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  1. Micah Lloyd

    Spouse's observastions on HDTV

    After 18 months with my 64" widescreen Pioneer, I finally got an HD signal; I bought the DirecTV HD PVR released a couple of months ago. I proudly displayed the beautiful picture to my wife. I did A/B comparisons between 480i and 1080i (granted the TV up-converts 480i to 480p). She looked at it...
  2. Micah Lloyd

    Plasma displays for computer graphics?

    As the HT-guy, I've been appointed at my company to recommend some hardware for a project we're doing that will need about 100 plasma TVs for the first installation. (I'm looking forward to making that order!) I'm looking for ideas on 42" plasma monitors. They only need to display 852x480...
  3. Micah Lloyd

    Skydiving (long)

    A group of friends and I went skydiving for the first time over Memorial Day weekend. It's something I've always thought I'd like to try and sometime last week I said, "if I'm going to do it, let's do it." I got a lot of "OK's!" (In case anyone is wondering, all but one of us is in our 30's and...