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  1. anthony_b

    Any good jazz or similar concert blu rays been lately ?

    Any good jazz or similar concert blu rays been lately ?
  2. anthony_b

    Pioneer Elite vsx 45

    Anyone on a budget looking for a solid reciever under $300 this unit should be considered. I bought one for my dad at best buy for $250 (originally $450).....and it is solid !...Sounds awesome with plenty of power, his speakers really came alive with it...
  3. anthony_b

    Eagles DVD-A question

    While playing either the DD or DTS track of Hotel California , the bass during the first minute of the song is powerful. But as soon as the vocals come in with the volume raised pretty loud , front stage takes over and the bass is barely audible. Has anyone else noticed that ?....this the only...
  4. anthony_b

    Subwoofer pairing and Crossover with Mirage Nanosats

    I recently picked up 5 Mirage Nanosat speakers, and I'm building a 2nd HT room and looking to get a sub with it (Most Likely the BIC f12) - I've never owned speakers this tiny before and I know that I have to cross them over at about 100 or 120 hz, so my question is , does anyone have experiance...
  5. anthony_b

    Question on HD player and 720p TV

    I'm considering the Toshiba HD-A2 player to use with my Sony 720p lcd. My question is what does the player do when you insert a 1080p movie. Does it downconvert it to 480p and then upscale it to 720p ?..or does every HD movie have a 1080i/720p track also?
  6. anthony_b

    New head unit to replace factory radio

    I have an 07 Nissan Pathfinder with basic cd radio from stock. I'm looking to replace it with a head unit with a front "aux in". My budget is $200, what reciever would you suggest that would give me better audio performance ?...and also, would replacing the radio void any vehicle warranty from...
  7. anthony_b

    Do you print your photos at home do you take them elsewhere ?

    For years I've been printing my photos from my trusty Canon i850. I was buying the canon 4x6 paper plus the individual ink tanks. One day I decided to take my memory card to Sam's Club and try out their one hour service. WOW !!...they look much more natural and the quality is outstanding !! not...
  8. anthony_b

    FS: Memory Sticks (for use with Sony cameras)

    I have laying around the house: 2- 128mb memory sticks (sandisk or lexar, can't remember) 2- 8mb memory sticks (Sony) I don't have any use for these since I just purchased a Canon digital camera. Will sell for $50 shipped everything. Paypal is welcome.
  9. anthony_b

    Is there software that can do this ?

    I'm looking to put several hours of music on a blank DVD and then play it back through my standalone player. I was able to put music on a DVD but the player wouldn't recognize it....Is there such a software that can convert my audio files to a format viewable on my dvd player. I tried copying...
  10. anthony_b

    Sony DVP-NS70H - Mini review

    I picked up this player last night, it's connected to a Sony 50A10 LCD. The picture at 720p is amazing. I see more detail in the background then ever before, I didn't think that Star Wars III can look that much better. I recommend this player for anyone who's on a budget and at the same time...
  11. anthony_b

    Looking for DVD changer w/HDMI and decent redbook playback

    Anyone know of one for less than $300 ?
  12. anthony_b

    FS: 48 Inch HDTV - JVC av48wp74 :Florida Only

    I'm selling this two year old 48 inch HDTV becuase I purchased a 50inch Sony LCD. I'm in Lithia,Fl (25 minutes from Tampa) Hillsborough County....I'm looking for $600.
  13. anthony_b

    Blind buy Athena bookshelf speakers

    I hope I made the right choice...I purchased a pair of Athena B1's for front and rears plus the matching center to go together with my velodyne sub. I've never heard them before but since they're on closeout prices I got them at a price I couldn't refuse, I've heard some positive reviews of them...
  14. anthony_b

    Recomandations for bookshelf speakers for HT/Music

    I moved into a new house and I'm limited to bookshelf speakers. All I have is a 10 inch velodyne sub to match the future front and rear speakers. It's a fairly large room with high ceilings. I'd like to get some input on what's out there. I have a budget of $700-800 and I need a center,front and...
  15. anthony_b

    Polk/Velodyn speakers for sale NY/NJ

    All items have been sold....Thanks to everyone who inquired
  16. anthony_b

    Broken iPod screen

    My iPod screen craked after I dropped it, and I'm unable to see 75% of the screen. Do you think it could be fixed ?...Can Apple replace the screen ?....I've emailed customer support but no reply yet.
  17. anthony_b

    Did anyone else get a free Elton John SACD sampler from Sony ?

    It came in a huge white envelope promoting Sony's new high end headphones.
  18. anthony_b

    Any good deals on flash MP3 players ?

    I'm looking for a 512mb player with an FM tuner for under $130....Possible ?
  19. anthony_b

    Converting itune files to MP3

    I've mostly downloaded songs from iTunes and then put them on CD. I'm in the market for an mp3 player (non-ipod). My question is, can I convert these files to MP3 so I can play them on my new device ?
  20. anthony_b

    Looking for a cheap MP3 player

    I need some recomendations on a portable 128mb - 256mb MP3 player with an FM tuner that I could use for my workouts. (I have a budget of a $100). Thanks...
  21. anthony_b

    Mickey's twice upon Christmas...my new show off DVD ?

    I just rented this dvd for the kids, I must say that my 48inch HDTV simply shines with this movie. Colors are vibrant and beautiful....My wife who usually doesn't say anything thought it was very 3-D like....check this out for yourself !!!
  22. anthony_b

    Who do you give the M/C treatment to ?

    I have seperate dedicated SACD and DVD-A players, and depending on the mood I'm in, I'll hook up the SACD player in stereo and the DVD-A in 5.1 and viceversa.....My amp has only one set of 6.1 (5.1) analog inputs. So my question is, for those who are in my situation which player gets the M/C...
  23. anthony_b

    Any good deals on DVD players ?

    Any good deals on DVD players ?...looking for something under $150.
  24. anthony_b

    Does Yamaha make there own DVD players ?

    In the old days they were a Panasonic OEM. I'm looking for info on the YAMAHA DVS5750
  25. anthony_b

    Opinions on DVD players under $100

    Need opinions on the following players only on video performance and DVD-R/+R playback capability.: a)JVC XVN412 (with firmware upgrade) b)Panasonic DVD-S47S c)Pioneer DV-275 I'm also open to other suggestions. It will be used on a upscaling 1080i HDTV monitor. Progressive scan...
  26. anthony_b

    Need advice on DVD players that would play +/- media

    I just started backing up my home videos(wedding,birthdays,etc..) on blank dvd -/+ media. Which players can play these without much fuss ?.. My onkyo is pretty good at it but doesn't like certain brands of DVD +R. I'm not intrested in progressive scan performance (I let my HDTV do that...
  27. anthony_b

    Brand of DVD players that are less tolerant to finger prints and scratches ?

    I would like to purchase a player for my kids room that would not have a hard time playing DVD's with finger marks or minor scratches. Any recommendations ?
  28. anthony_b

    FS: Polk Package

    For Sale: Polk Audio Speakers all under warranty 1 pair of rt600i 1 pair of rt25i 1 CS400I Package price for $500 firm. (local meet prefered).
  29. anthony_b

    A few questions for Yamaha owners

    1. What does dolby enhanced do ? 2. If I set my mains to small and BASS to both would I create crossover problems ?
  30. anthony_b

    Do you have your center channel set to large ?

    I have a big center channel the CS400I from Polk (this sucker is about 30 lbs!!)...Usually in multichannel setups you toggle between small and large options for speakers settings...so my dilemma is: a "Large" setting should be appointed to a FULL RANGE speaker IMO, so which center channel...