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  1. BalaamsAss

    New Home - to pre-wire or not to pre-wire?

    Attached is a layout of my new home with gameroom. I have a very basic 5.1 system currently, but will probably upgrade in the future after we furnish the house and whatnot. I have the option of pre-wiring the house, which seems to be prudent to do ahead of time. I was thinking of maybe just...
  2. BalaamsAss

    Yamaha RX V573 Receiver with LG 65" OLED C Series

    I'm having issues with these two components (Yamaha RX V573 Receiver with LG 65" OLED C Series) and any TV app that is running 5.1 sound (Netflix, Disney, Prime, etc.). The Yamaha receiver is older but has an ARC HDMI slot. Sound works for everything else just fine. What's really strange is...