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  1. Ronn.W

    XM Holiday Channels

    Just a reminder that XM has their holiday stations up and running. I know there's a lot of people new to XM around, so thought someone might not know they do this. Lineup: HOLLY - XM 103 & 29; XMRO 104; DTV 824 Contemporary holiday hits are sprinkled in with more traditional favorites...
  2. Ronn.W

    Cinemagic Halloween Weekend

    Just a heads up, Cinemagic (Ch. 27) on XM is doing their Halloween Weekend. It's been going from last Friday afternoon, and ends at the end of Halloween. They do this every year, and it can be a lot of fun to listen to. They play soundtracks from horror movies, intercut occasionaly with key...
  3. Ronn.W

    Rolling Stone: Stern puts the um in tedium

    Howard's End Stern's show puts the "um" in "tedium" Like most people who aren't from New York, I have always found it hard to pry my eyes open while Howard Stern is talking. In theory, I approve of the whole offensive/obscene/outrageous shock-radio shtick, but the only thing that's ever...
  4. Ronn.W

    Feedback on Harmony 676 Remote, please

    I'm debating whether or not to get a universal remote to replace the however many I've got now. The Harmony 676 looks like the best bang for the buck right now, especially with the $50 rebate for Tivo owners that's going on right now. I haven't used a univeral remote in years, are these any...
  5. Ronn.W

    XM Adds Voice Commands: Download the Demo!

    Full Story That's great. So far XM has added 5.1 and voice command. I can't wait to see what Sirius is going to offer. Oh wait, they spent $100,000,000 on Stern this year.
  6. Ronn.W

    What the #$*! Do We Know!? On DVD?

    Does anybody know when this movie will be released on DVD or what might be on the disc?
  7. Ronn.W

    Wenders' Until The End of The World - Uncut

    Has anyone else ordered this? A 6 hour Director's cut of this movie was just released a few months ago in Italy and has been getting favorable reviews. Anchor Bay was supposed to have released it in R1, but they are having licensing difficulties. It's still in English, no forced subs. Here's 2...
  8. Ronn.W

    Aussie horror film Undead now available!

    The much awaited Australian horror movie Undead is now available for purchase on DVD! It's R4/PAL of course. CD-WOW has it for $16.95 US, includes free shipping. http://www3.cd-wow.net/review_2.php?product_code=12034 The disc looks fairly loaded with features. Deleted scenes, features...
  9. Ronn.W

    Make your Toshiba SD3900 Region Free, no more menu hack

    I'm posting this because I know a lot of people out there bought the Toshiba SD 3900 because it could be menu hacked to play all regions. Problem was, it didn't work 100% and you had to hack it every single time. If you own the player, you know what I'm talking about!! Well... no more! Go...
  10. Ronn.W

    Vol 2, No. 1 Jan/Feb

    I just received this magazine yesterday, and wanted to give you all a :emoji_thumbsup: A few of comments: 1. Can you drop the D-VHS articles already? The title of the mag is DVD Etc. Not DVD v. D-VHS Etc. I think you've covered all the bases on this discussion so far, and think it's time to...
  11. Ronn.W

    Max Headroom available in any region?

    Is Max Headroom available in any region? Any info appreciated, thanks!