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  1. Jacinto

    20th Anniversary of Se7en

    It's hard to believe that today marks 20 years since the theatrical release of David Fincher's Se7en. I saw this movie opening night in Seattle, where I was visiting a friend in college. Beyond the film itself, I have a vivid memory of how silent the theater was when the credits finally rolled...
  2. Jacinto

    Help with birthday present

    Hello, fine photography forum friends! I'm looking to get my wife a DSLR for her birthday next month, and wanted to get some opinions from you, as my experience is limited. She has no DSLR experience, but is quite familiar with traditional film cameras from many courses back in high school and...
  3. Jacinto

    Question for the Forum

    Does anybody here have discs for OS X 10.4 they'd be willing to part with? I'm moving into a new house this weekend, and will finally have space to set up a family computer so the kids don't have to use my work Mac Pro to browse the internet. I was going to use my old PowerMac G4, but its OS...
  4. Jacinto

    HTF Support in a Contest

    Fellow HTFers, I come to you asking a small favor that would mean a great deal to me. Some of you may remember that I was in an online comic competition back in February (I posted about it in the Comics Weekly Rundown thread). The competition was on Zuda Comics, which is DC Comics' online...
  5. Jacinto

    RIP Dave Stevens

    Dave Stevens, the immensely talented pin-up and comic artist died of leukemia yesterday at the age of 52. For those strictly in HT and movie circles, he was the creator of the Rocketeer, which was a hugely popular comic long before the movie was ever made. Everyone with it in their collections...
  6. Jacinto

    HD Local News

    I can't express how much I've enjoyed watching the local news on KUSA in Denver since they started broadcasting it in HD a few weeks ago. Sure there's plenty of wasted space on the sides since they're still framing the newscast for 4:3, but the clarity and colors are simply amazing in the studio...
  7. Jacinto

    Custom A/V Rack

    I doubt this will amount to anything since it can't be feasibly shipped, but what the heck, right? This rack is black powder coated steel with black high gloss laminate shelves. Space for 9 components (or more if they're low profile) plus any table-top TV on top. This thing is a tank, as...
  8. Jacinto

    FS: VHS Star Wars OT Widescreen THX Box Set

    I thought I'd offer this here to the good OAR folks at HTF before shopping it elsewhere. Only viewed ONCE; I bought a LD player shortly after buying this set, and had totally forgotten about it until I stumbled across it at my parents' house last week. $50 will get you the set and shipping...
  9. Jacinto

    DVD-A w/best 2ch.

    Hey everybody! A few weeks ago, I finally upgraded to a PS DVD player that also happens to play DVD-A. I'm looking to try out DVD-A, but my pre/pro doesn't have 5.1 inputs. So what I'm looking to find out is which DVD-A titles have the best 2 channel recordings on them? Are there any that...