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  1. jdee28

    Rawhide complete series box 5/12/15

    I really hope that CBS/Paramount takes the time to remaster seasons 1 and 4, especially season 4, it looks horrible!!
  2. jdee28

    Sid Caesar on DVD

    The passing of Sid Caesar had me wanting to revisit his work, but it's sad how little of it is available on DVD. Just a couple out of print sketch compilations, now going for a few hundred dollars on Amazon. It's a shame no one tried releasing full-length shows. It's sad to think the work of one...
  3. jdee28

    Nichols (1971-72) w/ James Garner, from Warner Archives in September

    It would be fun to see this rare series! Glad Warner is bringing it out! http://shop.warnerarchive.com/product/nichols+the+complete+series+1000426304.do?sortby=ourPicks&from=fn
  4. jdee28

    TCM/Universal sets RIP?

    I haven't seen any announcements about new sets. Is this program dead? Or are they taking the time to digitally re-master any new releases? The TCM/Universal 2012 sets generally had very disappointing visual quality. If they're going to continue with it, I hope they're going to do it right...
  5. jdee28

    Gunsmoke: Season 7 and beyond

    I just received Gunsmoke Season 7, Volume 1. The transfers look great! I was a little disappointed by the transfers in the Season 6 releases; I didn't think they were as strong as earlier seasons. With Season 7, CBS/Paramount returns to its previous high standards of picture quality. The season...
  6. jdee28

    Next Sony/TCM release: Joan Crawford - in the Fifties 11/5/12

    The next TCM/Sony release is up on the TCM site; 4 Joan Crawford films from the 50s. http://shop.tcm.com/joan-crawford-in-the-fifties-dvd/detail.php?p=378230&v=
  7. jdee28

    Any Inside Info on Gunsmoke?

    Season 6, Volume 1 in August! http://tvshowsondvd.com/news/Gunsmoke-Season-6-Volume-1/16940 Season 6 is the rarest season of Gunsmoke to find complete and unedited. I'm happy to see them do it. I hope these episodes are digitized from new digitally-created transfers. When the majority of them...
  8. jdee28

    Screen Directors Playhouse on TCM tomorrow

    It's really nice to see that TCM is going to air 10 episodes tomorrow, 1/18/11, of the rare 1950s anthology series Screen Directors Playhouse. I hope TCM does more of this sort of thing, airing old anthologies series from the 50s and 60s. They really are mini-movies, the filmed ones especially...
  9. jdee28

    Gunsmoke in limbo?

    Sadly, it looks like Gunsmoke might well be joining Rawhide as being stalled and in limbo. From someone in the know, more releases of Gunsmoke are currently not a part of CBS/Paramount future release plans. While subject to change, CBS/Paramount plans their releases well in advance, sometimes up...
  10. jdee28

    Perry Mason, Season 4

    Nice to see Perry Mason won't be going the way of Rawhide and The Untouchables. As per tvshowsondvd.com today, Volume 1 of Season 4 will be released June 9th. Perry Mason DVD news: Announcement for Perry Mason - The 4th Season, Volume 1 | TVShowsOnDVD.com Split seasons continue though. If...
  11. jdee28

    Bonanza Season 1 - some hope?

    The CBS Television Distribution Syndication Bible now lists the first season of Bonanza as having been transferred into HD, as of 1/22/09. Perhaps this could lead to a first season release some time soon. It would be nice to see, just in time for its 50th anniversary! CBS Television...
  12. jdee28

    Gunsmoke: Season 3

    The page for Gunsmoke/ Marshal Dillion on the CBS/Paramount syndication site now indicates that the first three seasons have been transferred into HD. Hopefully this means that a third season DVD release won't be far behind. The way they are releasing this show though, it will take them 20...
  13. jdee28

    Hawaii Five-O: Season 5 11/18/08

    Officially announced by tvshowsondvd.com: Hawaii Five-O DVD news: Announcement for Hawaii Five-O - The 5th Season | TVShowsOnDVD.com Interesting to see the package art feature a picture of Kono, who's no longer with the series starting with this season. I guess they just release the shows...
  14. jdee28

    Wild Wild West Complete Series

    CBS/Paramount will be releasing this 11/4 as per tvshowsondvd.com: The Wild, Wild West DVD news: Announcement for The Wild, Wild West - The Complete Series | TVShowsOnDVD.com No surprise here. What is surprising is that apparently they are not going to include the two reunion movies, only...
  15. jdee28

    The Untouchables - Season 2, Volume 2

    Great to hear this will be coming out August 26th: The Untouchables DVD news: Announcement for The Untouchables - Season 2, Volume 2 | TVShowsOnDVD.com The Untouchables will be half way done; hopefully CBS/Paramount will release the other half. This is an excellent show, definitely on...
  16. jdee28

    Alfred Hitchcock Hour

    The first season of the Alfred Hitchcock Hour has been made available for download by Universal on various sites. It's also running on the Chiller channel in restored prints. Could a DVD release be far behind? Instead of seeing Alfred Hitchcock Presents Season 4, could we see Alfred Hitchcock...
  17. jdee28

    When is Warner's going to take advantage of its silents?

    I'm surprised we haven't seen more silents from Warners, especially under the TCM archives imprint. TCM pays to restore a number of silents each year, and they also hold a young composer's contest, to find a score for these silents. Not even these young composer scored films have come out on DVD.
  18. jdee28

    Gunsmoke - Season 2, Volume 2, May 27th!

    This according to tvshowsondvd. I hate the split seasons with Gunsmoke, but at least we're getting volume 2 four months after volume 1. Given the quality of the show, hope they release more seasons. Maybe the outcry over splitting will cause them to go the full season route for season 3...
  19. jdee28

    Perry Mason 50th Anniversary release

    Details about it are up on tvshowsondvd.com. It'll contain a whopping 12 episodes. It's basically another split-season release. Will they ever give this show a full season release, one with 22+ episodes in it? It's unfortunate the 50th Anniversary isn't tied up with the release of the 3rd...
  20. jdee28

    The Lineup (1954-1960)

    TCM aired the movie version of the Lineup last night. It was written by Stirling Silliphant, of Naked City and Route 66 fame. I'd love to see episodes of the tv show the movie was based on. A companion to Dragnet, a precursor to Naked City and Streets of San Francisco, it's suprising that The...
  21. jdee28

    Any hope of a CBS/Paramount TV show channel?

    With it's giant library of shows, any chance of CBS/Paramount starting a cable channel where they can air the vintage programs they own uncut, with new tranfers, and with no commercial interruptions, like a TCM? It might help to promote what they already have out on DVD. It would also allow us...
  22. jdee28

    Producers' Showcase (1954-1957)

    I'd love to see someone tackle this series of once a month "90 minute spectaculars" from the mid-1950s. With the stars involved, there should be some selling point -- Humphrey Bogart, Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Bacall, Henry Fonda, Joseph Cotten, Paul Newman, Frank Sinatra, Eva Marie Saint, Margaret...
  23. jdee28

    Gunsmoke: Season 1 in July!

    Great news on tvshowsondvd.com today, about the possible release of the first season of Gunsmoke this July. Definitely about time! While I'd love to see the whole series released with time, I'd be happy with just the first 6, the 30 minute black and white episodes, uncut and remastered. For...