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  1. Mark Shannon

    Sony Xplod Sub + AMP question

    I recently purchased a Sony Xplod 10" XSL102P5 subwoofer (it was on a decent sale at Best Buy), and have a couple questions about suitable amplifiers for it. -The subwoofer is rated at 330 watts RMS, but i have not been able to find any amplifiers that can power it at exactly this much. I...
  2. Mark Shannon

    Notebook Battery Problems

    Today I came home from work to use my notebook computer (Toshiba Satellite M40-JM8), and found that my battery monitor widget was not displaying any information. I check the taskbar icon, and that was displaying nothing either. So I go into power management properties, and it states that the...
  3. Mark Shannon

    Default Language Set

    I'm having trouble with Microsoft Word. I'm trying to set the default language to English (Canadian), but everytime I close and open the program, it resets to the US English. How can I set it so that it always open with Canadian English as the default?
  4. Mark Shannon

    Will the madness ever end?

    Just when you thought it was safe to walk outside without seeing an Ipod, Apple just adds more fuel to the fire. As if the Ipod Mini and Shuffle weren't enough, make room for the Ipod Nano (insert references to the Ipod Flea here)
  5. Mark Shannon


    Quick question this time. Can I access my gmail using thunderbird, and if so, how?
  6. Mark Shannon

    Toshiba Notebook Controls

    I know, I know. You guys are getting tired of me asking questions about my new notebook, but there's just so much I need to know about it but don't. This time, it's about the control buttons that are on the left side of hte keyboard of my Toshiba Satellite M40 JS8. Right now, the only...
  7. Mark Shannon

    Compatible Notebook Memory

    I just recently purchased a Toshiba Satellite M40-JS8 notebook computer, and have been looking into upgrading the internal memory. I have read through the manual, and have found instructions on how this can be done. The manual, however says that only memory modules with the following part...
  8. Mark Shannon

    Linksys SES (SecureEasySetup)

    after you guys were successfully able to help me setup my new Linksys wireless router, I've been doing some researching, and will soon be upgrading the firmware. It seems the model I have (WRT54G) has a hidden button behind the Cisco Systems logo that, with the new version of the firmware...
  9. Mark Shannon

    Wireless Router Troubles

    I just recently bought a new notebook computer, the Toshiba M40-JM8, and am actually typing this post on it right now. I also bought another piece of hardware for my house, a Linksys Wireless Router, the WRT54G to be specific. The problem is, I cant get the wireless router to connect to the...
  10. Mark Shannon

    Website not loading properly. What happened?

    I am an active member of the DeviantArt community, and almost every day sit in the chat rooms, conversing and what not. A couple of days ago, I left the chatroom open during the night, and came back in the morning to find that I had been disconnected from the chat. This was not a rare occurance...
  11. Mark Shannon

    Yellow tinge in RPTV. Help?

    Just today I was watching my television, and the weirdest thing happened. Suddenly, the TV flased a yellow screen a couple of times, and went back to normal. A couple of minutes later, the entire screen accquired a yellow tinge, and has since remained unchanged. It was not the channel I was...
  12. Mark Shannon

    Happy Canada Day

    Didn't see a thread on this, so I thought I would start one. HAPPY CANADA DAY!
  13. Mark Shannon

    secret Xbox360 website code

    I think i'm going out on a ledge here (is that even the expression), but I'm thinking those seemingly pointless dots and x's on the www.xbox360.com website aren't so pointless. Anyone with me?
  14. Mark Shannon

    Celeron vs Pentium

    What's the difference between these two? I've been asked to build my girlfriend a computer, which I have no problem with. I just need to pick out the Motherboard, CPU, and case. all the rest will just be transferred out of another computer. Because she'll just be using it for every day...
  15. Mark Shannon

    Video Card Problems

    I just assembled a new computer, and for the video card I'm using a Sapphire Radeon X600XT 256MB PCI Express card. The entire computer has been running fine, but on several occasions, the video card has failed. The screen goes blank for about 30 seconds, then comes back on, saying hardware...
  16. Mark Shannon

    Cell Phone Carriers Reverse Lookup

    Is it possible to find out what carrier a person is using just by imputting their mobile phone number into some sort of search engine or directory. I want to send someone a text message from the internet, but it requires their carrier, and I don't know what carrier they are using. I am...
  17. Mark Shannon

    Which Component is Fried?

    Ok, so the other day I plugged a USB cable into one of the front ports on my computer case. I had done it several times previously during the day and it worked fine, but this one time, the entire computer shut down when I did it. I tried turning the computer back on, and it would go on then off...
  18. Mark Shannon

    My computer just exploded!!

    Well, not really. I was more just my monitor. Well, it didn't explode, but it sure as hell fried. It's a 17" CRT. I was just using it, and all of the sudden it starts making a weird buzzing noise, the screen starts to get all distorted (as if it were being degaussed), and the next thing I...
  19. Mark Shannon

    iPod and HP iPod: What's the Difference?

    I'm most likely going to be getting an iPod over the coming weeks, but am left wondering, what's the difference between the two. The Best Buy Canadian website has both listed, for the exact same price, and after comparing the two in specs, the only major difference I can find is the Apple one...
  20. Mark Shannon

    Crystal Xbox

    Anyone else think this is a really cool special edition. Similar to the Green Transparent one they released a while back. It would be too easy to mod this by putting strategically placed LED's and whatnot inside the case. *Darn, I just realised, this isn't in the right section. Mods, please...
  21. Mark Shannon

    Mystery Toolbar: How to remove?

    One of hte joys of sharing a computer with others (primarily a 14 year old who doesn't know the consequences of malware and spyware) is coming home every day and finding mysterious programs installed on the computer. Never ceasing to amaze, this was found on my computer today: I have no...
  22. Mark Shannon

    Show us your camera's best pix! Part II

    http://img65.exs.cx/img65/4240/ANewAdventure.jpg http://img65.exs.cx/img65/187/AcrossTheLake.jpg http://img65.exs.cx/img65/6961/AirLandandSea.jpg http://img65.exs.cx/img65/5263/BusyCity.jpg http://img65.exs.cx/img65/5875/ByLandorBySea.jpg http://img65.exs.cx/img65/5350/CarryTheTorch.jpg...
  23. Mark Shannon

    Help! TV Commercial Song?

    This is probably something only Canadians will help me with, as it is a Bell Canada commercial I beleive. If anyone could help me I'd be so happy. I'm looking for the name of the song that is used with the Bell commercial where it constantly zooms out from picture frame to picture frame, with...
  24. Mark Shannon

    Building a PC

    I've decided that next PC I buy will be one built entirely by myself. It wont be a HTPC, but simply a PC that I can use for a while without worrying. So far, the parts I have picked out are as follows: Antec Sonata Black Mid Tower Case w/ 380W PSU 2 X Western Digital 120GB w/ 8MB cache Sony...
  25. Mark Shannon

    Start up and Shut Down Screens?

    I'm having kind of a problem with this. It isn't the screens that show up when you first turn your computer on, and turn it off, usually showing a picture of the OS. As Windows is loading, the desktop background that is displayed is different from the background I currently have. Once Windows...
  26. Mark Shannon

    RCA to HD15 Calbe - Can I use it?

    A cable similar to this one: was included with my TV when I purchased it. I know that it can connect to the HD input on the rear of my television. What I would like to know is if I can connect the RCA end of this to the component out on my reciever and, if I do, will the picture quality...
  27. Mark Shannon

    What Kind Of Fish Do You Keep?

    Recently, I set up my 25 gallon Tropical Fish tank again, which has been sitting dormant for so many years. This time around, I decided to go with an undergravel filter with a powerhead, which is much quieter than the alternatives (I can't even hear it when I'm relatively close). I also put a...
  28. Mark Shannon

    Linksys Router Problems

    Ever since I upgraded my internet connection (from a slower broadband to a faster one - same company), I have been recieving periodic lapses in connection. This will happen about every 15 minutes for 30 seconds approximately. As I type this, I have the modem now connected directly to my...
  29. Mark Shannon

    Happy Canada Day!

    Seeing as tomorrow is July 1st, Canada Day for those fortunate enough to live in the northern part of North America (no offense to you Americans), I would just like to wish all you Canadians a Happy Canada Day. Be sure to be safe, and don't shoot your eye out with a firecracker.
  30. Mark Shannon

    Directors Screenshot Contest (Yet Another)

    Well, seeing as the last screenshot contest was so abruptly ended, I think I'll start one of my own. My DVD collection does not contain very many films that most people have never heard of, so it should be somewhat easy. Also, the first 10 shots will be somewhat small. This is only because i...