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  1. Ian_H

    Toshiba HD-A2 woes.....

    So since I only have a handful of titles I haven't used my A2 for a couple of weeks. I only use it to play HD-DVDs. The firmware is at least 2.0. I use the Harmony 880 to control my set up. I hit my watch hd-dvd activity and everything fired up just fine. I used the open/close button on the...
  2. Ian_H

    Anyone else having audio problems with Shaun of the Dead?

    I have the Toshiba HD-A2 and the latest firmware and the audio track on Shaun of the Dead has a kind of "warble" to it. Anyone else having any issues??
  3. Ian_H

    Jackie Chan's The Myth

    Has anyone picked this up yet? I have the 2 disc version and I don't know if I am crazy but it seems (to me) that in every scene with Jackie as General Meng the picture looks stretched out. There will be a shot of Jackie followed by a shot of someone else that looks fine but if Jackie is in the...
  4. Ian_H

    Help with action movie sterotype.

    I need a list of any and all action movies or tv shows that feature a "Angry Black Police Captain" I know there are many but all I can think of off the top of my head is Beverly Hills Cop. Anybody got some titles out there?? Thanks!! --Ian
  5. Ian_H

    Mr. Bean Animated Series

    I am a huge Rowan Atkinson fan I loved Blackadder, Mr. Bean, Thin Blue Line etc. etc. Is the Mr. Bean animated worth getting? Are they funny or do the blow? Thanks for any input! --Ian
  6. Ian_H

    The 40 Year Old Virgin with Steve Carell

    There is finally a trailer available for The 40 Year Old Virgin. I have always love Carell and it looks like it might be pretty good. The trailer is a Yahoo exclusive but if you go to the official site you can link to it. The 40 Year Old Virgin Official Site --Ian
  7. Ian_H

    Due South - Platinum Pictures Release

    They had Season 1 and 2 at Best Buy and I was wondering if anyone has taken a chance on them yet? They crammed like 6 or 7 episodes to a disc and the pictures on the packaging look like they are single sided. Just wondering how bad the quality is on these releases. --Ian
  8. Ian_H

    TIVO and PC computers

    I have a couple of questions about the latest TIVO boxes and/or future TIVO boxes that someone may have heard about. I see that TIVO can now use broadband access for the programming menus which is a good thing since I have ditched using telephone land lines. Here is what I want to know. When...
  9. Ian_H

    Funny GI-JOE PSAs

    I am sure that most have seen the GI-Joe PSAs that were redone by Eric Fensler. Since he doesn't have them on his site anymore I was hoping if someone could hook me up with PSA #23. That is the only one I am missing and I need to find a download of it. Any help would be appreciated. --Ian
  10. Ian_H

    Dodgeball Costco Bonus

    Hello, I was in Costco today and they had Dodgeball for 13.41 before tax and the DVD came with a bonus t-shirt. All the packages there said that the shirt was an XL but when I took it home and opened it the shirt was an L. Anyone need a trade?? I don't play Dodgeball much anymore and I need...
  11. Ian_H

    Evil Dead 4 ?...NOPE Evil Dead remake

    UGH. Just what I always wanted a Fake Shemp Evil Dead movie. Raimi unveils plans for 'Evil Dead' remake What is even sadder is that it seem that Renaissance Pictures is no more. Raimi and Tappert started that new company that put out the Grudge. To me even if Bruce will be in it, it...
  12. Ian_H

    Team America soundtrack

    Anyone have it yet? I tried to get it at Best Buy but they didn't have any. I found a track listing on craptv but it made no mention of the "I Hate You Alec Baldwin" song that plays during the end credits. I probably won;t buy it if it doesn't have that track. --Ian
  13. Ian_H

    Stephen Chow's latest flick - Kung Fu Hustle

    Just came across this website: Official Kung Fu Hustle Looks fun. Here is hoping that Columbia doesn't screw it up. For American release. The trailers are subbed which is good. Let's hope that it will be uncut. Also is it possible for ANY American studio when they bring over a kung fu...
  14. Ian_H

    Did Columbia House drop Brisco County Jr. on VHS?

    I got tired of waiting for Brisco County to come to DVD so I was going to subscribe and make DVD-Rs but I couldn't find a listing on the Columbia House website for the tapes anymore. Any know if they still offer the subscriptions? --Ian
  15. Ian_H

    Dear Paramount (re: Team America)

    Dear Paramount, After going to the sneak peek of Team America: World Police and have already purchased tickets for the Friday opening, it is imperative that this film be given the proper DVD release that it deserves. This easily should be a two disc set with in depth behind the scenes on the...
  16. Ian_H

    Does Fry's Electronics Always Stink For New Releases?

    I am new to Phoenix and I really like Fry's Electronics for all the computer stuff. thier DVD prices are good too. But I have to ask. Do they always stink for new releases?? I went in today on Wed. and they have yet to recieve Dawn of the Dead Ultimate Edition, Jersey Girl, Clerks X and Lady...
  17. Ian_H

    Asian Films in Phoenix, AZ.?

    Can anyone tell me if there are any shops that sell import DVDs in Phoenix? I just moved here and was just wondering! Thanks! --Ian
  18. Ian_H

    Is That's My Bush coming out anytime soon?

    I thought I read at some point that this was going to come out in time for the election... Any news?? --Ian
  19. Ian_H

    Didn't Warner Announce "Over The Edge"

    I could have sworn I read somewhere that Warner was going to put out Over The Edge on DVD sometime this year. Was I imagining that? Anyone got a street date?? In case you don't know what flick I am talking about it is the one with Matt Dillon and that guy who I can't remember his name and...
  20. Ian_H

    Help with a name of a movie??

    When I saw Bowling For Columbine in the theater there was a trailer for a film and I can't remember the title. It was supposed to be a documentary about a second gunmen in the JFK assassination. The trailer from what I remember had the guy purported to be the gunmen talking to the camera from a...
  21. Ian_H

    Finally an official RAMONES DVD

    Anyone else excited to get Ramones Raw? One of the best features will be a 20 minute Italian concert that was only showed once on Italian TV. I can't wait! --Ian
  22. Ian_H

    Upcoming Wild Boyz and Viva La Bam DVDs question

    Has anyone heard if Viva La Bam and Wild Boyz will be released with all the music used on the shows intact? Both shows utilize many artists from many labels and some of the songs fit the scenes so well. If the music is altered than I will have to stick with my broadcast DVD-Rs. --Ian
  23. Ian_H

    MST3K Vol. 6 Due 9/21/04

    Over at Satellite News they annouced the newest collection. It will have Gunslinger, Teenagers From Outer Space, Attack of the Giant Leeches and the previously Best Brains only tape release of MR. B's Lost Shorts! WE'VE GOT MOVIE SIGN! --Ian
  24. Ian_H

    LCD Monitor Question

    Hi all, I have access to a used Viewsonic VX900 LCD monitor. I fired it up and there is one spot on the screen that has a little green dot. Nothing will display at the spot, if that makes sense. Is there anything I can do or will it be there forever? -ian
  25. Ian_H

    THX Trailer question

    In the current THX trailer in the theaters the one with all the audio clips from films. What is the first "well, well, well" clip from? --Ian
  26. Ian_H

    Which version of Once A Thief is best?

    I was wondering which version of Once of Thief is worth getting. The Columbia U.S. release or the HK import from Deltamac/Fortune Star? I want one that preferably has the original soundtrack. I don't want any with redone sound effects or anything like that. Thanks! --Ian
  27. Ian_H

    Finally! Miramax and HK Films (Shaolin Soccer)

    The upcoming release of Shaolin Soccer will have the atrocious English language dub and cut but it will also have the full 111 minute Chinese language release! Thank You Miramax. This is all we want. I could care less if they release cut and dubbed releases to the theater to make more money as...
  28. Ian_H

    Penn & Teller [email protected]#t! Question

    Just wondering if the "censored" version is only censored on the packaging. The show itself is not censored, is it? Thanks!! --Ian
  29. Ian_H

    Hong Kong Legends Bullet in the Head

    Just got the new HKL newsletter via E-mail. Looks like they are putting out Bullet in the Head. Anyone know what cut they are using? There is no reason why the directors cut has be languishing for as long as it has. Drives me nuts! --Ian
  30. Ian_H

    Average CPU temp??

    Anyone know what the average CPU temp should be for a Athlon XP 3000+ w/ 333mhz FSB? I built a new rig last week and I am having stability problems. According to my mobo's health status it is usually around 55c to 62c. I am running it with the stock heatsink and fan that came wiht the chip and i...