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  1. jdee28

    Rowan and Martin's Laugh In - why only 2 DVD sets?

    I believe Decades has rerun every single episode of this show, including ones never see before! They reran the entire final season.
  2. jdee28

    CBS/Paramount Complete Series Craze

    Has anyone heard anything about them continuing Gunsmoke with season 13?
  3. jdee28

    Warner Archive Discussion Thread (The Announcements/The Films)

    I would love to see Warner release a Vitaphone Broadway Brevities collection, with the Hal Le Roy shorts and others, ones like Private Lesson (1934) and The Winnah! (1934).
  4. jdee28

    Warner Archive Discussion Thread (The Announcements/The Films)

    Any sales this Thanksgiving?
  5. jdee28

    FILM NOIR 10 movie spotlight collection

    I finally got the Film Noir 10 Movie Spotlight Collection on amazon for $26.49. The transfers for The Glass Key, Phantom Lady, and The Blue Dahlia are new! They are significant upgrades from the TCM set that was released years ago containing just those 3 movies.
  6. jdee28

    Rawhide complete series box 5/12/15

    Would anyone know of a way to contact CBS/Paramount to suggest this, perhaps an e-mail or something?
  7. jdee28

    Rawhide complete series box 5/12/15

    It looks like the CBS Syndication Bible was updated on 8/18/16 for Rawhide. It now says the series has been transferred into HD. I take this to mean the entire series has been transferred to HD, including Seasons 1 and 4? If so, is there anyway they could release the new HD transfers for Seasons...
  8. jdee28

    Alfred Hitchcock Presents Season 6

    The Alfred Hitchcock Presents Season 6 MOD set is currently only $5.09 at amazon.com!
  9. jdee28

    Blu-ray Review The Honeymooners: Classic 39 Episodes Blu-ray Review

    I like Audrey Meadows too, but for me she took away from the reality of the show. It would be very unlikely in real life for someone like Kramden to be married to someone as pretty and young as Audrey Meadows. I found the original Alice, Pert Kelton, to be much more realistic in that respect, as...
  10. jdee28

    TV Westerns Tournament

    I'm doing a Rawhide re-watch. It's interesting how in Season 3 and 4, they actually did some continuing stories. I really enjoyed how they had a whole arc where the drive came to an end and they started a new one; definitely a series high point! And in Season 4, with the continuing story of...
  11. jdee28

    TV Westerns Tournament

    Quite hard! For me, right now, at this very instant, Gunsmoke Maverick Have Gun -- Will Travel Rawhide Virginian Sugarfoot Wanted: Dead or Alive Cheyenne The Rifleman Wild, Wild West
  12. jdee28

    Warner Archive Discussion Thread (The Announcements/The Films)

    I haven't bought one Warner Archive title since their last 5 for $50, before they closed down their old website. Here's hoping they have one for Black Friday.
  13. jdee28

    TCM VAULT Alan Ladd 1940s Collection

    So many rarely seen Ladd movies they could have added or substituted, it almost makes this set disappointing: Chicago Deadline, The Great Gatsby, Beyond Glory, Saigon, Wild Harvest, Calcutta. I also wonder what the quality will be like. Any hope they actually remastered the ones they picked?
  14. jdee28

    Universal Vault Series - Amazon.com exclusive DVD-Rs

    Yes, thanks for the warning. I was going to buy a copy of Kitty too, but cancelled it. You think with only 3 releases this year, Universal could be bothered to get them right and only release versions that have been remastered. Quite sad.
  15. jdee28

    Warner Archive Discussion Thread (The Announcements/The Films)

    I just watched the Ida Lupino film "The Man I Love" (1947). I was disappointed to see that it's a very substandard release. The transfer is from the VHS era, and there are many splices and perhaps some missing footage. It was one of the Archive's earlier releases, circa 2009. It would be nice to...
  16. jdee28

    Fugitive comes to DVD in a 33 disc set on Nov. 1st 2011

    Wow, part of me is surprised, but then again, part of me isn't. I guess it just shows that this complete series box craze that CBS/Paramount has been on is all about dumping pre-existing discs. It pretty much confirms not to expect any corrections to past mistakes in these sets, such as a...
  17. jdee28

    Rawhide complete series box 5/12/15

    I posted a review on amazon about the unremastered season 4. Hopefully it'll get more people aware of the situation.
  18. jdee28

    Rawhide complete series box 5/12/15

    Indications are they are not going to remaster Season 4. You might want to write to Paramount, or post on Amazon, or write to tvshowsondvd.com or other sites. Maybe that will get CBS/Paramount's attention and they'll do something about Season 4, not to mention Season 1.
  19. jdee28

    Warner Archive Discussion Thread (The Announcements/The Films)

    Any exchanges for those who had the initial release with the old transfer?
  20. jdee28

    Status of Fox, Universal and Sony MOD programs

    Add to that Warner's retiring the Warner Archive site. It's looking like the MOD bubble has burst.
  21. jdee28

    Rawhide complete series box 5/12/15

    I always thought it was grossly misleading to sell Rawhide as the Clint Eastwood Show. Eastwood is incredibly green in it and is nothing like the screen persona he adapts in most of his later movies. I wonder what people who fall for that sales pitch think after seeing a few episodes. If CBS...
  22. jdee28

    Rawhide complete series box 5/12/15

    VHS would look better than the Season 4 prints and some of the ones they used for Season 1. They did fix Hawaii Five-O Season 10, but not specifically for their complete series box set. Those episodes were already streaming beforehand on Amazon remastered. It was only after they were made...
  23. jdee28

    Rawhide complete series box 5/12/15

    I really hope that CBS/Paramount takes the time to remaster seasons 1 and 4, especially season 4, it looks horrible!!
  24. jdee28

    Warner Archive Discussion Thread (FEEDBACK)

    A rather disappointing transfer for the John Garfield film Dust Be My Destiny (1939). It was my first time seeing it. It was also a rather disappointing film, pretty formulaic.
  25. jdee28

    Mr. Ed -- The Complete Series

    Word is the Season 1 episodes will be uncut. Here's hoping!
  26. jdee28


    That's strange. I have the 2008 release from Virgil Films, and both those episodes are uncut, clocking in at over 25 minutes. Hope MPI can fix this.
  27. jdee28

    Is the b&w era of TV on DVD slowly coming to an end?

    If they've run out of new b/w releases, they can always re-release Have Gun -- Will Travel Seasons 1-3 and Rawhide Seasons 1 and 4, only this time digitally remastered. I've been revisiting those releases lately, and their picture quality is quite pitiful, even on a SD TV. Gunsmoke so far has...
  28. jdee28

    Mr. Ed -- The Complete Series

    Here's hoping Shout fixes the first season.
  29. jdee28

    CBS Status Report

    Great news on Gunsmoke! It's amazing that all the black and white seasons will be on DVD! I never thought they'd get this far! I hope they do the color seasons next! Judging from what runs on TV Land, those episodes could really use a remastering.
  30. jdee28

    The Classic titles of Paramount owned by Universal

    TCM is airing another "rare," or at least not on DVD, Paramount film tonight at 10pm: Skylark (1941) with Claudette Colbert and Ray Milland.