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  1. Paul Jenkins

    older Toshiba TheaterView free to a good home in Dallas

    I replaced my Toshiba 50" widescreen with a new Sony HDTV and while taking it down from the perch to put upstairs, went through the screen (whoops!). In reality, I just went through the screen protector, but it also caused the TV to not work anymore. So, if anyone wants to get it, it is yours...
  2. Paul Jenkins

    Portman Talks Leon 2

    http://www.empireonline.co.uk/news/news.asp?story=5256 loved "The Professional" as they call it here and am looking forward to the next installment...
  3. Paul Jenkins

    Harmon Kardon AVR 10

    Stereo surround receiver, was in use as my rear surround (see my VS-1.2a speaker ad :)) $30 + shipping OBO PayPal Preferred. Paul
  4. Paul Jenkins

    Fs: Nht Vs-1.2a

    Was in use as my rear-center surround, very light use, looks great. Black. $75 obo + shipping. I have the box around somewhere :) PayPal preferred.
  5. Paul Jenkins

    A Walk on the Moon ending question...

    ok, so DirecTV goes out due to a large storm tonight in DFW and I miss the last 15 minutes of this movie. Not a great flick, but I was still watching, and now don't know what happens! Checking Tivo I see it isn't playing again soon, so I thought I'd see if anyone remembers the ending. The...
  6. Paul Jenkins

    Radeon 7500 w/DVI Output $50 shipped

    POWERCOLOR ATI RADEON 7500 64MB SDR DVI+TV+CRT AGP RETAIL Specifications: Chipset:Powered By ATI, RADEON 7500 Memory:64MB SDR Core/SDR memory clock @230Mhz/170Mhz AGP universal bus (for AGP 2X/4X systems) Supports 3D resolutions (32-bit color) up to 2048x1536 3D Features: CHARISMA...
  7. Paul Jenkins

    4 redone theater seats + parts $200 obo

    Wife wanted to go with all chairs, so I'm selling my row of theater seats that I redid about a year ago. They are repainted and recovered, and there are 4, 3 are 21" wide, one is 22" wide. I also have additional parts from 2 other chairs that would come with them if you want...
  8. Paul Jenkins

    da ali g show.

    my god i haven't laughed that hard in a long while... anyone else catch this show? he interviewed boutrous boutrous gali and toured the UN, I have a sideache :)
  9. Paul Jenkins

    Cowboys dumping Carter for Hutchinson...

    Local DFW radio announcing that the Cowboys are switching QBs in about an hour.. Thoughts? Personally, I'm for it, not a Quincy Carter fan, doesn't seem like he throws the ball real well, doesn't scramble/run as well as they claimed he would, and commands the 31st ranked offense. Not sure...
  10. Paul Jenkins

    The Wire - 8/11

    Wow, best episode to date. Didn't see * * * (WARNING: Spoiler below!) * * * * * * * * Greggs getting killed as part of the plotline at all. A real shocker for me. The Omar scenes were top notch again, but I hope that him going to NY is temporary . Things should continue to heat...
  11. Paul Jenkins

    Sony DDS-4 Tape Drive SDT-11000/PB

    Well, not exactly home theater related, but I bought this tape backup system for my HTPC and decided that it was overkill given my small setup and lack of data [doh!]. If this is not appropriate here mods, feel free to close.. Anyway, I have a Sony DDS-4 Tape Drive PCBackerII SDT-11000/PB...
  12. Paul Jenkins

    Hard Knocks

    Did anyone catch this tonight? Great show about my team! I've always liked Joe Alvazano, now I know why, he cracks me up..
  13. Paul Jenkins

    The Wire - 7/28

    Man this show is really good now :) One thing I missed that perhaps someone can fill in. When Omar pops Stink, how did he know where he would be? Did I miss that? It seemed like he knew exactly where to be when they went to pop that other guy... Love the scene with McNulty's partner at...
  14. Paul Jenkins

    Personal Chapter 7 Experences

    Interested in comments from those that have gone, or are considering, going through it. I'm not interested in a discussion on credit counseling, or debt management or anything else related to that, but comments only towards Chapter 7 *personal* bankruptcy and what your experiences have been...
  15. Paul Jenkins

    The Wire - 7/7

    This series just keeps getting better. But it looked like it isn't on next week? It said a new episode July 21st, anyone know what is up with that??
  16. Paul Jenkins

    The Wire - 6/16

    I know a lot of people aren't watching after the first episode, but I think the show is hitting a nice stride, Episode 3 was a good one, and set the stage for the rest of the series to really pick up steam. Am I alone in watching this ? :)
  17. Paul Jenkins

    The Wire - 6/9

    I liked the second episode much more than the first. It doesn't seem like it will be much more than a typical crime drama, but last night made me want to continue watching it. Much better than the first episode...
  18. Paul Jenkins

    Six Feet Under 5/12/02

    Really enjoyed last night's Six Feet Under. Nate finally comes clean to Brenda, I see her having to come clean to him by the final episode (only 2 left :frowning:) I like that David is starting to mature in his relationship and dealings with people, the way he handled the lady suing Fisher and...
  19. Paul Jenkins

    Six Feet Under - 3/17/02

    Great episode, as usual. Does Gabriel taking the cell phone from Claire and her touching/fingerprinting the gun set her up for a fun time with the police? I know Keith means well, but could she be walking into trouble?? The storyline with Brenda is working out nicely as well, I like how they...
  20. Paul Jenkins

    XBox controller extension works great...

    http://www.gamestop.com/product.asp?product_id=801379 works great, now I can play on my main couch :) enjoy, paul
  21. Paul Jenkins

    XBox controller extension delayed...

    received this the other day:
  22. Paul Jenkins

    FS: Channel Master 6328IFD 3x8 Multiswitch (powered)

    Channel Master 6328IFD Multiswitch http://www.channelmaster.com/pages/mul.htm 3x8 powered multiswitch for DirecTV. Used 6 months, works great. MSRP $199.95, sells for $158.08 at starkelectronics, asking $50obo + shipping. PayPal only. Thanks! Paul
  23. Paul Jenkins

    Sony to Sell Linux Kits for Playstation 2

    Interesting, considering all the PS2 lovers always claim the XBox is just a PC gaming system :) http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/2002...inux_dc_1.html
  24. Paul Jenkins

    Oz - 1/27/02 ending...

    Did anyone else catch Oz ? Great show as usual, but was anyone else a bit disturbed by the ending where they killed the new Muslim with a boxcutter? That scene is still stuck in my head, reminds me of the scene in Saving Private Ryan with the German killing the American slowly with the...
  25. Paul Jenkins

    UTV going away....

    Microsoft to cut TV jobs? By Tiffany Kary Staff Writer, CNET News.com January 22, 2002, 6:30 AM PT Microsoft plans to restructure its troubled television business in a move that will entail the cutting of about 168 jobs, according to a report Tuesday. Microsoft's television unit...
  26. Paul Jenkins

    Ed - better now?

    Anyone watch Ed still? We think it has gotten better since they started downplaying the Ed/Carol thing a bit and focused more on other areas. Last Wednesday's episode with Dr Burton was a good one I thought. Although, the new theme song sucks... :)
  27. Paul Jenkins

    signature pictures... do we need them?

    I understand many like the signature concept, but is there any chance of limiting them to text only and only a certain length?? Many people have large graphics in their sigs, and reading a thread with many of their posts is downright annoying. Am I the lone person with this issue? :)
  28. Paul Jenkins

    Lord of the Rings vs. Star Wars (Salon Magazine)

    Salon has an article that I found very, very interesting, and pretty much summed up my feelings of LOTR and Star Wars (well, FOTR and EpIV anyway.) Did anyone else see this? Perhaps a rebuttal from the Tolkien faithful on some of the writer's points? Cheers
  29. Paul Jenkins

    WSJ Article...

    I was contacted by the Wall Street Journal a few weeks ago from some posts I made here and on the local Dallas Home Theater Group's web site. They had the article come out today in the weekend section, W8, that was about home theaters. My kids picture is shown and a couple of quotes from me...
  30. Paul Jenkins

    Oz upcoming...

    Anyone else watch Oz on HBO? The new season is starting Sunday. I thought last seasons' final episode was great with the dud bomb and then the kitchen explosion! Rumor had it the minister is going to be found, alive. Any truth in that?? Cheers, Paul