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  1. Michael Warner

    HTF Fantasy Football

    I opened up some more slots so hopefully it will work now.
  2. Michael Warner

    HTF Fantasy Football

    The HTF - Special Edition fantasy football league is entering its 11th season and while it's been on life support pretty much since its inception we're gluttons for punishment and just keep on going year after year. If any of you would care to join and revel in the most moribund yet still...
  3. Michael Warner

    Why do so many kids not like milk anymore?

    I drink milk, especially with coffee syrup added (thanks Rhode Island!) but my wife hates the stuff. My kids prefer chocolate milk but will drink the straight stuff if pressed. Neither boy likes soda which is a blessing.
  4. Michael Warner

    HTF Fantasy Football '09

    Yeah I just noticed that. If we're still one team short at 8PM ET I'll let my son join in to round out the lineup. We have a hard enough time getting folks to participate so I don't want to boot anybody from the league. C'mon folks, one more intrepid owner needs to step up and fast or we're...
  5. Michael Warner

    Top 10 Movies You'd Never Admit To Liking

    One of my most watched discs is "The 13th Warrior" so I've got that going for me.
  6. Michael Warner

    HTF Fantasy Football '09

    Try this: league ID: 420209 password: oar
  7. Michael Warner

    Blu-ray Review HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: Big Trouble in Little China

    My kids dig it too but what I meant was that it's my most watched BD that isn't primarily a kid flick like, say, "Kung Fu Panda."
  8. Michael Warner

    Blu-ray Review HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: Big Trouble in Little China

    I bought it last week and have watched it three times with various groups of friends and family so it's already my most watched, non-kid oriented BR disc. And while it looks very good it's clearly not from a new master as many of the quirks of the earlier DVD are still in evidence. Just...
  9. Michael Warner

    HTF Fantasy Football '09

    At least one more person needs to sign up or I'm burning this joint down.
  10. Michael Warner

    HTF Fantasy Football '09

    OK, the league is now open for anyone else who wants to sign up and play. http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/league/htf_se password: oar
  11. Michael Warner

    HTF Fantasy Football '09

    Details sent via PM. Let me know if you have any trouble joining.
  12. Michael Warner

    HTF Fantasy Football '09

    HTF Fantasy Football '09 is now underway. Last year's owners have been notified and will have until 8/9 to sign up if they wish to play again this year. After that date I will post the number of remaining open slots in this thread and they'll be available to whoever else wants to play. There...
  13. Michael Warner

    Arcade Repair

    Keep at it with arcadecontrols.com. I've never encountered an arcade repair issue that couldn't be figured out with the help of the folks over there. And Jamma boards are so modular that it shouldn't be hard to scrounge up any parts you might need.
  14. Michael Warner

    Do you have a favorite writing instrument?

    Zebra Telescopic It has a textured metal barrel that collapses to make the pen nice and small. I find that this $2 pen looks, feels, and writes better than most expensive pens I've used.
  15. Michael Warner

    QUICK/VIEW: The International (BRD)

    I liked it well enough but for me it was ultimately a fairly forgetful film. The quality of the BD is outstanding however and this is one of those discs in which I kept getting pulled out of the movie as I marveled at the image quality. So good it's distracting!
  16. Michael Warner

    What's the difference between Chorizo and Andouille sausage?

    I know of one kosher sausage company called Jeff's Gourmet. Looks like they sell a Cajun Chicken sausage.
  17. Michael Warner

    Home Theater Forum 2.0 Has Arrived!

    Will the government issue coupons so I can afford the fancy-pants new box required to make my setup HTF 2.0 ready?
  18. Michael Warner

    Who still subscribes to newspapers/magazines?

    I can't remember a time when I didn't receive a daily paper. But if I was still living in Detroit I think I would have bailed when the Freep pulled their little stunt of punishing their most steadfast supporters by cutting home delivery to three days per week. I pay for two magazine...
  19. Michael Warner

    How big a house would you really want?

    I live in 2200 sq. ft. house with a wife and two kids and it's just about right. As the kids morph into teens they'll need some space away from the main area of the house so we're planning on adding an addition above the attached garage. If the house had a basement it would be perfect.
  20. Michael Warner

    Hockey Talk: The Official NHL 2008-2009 Thread

    And that's what makes Detroit such a scary team. They play without Datsyuk, Lidstrom, and Draper and still score six goals. I realize that Chicago was without their starting goalie but that was still an impressive show. No other team has anything close to that kind of depth.
  21. Michael Warner

    Do you keep both formats of a film?

    If it's a movie my kids are likely to want to watch I'll keep the DVD for use in the car or on the other TV. I also keep a few that I want to show on the outdoor screen during the summer since I don't want to haul my PS3 outside. Anything else gets sold if it's fetching a decent price or sent to...
  22. Michael Warner

    Mystery Shopper

    They really dropped the ball by not asking for your SSN and bank account number so they could direct deposit your "bucks." As an aside having worked far too many years in retail I have the uncontrollable urge to slap real mystery shoppers. The reports we would get back from these...
  23. Michael Warner

    Dog Soldiers on Blu Tuesday May 5th!

    That's what I was afraid of. Even at that low price I think I'll pass on the BD.
  24. Michael Warner

    an observation about chrysler

    I certainly don't blame the media for the automakers' current predicament but if there's one industry that all but relies on the advertising dollars of what was once the Big Three it's major media. Flip to the front of just about any magazine on any topic and right under the agency contact...
  25. Michael Warner

    Arranging DVDs non-alphabetically

    I've always arranged by genre and then by sub-genre if applicable with movies in a series or by the same director being put together. Asian Films Comedies (Monty Python, 80s Flicks) Drama Action/Adventure (Swashbucklers, Historical, Military) War Movies (Chronological by Conflict)...
  26. Michael Warner

    Do you wear denim? George Will thinks you are a immature slob

    What he's also missing is the fact that his beloved business suit also came about as the result of the loosening of attire standards in the 19th century. I'm sure there were plenty of stick up their posterior sorts back then who similarly decried the loss of their beloved ruffs and velvet...
  27. Michael Warner

    Do you wear denim? George Will thinks you are a immature slob

    I had a similar conversation with an old friend of my father-in-law about 15 years ago. He railed against everyone wearing jeans on a holiday (Thanksgiving) while he was decked out in dark brown Sansabelt slacks, a baby blue golf shirt, black socks, and white shoes. Thanks but I'll stick with...
  28. Michael Warner

    Star Trek films on Blu-Ray... what we know so far

    I did the same thing and listed them last night. So far all but two have sold and I've made the exact amount needed to preorder the Blu Ray set. Can't give away Nemesis at any price though.
  29. Michael Warner

    Busted! Do I plead guilty?

    I've never received a speeding ticket I didn't deserve and have been given a break on a few occasions as well so I just pay my fine and go on my way. Learning to drive in lead-foot Michigan sets you up for a world of hurt in most other parts of the country!
  30. Michael Warner

    Netflix raising price for Blu-ray access

    Yes they do but it's now hidden and must be accessed directly through the URL Netflix Online Movie Rentals - Rent DVDs, Classic Films to DVD New Releases