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  1. ppltd

    POTC - At World's End Playback Issues

    Seems there are some reported playback issues surrounding POTC-AWE with Samsung 1000/1200 players and some PS3's. Here is more information and Disney's support number. Has anyone tried this disk on the Panny 10a?
  2. ppltd

    Amazon Offer: HD Player and 10 free movies for as low as 299.00

    Amazon seems to be on a roll with HD and BD. Here is how it plays: 1: Buy the player with "300" and "Bourne Identity" in the box. 2: Pick 3 titles from a list of 23 movies and get them with the player. 3: Pick 5 from a list of movies via mail-in offer. You can choose from the A3...
  3. ppltd

    Amazon 55% off BD sale

    Not to be outdone by the 47% HD DVD sale at Amazon, Amazon is discounting 55% off of selected BD titles. This is a one day sale only for 11/19/2007. Behind Enemy Lines Bulletproof Monk The Devil Wears Prada Flight of the Phoenix Flyboys Hart's War Ice Age - The Meltdown Kiss of the...
  4. ppltd

    Amazon HD DVD Universal 47% Off sale

    Amazon is currently running a 47% off selected Universal HD DVD's. Some pretty good titles in the mix. Titles: Assult on Precinct 13 Billy Madison Dawn of the Dead Daylight The Deer Hunter End Of Days Friday Night Lights Happy Gilmore Hulk Jarhead Meet the Parents Mercury Rising...
  5. ppltd

    Kmart goes HD DVD stand alone exclusive

    Like Target with Blu-Ray, Kmart is going HD DVD stand alone exclusive through at least the holiday season. Where Target still carries the 360 and the HD DVD add-on, Kmart will still carry the PS3.
  6. ppltd

    Sub $200 HD DVD Player hits Wal-Mart

    Well it looks like the sub-200.00 HD DVD is finally a reality at Wal-Mart....And it doesn't come from a Chinese manufacturer. Let the Holiday price wars begin...;)
  7. ppltd

    Bob Hope and Bng Crosby Road Flicks fro BCI

    Two of the best of the Hope/Crosby road films are coming to HD DVD in January. Here's hoping that BCI masters these comedy classics with the care they deserve as they most definitely will find their way into my collection.
  8. ppltd

    The long delayed 'Galaxina' will hit HD DVD in January

    Over a year delay and the cult classic 'Galaxina' is due to finally be released in January. The changes from the original announcement are 1080p (originally 1080i) and a new Dolby+ remix from the originally announced mono track. In addition, pricing will drop fro 24.99 retail to 19.99 retail...
  9. ppltd

    'Bourne Ultimatum' hits the street Dec. 11th with TrueHD

    Universal has released the specs on it's upcomming 'Bourne Ultimatum' release. As expected from Universal, this is a Combo disk. Either you like it or not, it is what it is.
  10. ppltd

    Paramount recalls and re-releases 'The Jack Ryan' collection

    Seems that Paramount was quick to resopnd to the issues surrouding 'The Jack Reyan' collection and the missing special features.
  11. ppltd

    'Life of Brian' and 'I Know Who Killed Me' pulled from '07 release

    Looks like Sony has removed Monty Python's 'Life of Brian' and 'I Know Who Killed Me' From their 2007 schedule. While I could care less about 'I Kown Who Killed Me', I was looking forward to getting 'Life of Brian'. It would have looked nice sitting next to my copy of 'The Meaning of Life'...
  12. ppltd

    'White Noise', 'Mobsters' and 'Pianist' from Universal 1/8

    Universal announced 3 catalog release for January 8th, 2008. All three releases will have a TrueHD track. The Pianist will be a most buy for me.
  13. ppltd

    HD VMD Catches BD and HD asleep at the wheel?

    While the battle between HD DVD and Blu-Ray rages on, the third high def format has slipped into the fray. HD VMD Players Make US Debut While the enthusiasts among us will probably not even notice the format, at under $189.99 for a player, the public might. All they need is some studio...
  14. ppltd

    Toshiba confirms audio bit stream over HDMI for XA2

    This is good news. It means my 'future' Pioneer Elite will be able to decode both TrueHD and DTS HDMA through it's HDMI connection. Goodbye analog cables (and good riddance).
  15. ppltd

    'Cat People' back on track for a December Release

    'Cat People' from Universal is 'finally' rescheduled and has been given a December 26th release date. And TrueHD....
  16. ppltd

    Universal's Last 2007 Release - 'Timecop'

    Universal has announced their last HD DVD for 2007 - Van Damme's 'Time Cop'. While it may not be the most exciting way to close out the year, it is a movie I will pick up.
  17. ppltd

    From Class to Lowbrow: Operas, IMAX and 'Balls of Fury'

    To staisfy all temperments. Coming soon to HD DVD: To show you're refinement we have 'Mozart: Die Zauberflote' from UK distributor Opus Arte on 10/30/07. To show you're class we have 4 IMAX releases, 'The Alps,' 'Coral Reef Adventure,' 'Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag' and 'Mystery of...
  18. ppltd

    HD-30a - 9 free HD DVD disk sale.

    Seems like Best Buy has the best offer on the new Toshiba HD-A30. 4 free HD DVD's along with the 5 free HD DVD offer from Toshiba. 9 free disks bring the realitive prive of the HD-A30 down to 220.00 based on 20.00 per disk. Not bad at all.:) 9 free disk offer
  19. ppltd

    'Shrek the Third' Comes to HD DVD on 11/13

    Looks like Shrek has secured a release date of 11/13. Now to get 1 and 2 released. Includes all features from the SD DVD, but no lossless track.
  20. ppltd

    'Twister' Special Edition on all formats 1/8

    Looks like Twister will finally be making it to HD and BD on 1/8/2008. This movie was made for HD. Here's hoping for a lossless track and top notch mastering.:emoji_thumbsup:
  21. ppltd

    Universal 'Chuck & Larry' on Nov. 6th

    Universal has set the date for the release of 'I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry' for November 6th. Not sure it warrants a TrueHD track, but what the heck. And yes, it is a Combo Disk, and we pretty much know who likes 'em and who don't.:D
  22. ppltd

    Universal Launches HD DVD Consumer Website

    More advertising for HD DVD as Universal launches a Website dedicated to HD DVD. Universal HD DVD Site While it does not look like the site is completly finished, some of the features, like error codes, looks interesting. I haven't spent much time there yet, but will later tonight.
  23. ppltd

    HD DVD at Amazon. Toshiba player and 8 free movies as low as 238.88

    All three Toshiba HD DVD players are being offered on Amazon with 8 free movies. Available on all second gen Toshiba's.:)
  24. ppltd

    Monty Python's 'Life of Brian' on Blu-Ray

    Another must have for me.
  25. ppltd

    'Talk To Me' from Universal in October

    This will probably be on my buy list. It is good to see another Universal release with TrueHD.
  26. ppltd

    ''Anchorman'' and "Old School' on HD DVD from Dreamworks

    Looks like Dreamworks is wasting no time on announcing some HD DVD exclusives. Both look to be the unrated version with a 29.99 price tag.
  27. ppltd

    Second Dual-Format/Single-Sided HD DVD announced

    From an announcement from Bandai Visual: Now here's hoping for a dual layer HD/single layer SD twin format in the near future. This would eliminate 50% (double sided complaints) of the negativity surrounding Combos.
  28. ppltd

    Toshiba announces 3rd generation HD DVD players

    Looks like Toshiba slid this announcement right by us. I have heard nothing on third generation HD DVD players until this announcement.
  29. ppltd

    HD DVD add-on price cut with 5 free movies.

    Looks like MS is steeping into the price cut game. While only listed as a two month deal, given the upcoming holiday season, I kind of think that the cut may be permanent.
  30. ppltd

    Universal Readies 'Knocked Up' for September HD DVD Release

    The Romantic Comedy blockcuster 'Knocked Up' has been announced for a September release from Universal.