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  1. Dalton

    DVI-->HDMI Adapter Question

    Is there any disadvantage picture qualitywise to using a DVI-->HDMI adapter? Will i get the same picture quality as with a straight HDMI cable? I have been using a DVI-->HDMI cable because i don't have HDMI on my Samsung HLN617W. I am upgrading soon and was wondering if using the adapter would...
  2. Dalton

    Good DIVX/XVID to MPEG Converter

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a good DIVX/XVID to MPEG converter program? I have some video i would like to put on DVD's to watch on a regular dvd player. Thanks, Dalton
  3. Dalton

    Anyone Replace Their CableBox W/ HD Tivo Box

    Has anyone bought the $299 Tivo HD Receiver to replace their HD Cable DVR Box? Is it worth it? I know i have to get a cable card from my cable company but it beats paying to rent the box every month right? Any help/ advice greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dalton
  4. Dalton

    Vista: 32 Bit or 64 Bit?

    What are the advantages of the 64 bit over the 32 bit? Also i assume the 64 bit is backwards compatible with 32 bit software? Thanks, Dalton
  5. Dalton

    FS: Oppo Digital DV-970HD DVD Player

    This upconverting DVD Player is in like new condition with less than 10 hours use. I bought a Toshiba HD-DVD player and also have an HTPC so i really don't need this. I bought it right when they came out. Feel free to check my ebay feedback under my username dalton85. Price is $120 shipped...
  6. Dalton

    FS: Carver TFM-35x Amplifier

    I am selling an excellent condition Carver TFM-35x THX certified 2 channel amp. I bought it a couple of months ago but it no longer fits into my system plan. IT has the following Features and specifications: 250 watts per channel into 8 ohms 350 watts per channel into 4 ohms 700 watts...
  7. Dalton

    FS: Panasonic SA-XR55 Digital Amp Receiver

    This is the Silver version of the XR55. It is in like new condition and was purchased in January 06. It has the original box, manual, and acessories. Asking price is $200 shipped to CONUS. I am a good trader here and feel free to check my ebay feedback(username dalton85). Paypal prefered but MO...
  8. Dalton

    FS: Ascend 340Mains, 340 Center Channel

    Hi, I have some 340 mains for sale. They are in perfect working and excellent cosmetic condition. $425 obo I also have a 340C Center channel in perfect working condition. It has a minor ding(barely noticeable on the front). Asking $225 plus shipping. These speakers are the classic versions...
  9. Dalton

    FS: Yamaha DVD S2300 MK2

    This 20lb tank of a universal DVD player is in excellent shape with original box and manual. This unit went for $999 list when new. Looking for $350 shipped. Feel free to check my ebay feedback under my username dalton85. Product Info: http://www.yamaha.com/cgi-win/webcgi...00010DVD-S2300
  10. Dalton

    FS: Harman Kardon DPR 2005 Digital Amp Receiver

    Receiver is in excellent condition with original box. I actually have 2 remotes for this receiver and will include the extra one with the sale. I have excellent feedback on ebay under my username dalton85. I am also a good trader here on the forum. Asking price is $500 shipped. I'm looking to...
  11. Dalton

    FS: B&K ST1430 Series II - 3 Ch. Power Amp

    I had this up for sale a few months back but decided to keep it. I have since bought a 5 channel B&K amp and no longer need this one. It is rated at 125w x 3 into 8 ohms and 185w X 3 into 4 ohms. Excellent working condition and great cosmetic condition. Feel free to check my ebay feedback(160...
  12. Dalton

    FS: Star Wars Episode 3 For Xbox

    This is my son's game. He has beaten it so he won't play it again. It is in perfect condition. I am not interested in trades since i don't play Xbox. Asking price is $35 shipped. I am a good trader here on the forum and have excellent feedback on ebay under my username dalton85. Mo or Paypal...
  13. Dalton

    For Sale: Samsung HD841 DVD Player

    I bought this player refurb but it is in new condition. It has less than 2 hrs use. This player upconverts to 720p/1080iHD through the DVI output. I got a Yamaha S1500 at the same time and since my use is for audio only(i use HTPC for movies) I am keeping the Yammy. I just want to get close to...
  14. Dalton

    FS: Pioneer 1014

    Well i am selling my speakers and i am upgrading my receiver as well. Just picked up a new HK so my 1014 is for sale. It is in superb condition with the original box. Asking price is $275 shipped. Feel free to check my ebay feedback under my username dalton85. I am also a good trader here on the...
  15. Dalton

    F/S: Axiom Speakers

    I am offering my Axiom speaker set for sale. It consists of the following speakers: Axiom M22 bookshelves SOLD - They are in perfect condition and never abused. Finish is Boston Cherry. Asking price is $300 plus shipping. This is well below current retail. Axiom VP150 Center SOLD - Perfect...
  16. Dalton

    F/S: Denon DVD1600

    I am offering my Denon DVD1600 for sale since i now have a 2900 universal unit. It plays excellent with the only issue is that some discs are sometimes slow to load. Other than that the unit performs fine and comes with the original box, manual, and remote. I bought this unit at Tweeter for $435...
  17. Dalton

    F/S: Kenwood VRS-7100 Digital Receiver

    I am offering my Kenwood VRS 7100 Digital amp receiver for sale. Unit is in like new condition with very low hours on it. I ended up going with the much more expensive Harman Kardon DPR 2005 due to some features i wanted. The Kenwood was very close in sound quality for a lot less $$$. Info on...
  18. Dalton

    F/S: XBOX System w/5Games & HD Pack

    I am selling my Xbox system because i just don't have time to play it with the new baby and work( i barely even get to enjoy my new Projector!). It is in excellent condition w/ very low usage. I am including 2 controllers, the Xbox HD pack, and the following 5 games: 1. Baldur's Gate 2...
  19. Dalton

    Yamaha RXV 1400 F/S *Mint*

    I am offering my Yamaha RXV1400 receiver up for sale. I have used this receiver in my bedroom system for the last 8 months. It has never been pushed hard or abused. I actually used it as a pre-amp for most of it's life. The amp section has less than 200hrs on it. It doesn't have the ProLogic IIx...
  20. Dalton

    FS: Outlaw 950 Pre/Pro & Outlaw 750 Amp

    Mint condition Outlaw 950/750 combo. The 750 is 165watts x 5 @ 8ohms. These units work perfectly. The 950 Pre/Pro comes with the original box and the 750 will be well boxed. Feel free to check my ebay feedback under my username dalton85. I have also made several transactions here on the forum...
  21. Dalton

    SACD's F/S

    I no longer have a SACD player nor do i anticipate getting one anytime in the near future so i am offering my SACD's for sale. I have the following titles available: Pink Floyd - DSOTM $10SOLD The Police - Every Breath You Take - $12SOLD The Film Music of Jerry Goldsmith - $12SOLD The...
  22. Dalton

    Windows Media Player Question

    I built a new HTPC last week and everything came out great for the most part. I installed Windows XP Home on it and started watching some WMHD. Excellent. My "problem" started when i updated to the newest version of WMP9. Before i updated it it would play fullscreen mode fine. The player contols...
  23. Dalton

    More Computer Parts F/S

    I have a couple of more PC parts for sale: Western Digital 40GB Hard Drive - $35 shipped Belkin 11mbps Wireless PCI Network Card - $25 shipped Mo or Paypal(prefered) accepted. Feel free to check my ebay feedback under my username dalton85. I am also a good trader here at the forum...
  24. Dalton

    WinDVD Users Help me get DD/DTS Passthrough

    Well i don't know what i am doing wrong but i can't seem to get digital passthrough to work w/WinDVD. It work fine with my older PowerDVD XP but the picture quality is lousy compared to WinDVD. I have my soundcard set to digital output(Audigy2) and the WinDVD audio setting is set for digital but...
  25. Dalton

    Help! Can't Get Digital Passthrough For DD,DTS?

    Hi, I need some help. I just built my first HTPC and everything came out fine except I can't get my soundcard to pass DD or DTS to my receiver. I only have my sound hooked up through the versijack(does spdif) via a mini phono to phono plug to my receiver. I get analog sound fine but no digital...
  26. Dalton

    F/S: Various Computer Components

    I have some computer components that are in great condition that i have no use for. Feel free to check my ebay feedback under my username dalton85. I am also a good trader here on the forum. All prices include shipping. Pioneer 16x DVD-Rom drive - $15 SOLD 2 64MB sticks of PC100 Memory - $15...
  27. Dalton

    Can't Access slave Hard Drive on WinXP

    This is the second time this has happened to me with 2 different hard drives. I installed a 20GB HD as a slave to my 120GB drive. I have done this many times before with no problem(except a few months ago with a 40 gb drive i tried to install as a slave). Windows XP sees the drive and it shows...
  28. Dalton

    Building My First HTPC

    Well i am doing a total revamp of my HT Video system(upgraded audio a few months back). I just ordered a DLP projector(Benq pb6200) and decided to demote my Pioneer 563 to DVD Audio/SACD duties. I have been building my own computers for a few years now and decided i would build my first HTPC. I...
  29. Dalton

    BenQ PB6200 or Panasonic PT-L300U?

    I have been flip flopping back and forth between these 2 projectors for the last 2 weeks and still don't know which one i want. Here are my setup conditions: 1. Projector will be between 11-12' from the screen(both units are short throw so thats no problem) 2. Seating will be about 10 ft...
  30. Dalton

    HD Cable With HTPC?

    Hi Everyone, I am about to setup my first projector/htpc and had a question about my HD Cable box. Is there a way to run my HD cable through the HTPC and back out to the HD cable box? I only have one vga input on the projector(BenQ PB 6200)and want to avoid using a vga switcher. Also i think...