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  1. AjayM

    The replacement Digital Rebel is coming soon.

    Well here it is; http://www.dpreview.com/news/0502/05...on_eos350d.asp And it looks to be another killer product from Canon, and it's going to offer quite a lot of the features of the 20D for a bit less $$$. Andrew
  2. AjayM

    Small sealed tempest

    Everybody, I'm in need of dropping the size of my current low Q sealed Tempest down to something a little more reasonable for asthetic reasons. Currently the enclosure is around 170-180l, I was looking over some of the "sealed" designs Adire posted and the .9 Q enclosure caught my eye, well...
  3. AjayM

    Elite DV-09 good or not?

    I managed to find a good price on one of these Pioneer Elite DV-09's (like under $500), and since I don't have a need just yet for a progressive scan DVD player I was wondering if this is a good player or not? I've read a bunch of the reviews about it on AudioReview (basically all of them...
  4. AjayM

    Looking for a good LCD projector

    Everybody, I'm looking for some thoughts/comments on some of the lower priced (say under $2500) LCD projectors around out there. I came across these two units, supposedly the same thing with a different name on them. http://www.projectorcentral.com/proj...m?part_id=1312 - Sanyo XW15, I've...