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  1. Dalton

    Amazon Launches ‘Prime Cinema’ for Early Digital Movie Releases

    I can't see this being viable long term. Too much revenue will be lost. It's great for the lock down era and I would certainly consider it for certain films I want to see badly .
  2. Dalton

    What a Disaster (film)!!

    You guys got me looking to go on a classic disaster movie binge....
  3. Dalton

    Star Wars Ep. VII Megathread: The Force Awakens

    I recently re-watched the prequel trilogy and the wooden acting is very hard to sit through. I would love to see how they would have turned out with different directors.
  4. Dalton

    R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy

    I have always been a huge Leonard Nimoy fan. I'm so sad at his passing. I will miss him. A true class act and awesome human being.
  5. Dalton

    Godzilla 2014 teaser anticipation thread!

    Big Trouble in Little China all the way!
  6. Dalton

    Godzilla (2014) Reviews/Discussion

    Robert and Travis, I agree with you guys completely. Exactly my thoughts. I was a Godzilla fan as a kid and this movie just didn't have enough of the big guy in it for my tastes.
  7. Dalton

    Godzilla (2014) Reviews/Discussion

    Well I guess I'm in the minority from what I have read. I just didn't like it all that much. I loved the monster effects but overall the movie was unsatisfying for me. :(
  8. Dalton

    Experience with Accessories4Less?

    I have made a couple of reciver purchases from them with no problems.
  9. Dalton

    WORLD WAR Z 2008 - now 2013

    I too would have preferred an adaptation that was more true to the book but this film does look intriguing to say the least. Since I am a zombie genre fan I will certainly see this film.
  10. Dalton

    Subwoofer recommendation

    That is a pretty big price range. Gives you lots of options. I have the Power Sound xv15 which is tight and goes deep. Customer service was top notch. You should also look at HSU subs and Rythmik subs. Any one of the above companies will give you tight and accurate bass for a very reasonable...
  11. Dalton

    Subwoofer recommendation

    Hi and welcome Byron. What is your budget for a new sub?
  12. Dalton

    What is your favorite You Tube video?

    oops double post
  13. Dalton


    Really glad i peeked into this thread or i never would have seen this movie. I really enjoyed it and look forward to the US Blu Ray.
  14. Dalton

    Bigfoot found???

    This "relatively small" area you refer to is thousands of square miles of mostly untouched wilderness. In fact dozens of aircraft have crashed in this "relatively small" area since the 40's and none have been recovered due to the extreme remoteness of the area. The Pacific NW is not a...
  15. Dalton

    Lost: Season 5

    I don't know but is it possible Locke is in some sort of suspended animation like Nicki & Paolo were in the episode where they were bit by those spiders? Just a thought.
  16. Dalton

    Michael Crichton RIP?

    He will be missed. I really enjoyed his work. RIP Mr. Crichton.
  17. Dalton

    Legend of the Seeker - premiere this weekend

    I have the DVR set to record it. Looks fairly interesting.
  18. Dalton

    New to Blu? Buy a PS3: the most featured BD hardware available...

    You should seriously consider the Onkyo 606 for that price range. It has 4 HDMI inputs and does the HD audio decoding you are looking for. The Audessy EQ automatic setup is excellent. It accepts LPCM also through the HDMI if you want your PS3 to do the HD audio decoding. The PS3 won't pass the...
  19. Dalton

    Sarah Conner Chronicals, Good Enough on sd dvd?

    I watched it in HD when it was broadcast and the PQ was outstanding. I have an excellent upconverting player and a Blu Ray player and 99% of the titles i have repurchased on Blu Ray look very noticiably better than their sd dvd counterparts. I will be getting the Blu Ray for sure.
  20. Dalton

    New to Blu? Buy a PS3: the most featured BD hardware available...

    I got lucky and snagged a 60GB PS3 with HDMI cable and 2 sixaxis controllers off of craigslist for $250 (yeah you read it right ). I am going to put it in my main living room and move the 40 GB (upgraded the HDD to 200GB) in my bedroom. I figured for $250 i am getting a damn good 2nd BD player...
  21. Dalton

    Good DIVX/XVID to MPEG Converter

    Thanks to all! I am using ConvertXtoDVD and it is excellent.
  22. Dalton

    DVI-->HDMI Adapter Question

    Is there any disadvantage picture qualitywise to using a DVI-->HDMI adapter? Will i get the same picture quality as with a straight HDMI cable? I have been using a DVI-->HDMI cable because i don't have HDMI on my Samsung HLN617W. I am upgrading soon and was wondering if using the adapter would...
  23. Dalton

    New to Blu? Buy a PS3: the most featured BD hardware available...

    Thanks Jari, I also heard there was a new 80GB PS3 coming this month and that it would have Metal Gear Solid 4 included. I was told this at Best Buy.
  24. Dalton

    Good DIVX/XVID to MPEG Converter

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a good DIVX/XVID to MPEG converter program? I have some video i would like to put on DVD's to watch on a regular dvd player. Thanks, Dalton
  25. Dalton

    New to Blu? Buy a PS3: the most featured BD hardware available...

    Hey thanks for the quick reply! One more question. Can i clone my current drive so i can keep my downloads and game saves? Thanks, Dalton
  26. Dalton

    New to Blu? Buy a PS3: the most featured BD hardware available...

    I want to replace my 40 GB HDD with a 250 GB drive. Is there any particular speed HD that i have to use (i.e. 5400 rpm, 3.0 GBS or 1.5GBS)? Thanks People
  27. Dalton

    Anyone Replace Their CableBox W/ HD Tivo Box

    Thanks Brian. I figured there would be some tradeoffs. I am going to have to ponder it further.
  28. Dalton

    Anyone Replace Their CableBox W/ HD Tivo Box

    Has anyone bought the $299 Tivo HD Receiver to replace their HD Cable DVR Box? Is it worth it? I know i have to get a cable card from my cable company but it beats paying to rent the box every month right? Any help/ advice greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dalton
  29. Dalton

    Thinking of building a HT PC....

    Dennis, Here is a good Motherboard to start you off. Newegg.com - ASUS P5N-EM HDMI LGA 775 NVIDIA GeForce 7100/nForce 630i HDMI Micro ATX Intel Motherboard - Intel Motherboards Reasonably priced and already has the video you need onboard, including an HDMI output. Good Luck