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  1. Jared_B

    Anyone into Airsoft?

    I've been wanting to get into paintball for some time now, but I just came across Airsoft guns. The guns shoot small plastic BBs, look almost exactly like their real-world conterparts, most are full-auto, and are battery operated. I'd just love to get some war games organized using these...
  2. Jared_B

    How cheap are you?

    This morning, I re-used the coffee grounds from yesterday to make a new pot. Beat that.
  3. Jared_B

    What is up with Ghost Recon?

    I just got this game a few days ago, and for the most part I love it. When my three other friends saw how fun co-op play was, they too went out and got a copy. We're a very social group, and we like multiplayer games. We often do little LAN parties and play Halo. The fun-factor just isn't there...
  4. Jared_B

    "Black humor" and "black comedies" ?

    I saw both of these phrases posted in a recent thread. I've never heard them used before. I've heard "dark humor" and "sick humor", but never "black humor". Is this phrase actually in common use today? (Edit: I just want to know if you've heard this phrase before, and if you knew...
  5. Jared_B

    Why do my MP3s skip during computer playback, but not on CDs?

    Here's my setup: P3-600, 256MB RAM, Windows XP Home, and a generic sound card that came with the computer. I'm using Windows Media Player (not sure on version, but it came with XP) to play all my MP3s through my HT. My MP3s skip during playback. Not small CD-like skips, but usually 1-2...
  6. Jared_B

    The dog on Scrubs

    Anybody know where I can get one? :)
  7. Jared_B

    While watching The Ring, did your dog act up?

    I watched this the other night on DVD, and noticed some high-pitched noises during some of the more tense scenes. Also, during several of these moments my dog would start barking and run around the house just out of the blue. She almost never does this, and I'm thinking she heard some ultrasonic...
  8. Jared_B

    I can turn something so healthy into something...

    so unhealthy. Made myself a salad for lunch today. I think it had a grand total of 5 pieces of lettuce on it. The rest was an amazing tower of: croutons, bacon bits, sunflower seeds, extra fatty ranch dressing, ham chunks, cheddar cheese, parmasan cheese, and some other type of...
  9. Jared_B

    Thinking about giving up my dog

    This is probably one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make. Since I kept the house after my divorce, it made the most sense that I kept our 10 month old golden retriever, Sadie (pics below). Although my ex-wife really wanted her, she moved into an apartment and wasn't ready to take her...
  10. Jared_B

    What are the rules...

    ...for calling someone after you get their number? Don't call for 48 hours, 3 days, one day, etc? I generally don't even bother with "the rules", but I don't want to screw this up either. (already asked her to dinner, she said yes, exchanged numbers, and the purpose of the call will be to...
  11. Jared_B

    "Are You Hot" - Are you watching?

    I'll admit it - I watched. It's such a blatant rip-off of American Idol, but all the bikinis make it tolerable.
  12. Jared_B

    Ok, time for income tax questions

    This year I owe $1000 in taxes. I've already made an adjustment to my W4 to have more taken out (plus for 2003, I'll be divorced, so claiming fewer deductions for that as well). TurboTax automatically printed out quarterly payment vouchers for me, but made no mention as to whether or not...
  13. Jared_B

    Shipping carrier appreciation thread.

    I've had two experiences lately with the two major shipping carriers (FedEx and UPS). One was a Next-Day air, the other was Second-Day air. While tracking these orders online, I was just amazed at the complexity and speed of each network. I've never really paid much attention to the details...
  14. Jared_B

    Why is my blood pressure high?

    I was at the hospital lately visiting some friends and their newborn, and I came across one of those test-yourself blood pressure machines. My reading was 144/86 I believe, which the machine said was pretty high. 1. What causes high BP? 2. What can be done about high BP? Is there any simple...
  15. Jared_B

    Friends 1/30 - a re-run?

    I know it was a new episode, but I can't help thinking that I've seen this one before. Ross and Rachael are so close to being together that you can almost feel it, then something gets in the way. Then they fight like little kids over it. It's getting really old now. We all know they're going...
  16. Jared_B

    Help with party ideas - New Years

    I'm helping a friend plan his New Years Eve party. It will be at his house, and we're inviting pretty much everyone we know. Age range is probably 19-28. We've got plenty of beverages (alcoholic and non) and food, but we need ideas for games and activities. We want the party to be more than just...
  17. Jared_B

    A guide to WAF

    This really should be SAF, to be PC and all-gender friendly. A guide to WAF (or SAF)
  18. Jared_B

    Cars, houses, credit cards, divorce - All the fun things in life.

    A eh, "married couple I know" are splitting up. They have a house, one new car (leased), and no kids (except the HT). How does one decide who gets what? Assets: -House - very little equity. If sold outright, it's doubtful that any money would be made after fees. -HT - $8k new. -Piano...
  19. Jared_B

    Sat/PVR Questions

    I currently have the Hughes HD DirecTV receiver, hooked up to a rooftop antenna for local HD. I don't have a dish or service. I would like to get DirecTV, but I also want a Tivo/UltimateTV setup. What is the best way for me to do this? Get a Tivo/UltimateTV + DirecTV package that includes...
  20. Jared_B

    Tech caught abusing customer's Ford Cobra

    See link: Here, am SVT tech is bragging about how he took a customer's new Cobra on a joy ride up to 140mph. Abuse In this thread, the owner of the car admits she knows about the whole thing: Caught The servers are a bit slow, as over 100,000 people have viewed these threads over the...
  21. Jared_B

    Slowness when playing Halo system link

    Been playing several 8 person Halo multiplayer games lately, and noticed that my friend's Xbox had some trouble keeping a steady framerate. If Halo normally runs at 30 frames per second, I'd say this was about half or one third of that. It was so choppy that it was hard to play. My xbox seemed...
  22. Jared_B

    Space Elevator conference in Seattle

    Looks like this Space Elevator idea is gaining some interest. Here is a link to the web site for the '02 conference. Maybe someone who understands how this thing works can explain it in simple-minded terms for people like me! I've heard that the technology is supposed to be 50 years out, but...
  23. Jared_B

    Sat. Seahawks game on Fox in HD?

    I only caught about 5 minutes of this pre-season game on Saturday, but it looked like it was in HD (Seattle area, OTA Fox channel 22-1,2). Anyone else catch it? It could have been upconverted, but it looked better than 480p to me.
  24. Jared_B

    Manual vs Auto vs CVT vs SMG vs Steptronic vs ??

    After reading Brian Kleinke's Audi post, I think it's about time to dedicate a thread to this discussion. I think the type of transmission all depends on the car and it's intended usage. I would be looking for a car my wife could drive, and a car that would be comfortable in heavy traffic (1+...
  25. Jared_B

    My new little girl

    Meet Sadie, our newest family member. Purebred Golden Retriever, 6 weeks old. Pic 1, 125k Pic 2, 104k It'll be a real experience trying to potty-train her. Anyone have advice, or experiences?
  26. Jared_B

    I would have graduated college this week...

    It's funny how one can always look back on their life and say "what if I did x differently". Graduation week has brought some mixed emotions lately. If not for one small decision four years ago, I'd be standing on some stage somewhere receiving my diploma right now. Summer 1998 - I had...
  27. Jared_B

    "We don't work on commission"...

    This drives me nuts. You go into a store (car dealership, retail, etc) and they tell you "we don't work on commission...". Definition of commission: A fee or percentage allowed to a sales representative or an agent for services rendered. While many places don't directly give their...
  28. Jared_B

    1 car family, going from SUV to convertible - possible?

    My wife and I currently have a BMW X5 as our only vehicle. We have no kids, and we're still pretty young ourselves so kids are at least 5 years away. We've recently been toying with the idea of getting a new M3 convertible, and trading in the X5. We figure most all the stuff we hauled in the...
  29. Jared_B

    The elusive "Triple Kill"

    Ever since I earned my first Triple Kill in Halo, I've made it my personal goal to get as many of these as possible when playing multiplayer. Has anyone had 4 or more kills in a row? Do you get a voice saying "Quadruple Kill!" and so on?
  30. Jared_B

    Web suggestions, and where to host an ASP site

    Hey everyone, In my sig is a link to my new personal website. I have the main pages completed ("Home theater page", "personal page", etc.), but I'm trying to figure out what to do with the other links ("pictures", "equipment", etc.). Go here to see what I mean HT Page I want to get away from...