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  1. Douglas_H

    Why no A Few Words for Until the End of the World?

    Wondering why Robert hasn't posted regarding Wim Wenders' about Until the End of the World Criterion release? True shame that there wasn't a UHD release given the extensive work done. I'll be ordering it as I generally like Wenders' films. Love that he shoots in story order. Unique. No...
  2. Douglas_H

    Lord of the Rings 4k. Any News At all

    Sorry is there's another thread on this but it seems odd that this doesn't have a release schedule. I understand that Jackson has been busy but this truly seems like a cash cow in the 4k market. Having been shot on 35mm seems that it could look brilliant
  3. Douglas_H

    Band of Brothers - Any news of a 4k release?

    Seems to me that Band of Brothers would be awesome in 4k. It was hugely popular so potential sales shouldn't be an issue. Tom & Steve did Private Ryan in 4k & BOB is vastly superior and would fetch premium pricing. Does it make too much sense for Hollywood to do this? BTW, saw that William...
  4. Douglas_H

    1066 Owners, Would You Buy It Again?

    If you had it to do over again, would you still buy the 1066? Have you been satisfied with Rotel's support of this piece? Do the "issues" affect your day-to-day enjoyment. For me, deciding on a pre/pro has been much tougher than I anticipated. Seems that some of the manufacturers are still...
  5. Douglas_H

    What's Your Next Step In HT?

    An earlier thread got me thinking about the next step in the HT odyssey. The sound is decent but not finished. It's time to upgrade the video(36" direct view). For me, a front projector, DLP or LCOS. Then amplification, Pass X3 for LCR. BAT VK-200 or Stratos for the sides. The ML...
  6. Douglas_H

    Lutron Spacer Whine Problem

    I have a 600W Lutron Spacer remote control dimmer unit that is driving 10 4" in-ceiling light cans. Each of the cans has a 50 watt bulb. The problem is a very high-pitched whine or whistle that is emitted from the dimmer unit when the lights are dimmed below a certain brightness. Above...