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  1. Tom Meyer

    FS: Gateway 500XL + 18" LCD monitor

    For sale, as I'm lusting after the new 17" Powerbook and I'm sick of sitting in my office to use the computer. $1000. Approximately comparable current model (5200S) goes for about $1600 w/ this config (not including software). I also have an IKEA rolling cabinet if you're interested...
  2. Tom Meyer

    mothra attacks chicago !

    spent the day shooting butterflies with my D70 and 105mm macro. only bummer was that I forgot the tripod head that fits my macro focus rail. :angry: I can always go back, though. http://www.pbase.com/tmeyer/butterflies
  3. Tom Meyer

    a few infrared landscapes

    still getting the hang of my Hoya R72 filter. The conditions weren't the greatest (kinda overcast) but I didn't have anything else to do on Monday so I drove the 2 hrs each way to these abandoned farm buildings my dad told me about of I-55 south of Chicago. One question ... I know you can get...
  4. Tom Meyer

    Audio dropouts w/ Toshiba 4900

    I replaced my wonky Pioneer 414 last weekend w/ a Toshiba 4900 and have noticed audio dropouts during CD playback. FYI, the digital out is connected via coax to my old-ish Yamaha receiver (I can't even remember the model #). Has anyone else experienced this ? thanks.
  5. Tom Meyer

    good geneaology sites/software

    I got a bunch of family history documents from my parents tonight that I want to organize into a family tree. Does anyone have any suggestions for a) Windows software for building a tree/ancestry and b) good sites for research. The only windows product I've seen is Family Tree Maker, which got...
  6. Tom Meyer

    Hiking in Mt. Blanc region

    I'll be visiting a friend who lives outside of Turin, Italy in about 4 weeks and was thinking about taking a couple days to go hiking in the Mt. Blanc region of France/Italy/Switz. Has anyone ever been in the area ? Will the weather be OK in late October ? Or, should I just jet to Prague for a...
  7. Tom Meyer

    Wings of Desire --- tint

    I *finally* got my "Wings of Desire" disk today and while I'm incredibly glad to finally have it in OAR (1.78:1 anamorphic to boot), one thing that I've noticed is that the blueish tint of all of the angel viewpoint scenes has been replaced with a somewhat blue/yellow but mostly b&w color. Both...
  8. Tom Meyer

    A Skin Too Few: The Days of Nick Drake

    This is just a recommendation for any Nick Drake fan to make sure that if this short documentary comes to your town, be sure and go see it. I just got back and will freely admit to shedding a few tears when hearing Gabrielle Drake talk so lovingly about her brother, hearing the poems and...
  9. Tom Meyer

    Trekking in Nepal --- anyone done it ?

    I'm taking this: http://www.wildernesstravel.com/itins/evstadv.html trip to Nepal from March 12-28. Anyone else ever been trekking in the Everest region ? Any pics to share ?
  10. Tom Meyer

    Stereolab's Mary Hansen killed in bike accident

    truly a bummer :frowning: She was 36. http://www.billboard.com/billboard/d...ent_id=1776685
  11. Tom Meyer

    IE won't display pop-ups

    I know this is probably a weird question, but for some reason, IE (6.0) has stopped working when it tries to launch a pop-up window (eg when I click on a link in a post here in the forum, not just nagging pop-up ads). The window will come up, but it will never load, just hanging there in a...
  12. Tom Meyer

    books about vintage amps/guitars

    I've got a musician friend who has a birthday tomorrow and was wondering if anyone knows of any good books about vintage guitars and/or amps. They don't necessarily have to be new as I can always scour the used bookstores. tia.
  13. Tom Meyer

    "Single and the City"

    Anyone else see this shite ? It's obviously a real-life attempt at "Sex and the City", but at least those characters show a *little* emotional depth once in a while. I watched this utterly detestable show on the We (Women's Entertainment) network called "Single and the City", which supposedly...
  14. Tom Meyer

    Gateway vs. Dell -- how can Gateway be so much cheaper ?

    So last night I ordered a Canon S9000 photo printer and a Epson 2450 photo scanner. realizing that my 4+ yo Dell 266 PII probably wouldn't cut it for hardcore negative/picture scanning & printing, I checked out some new systems. When I priced out a similarly configured Dell 4500 and Gateway...
  15. Tom Meyer

    funniest Triumph bit EVER

    I TiVO'd Conan last week or something to see the Strokes (who sucked, as usual) and caught what had to be the funniest thing I've seen in years -- the bit where Triumph mocks the nerds standing in line for the Star Wars premier. I swear, I almost pissed in my pants. Anyone got any of the jokes...
  16. Tom Meyer

    Ah, those wacky inadvertantly sexual emails from work

    you need to read all 3 to get to the punchline. Make your own up if you like. Anyone got any others ?? Talk about a bad choice of words !! -----Original Message----- From: XXX XXXXXX Sent: Thu 1/10/2002 9:01 AM To: Database Administration Cc: XXXXXXXX Subject: FixIncomedatabase...
  17. Tom Meyer

    F*&!ing DTV missed survivor !!

    For some reason my DirecTivo has lost almost all local channel info, which means none of my season passes have recorded in the past two days. The guide shows "To Be Announced" for everything. THIS SUCKS !!
  18. Tom Meyer

    Anyone else dig "Rendez View" ?

    It's yet another voyeur/dating show a la "Blind Date" but throws in a twist by having two celebrity guests sit in with the hosts (Ellen Ledowsky and the hilarious Greg Proops) and take part in shredding each of the guests. Pretty hilarious most of the time. Anyone else into it ? My TiVO gets...
  19. Tom Meyer

    Blockbuster -- UNBELIEVABLE "parental consent" stickers

    Ok, I saw this the other day when using a 2for1 coupon at Ballbuster and was amazed at HOW ignorant they are. First, they had the "PARENTAL CONSENT REQUIRED/no one under 17 " sticker on "Ponette" ... Ponette !!! Give me a break. They also had the "PARENTAL ADVISORY" sticker on "After Life" ...
  20. Tom Meyer

    Powerpuff Girls "Beat Alls" episode

    I have no idea whether or not this was planned or purely serendipity, but did anyone else see this AMAZING episode last night ? Virtually every line had a Beatles song reference in it and it contained my two favorite villains -- MoJo JoJo and Him. The "Moko Jono" screaming was classic. I...
  21. Tom Meyer

    NYC & LA folks -- anyone seen "Invincible" ?

    According to the IMDb, Werner Herzog's latest, "Invincible" was supposed to be released in NYC & L.A on October 26. Anyone seen it ? Has it actually been released ? I'm not asking for reviews, just if it's been released. thanks.
  22. Tom Meyer

    anyone else *never* get sick ?

    Not counting colds, anyone else here almost never get sick with something like the flu ? In my 10 year working career, I think I've taken less than 5 days off when I was really sick. I believe that the last time was about 8 years ago when I got bronchitis. What's more, I haven't puked in...
  23. Tom Meyer

    $1700 out of nowhere !!!!

    So there's this friend/ex-coworker I've been trying to get a hold of the last couple months to get lunch or beers or something. I leave him a few messages at work and even one at home. No response. What the $%@! ?? So on Wednesday he calls me at work. Seems he's been overseas for a while so...
  24. Tom Meyer

    didn't anyone watch Gilmore Girls premier ?

    I saw both episodes and while I thought they were both solid, I had some problems - It seems pretty obvious that they are going to have to torpedo the engagement somehow, as the whole premise of the show is of two single women getting along on their own. If not, it definitely jumped the shark...
  25. Tom Meyer

    "Executive Decision" forever moot

    Just it was curious that both Cheney and Bush have flat out said that pilots had authorization to shoot down any plane that did not obey orders to divert on Tuesday and afterwards. So much for that movie plot.
  26. Tom Meyer

    Wet Hot American Summer -- or "Why Ebert Rules"

    here's his review: Hello, Muddah, Hello, Faddah-- Here I am at 'Wet Hot American Summah.' Wow, I hate it Something fierce-- Except the astrophysicist David Hyde Pierce. He lives in a Cottage nearby And, boy, can he make Janeane Garofalo sigh. She's the director Of Camp Firewood...
  27. Tom Meyer

    Missed out on Bjork tickets .... ARGH!

    Idiot me forgot to pay attention to when tix went on sale for the Oct. 14 show at the Civic Opera House here in Chicago. They went on sale Saturday and promptly sold out. F**K. I suck.
  28. Tom Meyer

    Any Neko Case fans out there ?

    OK, after seeing the amazing Ms. Case again last Sunday, I feel I must evangelize her to the masses. If you're at all a fan of alt.country/insurgent/y'allternative music, then you gotta check out her "Furnace Room Lullaby" and "The Virginian" releases. I normally don't listen to country music...
  29. Tom Meyer

    Real World 11 - Chicago location

    For all you Real World groupies out there, the Chicago location is 1931 W. North Ave in the Wicker Park/Bucktown neighborhood which is about 2 blocks from my house. Move in day was supposedly yesterday. Looks like they'll have to do some creative editing to get rid of all the hookers, bums &...