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  1. Michael*K

    Washington Post E-Mail Halted After Missed Payment

    Wonder who's head is going to roll after this fiasco: Expired Domain Disrupts E-Mail at Post A story about the subject in the New York Times notes that Post employees were told yesterday to set up Yahoo mail accounts in order to communicate. :laugh:
  2. Michael*K

    Lassie Goes Matrix

    I didn't watch the Golden Globes, but I heard enough people talking about the new GE commercial with Lassie that I had to track it down. Here it is in Real Media format.
  3. Michael*K

    Best deal on a sub-notebook?

    Any opinions on which manufacturer/retailer is offering the best bang for the buck these days on sub-notebooks? Just something my mom can bring back and forth between home and school every day. Doesn't have to have eye-popping specs, as I imagine it is only going to be used primarily for Net...
  4. Michael*K

    Mortgage Payment Jumps 27%

    It's that time of the year when my mortgage company sends out the annual escrow disclosure statements. I was kind of bracing myself when some of my friends and family in the area said their mortgage payments were going up next year. Still, I was floored when I opened my disclosure statement and...
  5. Michael*K

    Anyone bank with State Farm?

    In reviewing my monthly bank statement, I was pretty shocked how little in interest my bank's savings account is paying. Most of my investments are tied up in mutual funds, which I keep a close eye on. But I keep a smaller savings account too...money I could access easily in case of an...
  6. Michael*K

    Ah...new PowerBooks

    FINALLY I can replace my aging PowerBook with a new one as the re-designed 15-inch models made they're long awaited debut in Paris today. And for those that haven't heard, Apple also released a Bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse as well. :emoji_thumbsup:
  7. Michael*K

    Thunderbirds Jet Crashes at Air Show

    A jet from the U.S. Air Force's precision flying team crashed at an air show in Idaho this afternoon. The pilot ejected safely and was reportedly waving to spectators after gliding down in his parachute.
  8. Michael*K

    SFO or OAK?

    Coming out to San Francisco on business in two weeks. I'll be staying downtown. I have the choice of flying into either SFO or OAK. Which provides the easier or quicker commute to the financial district?
  9. Michael*K

    First Shrek 2 Teaser (merged)

    Actually, it's a print teaser. A full page ad in today's New York Times advertising the movie's release a year from today. I've seen some early teaser trailers, but this is the first time I recall a print teaser in a non-industry publication this far in advance.
  10. Michael*K

    Anyone Have the Tivo Home Media Option?

    The number one reason I've held back on getting a Tivo was lack of wireless broadband support (yeah, yeah...I know there's hacks.) Has anyone tried the wireless hookup with the home media option? Just curious about how reliable it's been for regular updating and remote scheduling.
  11. Michael*K

    Air Cleaners: Recommendations?

    I'm sick and tired of always having to dust in my house. I get dust constantly on all of my table tops and other furniture. And my Wega is a veritable dust magnet. I can kick myself for not getting a whole house air cleaner when I got my furnace and a/c replaced four years ago, but that's water...
  12. Michael*K

    What to Do in Tampa/St. Pete?

    I'm going to be in Tampa/St. Pete for six days next month and have no idea what to see or do. The only certainty is that we're shooting over to Orlando one night to see Cirque Du Soleil and go to Pleasure Island. Other than that, the board's clear. Any recommendations on what to do during the...
  13. Michael*K

    Time For a Robust Political Discussion...

    April Fool's! :laugh:
  14. Michael*K

    Wonder Woman Turns Chic

    She never looked this hot when I was a kid. Well, Lynda Carter did... Wonder Woman's makeover
  15. Michael*K

    Tobey Maguire Possibly Out for Spider-Man Sequel

    According to Variety, Tobey Maguire may miss the sequel to Spider-Man due to a bad back. Reports are that he could be replaced by Jake Gyllenhaal. Too bad. I like Gyllenhaal, but I thought Maguire did a pretty nice job in the Parker/Spidey role. Production on the sequel was set to start April 12.
  16. Michael*K

    Anyone concerned about SARS?

    Or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome? The mysterious illness that has been spreading rapidly worldwide. Kinda scary that they haven't been able to isolate the bacteria or virus that's causing it and it is not responding to antibiotics.
  17. Michael*K

    Thinking of switching cellular service...

    The array of choices is pretty daunting. Which carrier, which plan, which phone... Are there any cellular service advocacy sites that operates like DSL Reports, sort of like a clearinghouse for consumer feedback?
  18. Michael*K

    Anyone know about treatment for brain aneurysms?

    Just found out that my aunt is hospitalized at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore with a brain aneurysm. Apparently she's conscious, lucid and talking in the ICU, but with no phones, I'm unable to talk to her. With no family within 700 miles of there, I'm flying out Monday a.m. to spend time at the...
  19. Michael*K

    "The Right Stuff" Any chance of an SE?

    Just got done reading Ebert's article on this film in his "Great Movies" column and I think that term aptly applies to this film. It's been 20 years since it was released and I still consider it one of the finest dramas ever put on the screen. Any chance Warner might release the film as a...
  20. Michael*K

    Theater Chains Sued for Running Too Many Commercials

    Two lawsuits have been filed in the Chicago area claiming moviegoers are being defrauded by having to sit through up to ten minutes of commercials prior to films. Plaintiffs are asking for damages of up to $75 per patron. Seems kinda frivolous, but I agree the pre-show commercials are getting a...
  21. Michael*K

    DVI...max cable length?

    What's the maximum cable length for DVI? I thought it was 5 meters, but I've seen places selling cables 30 feet and longer. Any DVI primers out there?
  22. Michael*K

    Need a vacation: Florida, Carribean, or Mexico?

    I'm in the midst of an unbelievably stressful upgrade at work and when I'm done, I'm really going to be in dire need of a vacation. I've tossed about a few ideas with my girlfriend, but we can't decide on Mexico, the Carribean or Florida. Neither one of us has ever been to Mexico or the...
  23. Michael*K

    AOL loses a staggering $100 BILLION

    In a corporate freefall that's difficult to grasp, AOL Time Warner announced today that it lost nearly $100 billion dollars last year. The news resulted in the resignation of Ted Turner and cemented the notion that the union of AOL and Time Warner two years ago was due to become a monumental...
  24. Michael*K

    R.I.P. Richard Crenna

    Passed away yesterday at 76. He was one of my favorite character actors.
  25. Michael*K

    Nice Tivo article in NY Times

    There was a nice article in today's New York Times today about forthcoming upgrades available for Tivo Series 2 boxes. Read the article, but you'll have to login (free registration) first.
  26. Michael*K

    Director George Roy Hill Dead at 81

    George Roy Hill dead at 81
  27. Michael*K

    Mel Gibson returning for fourth "Mad Max" film

    According to Variety.
  28. Michael*K

    So where's the chat transcript?

    Clicked on the homepage link to the John Badham chat transcript. It brings me to the chat transcript page, but the Badham one isn't there yet. Is it forthcoming?
  29. Michael*K

    To all guys using laptops

    Might want to invest in some NOMEX® pants. Ouch!
  30. Michael*K

    Remember "The Play" 20 years later?

    Even though it happened long before there was wall-to-wall sports coverage, I can still recall the final play of the Cal/Stanford game like it was yesterday.