhancements" that may have been "state-of-the-art" in the mid '90s, but are drawbacks today...
  7. Eric-S

    Any database of Netflix "rental" versions?

    I'm not big on most DVD and Blu Ray extras. In fact, I can't remember when I watched the second disc in a multi-disc release. However, I've always loved director commentaries, and I think WB's "Maximum Movie Mode" is a pretty cool use of Blu Ray. More and more, I'm receiving bare bones...
  8. Eric-S

    USHE Announcement: Battlestar Galactica (2004) The Complete Series Box Set (REPACKAGED)(Blu-ray)

    Piked it up Wednesday for $179.94 from buy.com.
  9. Eric-S

    Denon AVR-2310CI or Onkyo TX-SR707 or something better? in the $600 range

    I have the Swan Divas 6.1's C3 Center R3 Surrounds Single 2.1 rear center HSU VTF 3.1 sub-All Rosewood I bought the 2310 a couple weeks ago and could not be happier. Audissey is amazing!
  10. Eric-S

    Amazon Deal of the Day is "The Twilight Zone: The Complete Definitive Collection" $106 on July 24, 2

    Beat me to it! Watched my last holiday sci-fi marathon. i could not pass up this deal! Could someone tell me approx. how many episodes include commentary tracks? i can't wait. ej
  11. Eric-S

    Futurama returning?!?!

    I would tune in, curl up with a box of kleenex, and just have a good long cry :) Seriously...as a fan with every DVD and listened to every commentary, there is no chance this will fly. i still hope and think, it's just one long negotiation.
  12. Eric-S

    The 90 minute rule.

    And I'm sure if Bob Evans and Coppolla were to present their case, they would have gotten my seal of approval!
  13. Eric-S

    The 90 minute rule.

    I think people are taking this too seriously. It was just a tounge-in-cheek comment. Of course movies should be long enough to tell their story. I just think some are needlessly long. That's all.
  14. Eric-S

    Lethal Weapon 5 !

    I remember I was visiting a friend who was a student at Full Sail recording studios in Orlando around '91. We watched them blow up a building for Lethal Weapon 3. Seems like yesterday!
  15. Eric-S

    The 90 minute rule.

    Then I guess it would make me no different than most producers in Hollywood!
  16. Eric-S

    The 90 minute rule.

    I think all movies should be able to tell their story in 90 minutes. If they want to make it longer, they have to go in front of a commision chaired by me and give a compelling reason. Otherwise, "snip, snip"
  17. Eric-S

    New to Blu? Buy a PS3: the most featured BD hardware available...

    I believe it can be said that at the very least the HD-XA2 out performs the PS3 and all of the other toshiba lines.
  18. Eric-S

    HD DVD $5.99 sale (Universal) + shipping ($4.95 for first, @$2 for others) 5/24/08

    I can't believe i've ordered 24 of these already!
  19. Eric-S

    HD DVD $5.99 sale (Universal) + shipping ($4.95 for first, @$2 for others) 5/24/08

    Got my 1st shipment about 4 days after ordering. very fast. Weird to see everything duplicated in French.
  20. Eric-S

    HD DVD $5.99 sale (Universal) + shipping ($4.95 for first, @$2 for others) 5/24/08

    Well, I ordered a total of 16. Total...$9.61 each. crazy! I also ordered an A2 to take the place of my xbox add-on connected to my HTPC. Powerdvd is just a pain. Got the A2 for 70 shipped. Who would have thought a few years ago that you could pick up 16 HD movies and a player all for about $200!
  21. Eric-S

    HD DVD $5.99 sale (Universal) + shipping ($4.95 for first, @$2 for others) 5/24/08

    Thanks! I just ordered 9 titles and it worked out to $8.45 per title, orderng from the US.
  22. Eric-S

    LETS TALK ABOUT 1080p/24fps

    No, it says 1280p/ 24, there is a menu setting for it. It's a 46E3000.
  23. Eric-S

    LETS TALK ABOUT 1080p/24fps

    So I have a sony LCD rear projection tv that accepts 1080p/24, however it does not display a 120Hz signal, just 60 Hz. I have my PS 3 in my theater room. Is there any benefit at all feeding the 1080p/24 signal? thanks, ej
  24. Eric-S

    I think I know the answer, but I thought I would ask anyway.

    I have a new KDS46E3000 rear projection LCD. It has an iris setting of low, medium and high. I am assuming the lamp brightness level stays the same, and a mechanical iris opens and closes in front of the light source. In other words, running the iris in high will not reduce the lamps life...
  25. Eric-S

    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    American Dad: Vol 2
  26. Eric-S

    Returning A3

    i think i'll keep it. my ps3 is connected to my home theater, and my a3 is connected to my KDS46E3000 Sony 46' 1080P in my living room. I'LL use it as a HD DVD player while they are still available, then as an upscaling DVD player after that. Sound resonable? erc
  27. Eric-S

    Returning A3

    i guess my question is, will they notice if i don't include the movies/it would seem more confusing to them if /i were to return all 5 movies in bthe same package.
  28. Eric-S

    Returning A3

    I am returning my A3 to amazon. It came with 2 movies in the box and I could pick 3 more, which were priced separately, how should I go about returning this? ej