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  1. Ushabye

    Issue with Sony UBP-X700 4K Bluray Player

    Every other piece of equipment I have from Iphone to Sonos speaker recognises the network as secured and asks for the password. I've never encountered this issue before, its perplexing.
  2. Ushabye

    Issue with Sony UBP-X700 4K Bluray Player

    I've tried to connect my new Sony UBP-X700 to my WIFI network. When I scan for available networks, my home network shows up. BUT for some reason the machine is insisting this network is not security protected (see photo). Because of this the player doesn't ask me to enter a password to connect...
  3. Ushabye

    A Clockwork Orange (1971)

    I suspect this is why: https://designmuseum.org/exhibitions/stanley-kubrick-the-exhibition
  4. Ushabye

    The Girl in the Spider's Web (2018)

    It hasn't opened in my part of the world yet, so I can't comment. But the novel is definitely a far slicker and less engaging affair than the original Stig Larsson trilogy. Despite all his books needing tighter editing and a fresh English translation, I couldn't put them down. Lizabeth is such...
  5. Ushabye

    DVD Review Filmworker: Stanley Kubrick's Unsung Assistant DVD Review

    Director Tony Zierra spent years tracking down and interviewing people who worked on EYES WIDE SHUT for a documentary about Kubrick's final film to be entitled SK13. At the very end of the process he encountered Leon Vitali. So mesmerized by this man's amazing story devoting his life to Kubrick...
  6. Ushabye

    California Split (1974)

    I never really understood gambling until I caught this film one night on TV after work. I changed channels and came across the hilarious car park mugging scene and stuck with it till the end, becoming one of my all time favorite pictures. We'll get a Bluray...eventually. And I hope it will...
  7. Ushabye

    Blu-ray Review Phantom Thread Blu-ray Review - Recommended

    I agree with everything in this review, except your take on THE MASTER, which I think still stands as Anderson's greatest picture to date. Having projected both films multiple times in 70mm helped colour my opinion. I haven't seen either on Bluray yet. I wonder if one plays better than the...
  8. Ushabye

    Monty Python -> Netflix

    In the new clip show MONTY PYTHON's BEST BITS I noticed they use the censored version of the 'Prince' animated segment, with the bizarrley inserted audio changing the word 'Cancer' to 'Gangrene'. I haven't had a chance to find the piece in the FLYING CIRCUS episode to see if it's still censored...
  9. Ushabye

    Physical Media might not be dead, but Physical Media in Retail Stores are accelerating the death

    I'm from Dublin, Ireland. And, ironically, pretty much the only shops left in the city with a physical selection of DVDs and Blurays, besides the cool shop at the Irish Film Institute, is Tower Records. There are actually two of them, one bang smack in the centre and another just across the...
  10. Ushabye

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Aspect Ratios

    The ITV channels are particularly guilty of this. Especially with the Bond movies. It's infuriating.
  11. Ushabye

    Are there any cases where streaming is better than physical release?

    Doesn't have to be if you create your own version. Though of course this isn't possible with every bluray.
  12. Ushabye

    Are there any cases where streaming is better than physical release?

    In my experience finding a streaming version that even equals the disc version is very rare. Most streaming versions don't include multiple audio tracks, to access the commentary, for example. Or even full uncompressed sound. I'm still making my own 'streaming editions' because of this.
  13. Ushabye

    Warner Archive Announces “Superman: The Movie” Extended Cut

    Are there scenes featured in the extended TV cut of SUPERMAN II that do not appear in the Bluray collection versions of the theatrical and Donner edit?
  14. Ushabye

    Wonderful cover for the extended Superman! Can you send me a download link? Many thanks...

    Wonderful cover for the extended Superman! Can you send me a download link? Many thanks! [email protected]
  15. Ushabye

    Stephen King's It (September 8, 2017)

    A massively underwhelming movie going experience. There wasn't one memorable or fresh moment of horror through out. Structured by the numbers, and all the adults seem like caricatures. In a word: disappointing.
  16. Ushabye

    North by Northwest

    *SPOILER BELOW* It also contains one of the greatest examples of screenwriting economics ever put to film: Hench man killed, bad guy arrested, girl saved, hero marries girl, they go on their honey moon, have sex. This all happens, convincingly, in the space of about five seconds.
  17. Ushabye

    UHD Review Alien: Covenant UHD Review

    This was my most frustrating trip to the cinema so far this year. Prometheus is a far more ambitious and satisfying picture than what Covenant turned out to be. It's a side-show of a story that abandons all the achievements of its predecessor. Its two greatest sins are its token messy fate of...
  18. Ushabye

    Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk - July 2017 (Shot in 70mm)

    Heads up! If there is no 70mm in your area, try if you can, at least for your first viewing, to see it in some form of IMAX. In a standard digital multiplex the DCP will be projected in 1:85 ratio with black bars. This is due the height of the filmed image. If the DCP is projected in Scope 2:39...
  19. Ushabye

    Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk - July 2017 (Shot in 70mm)

    Without a doubt the best film I've seen this year. I went in expecting spectacle and came out very emotional. It is a pure cinematic experience, free of artifice and digital garishness. The action is not sexed-up or exploitative, but it is none the less thrilling and edge of your seat...
  20. Ushabye

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Rogue One: A Stars Wars Story -- in Blu-ray

    I seem to be in the minority in finding this disappointing. Technically peerless to be sure, but ultimately disposable as I didn't care about any of these people at all, resulting in their fates carrying about as much weight as video game characters.
  21. Ushabye

    Plex Acquires Watchup, News Streaming Service

    Hi, many of my digital movie files are DTS only, and when I play them through PLEX, I tend to get lulls or buffering as it transcodes the DTS. I mostly use it on Apple TV. It's my understanding to avoid this I would have to produce PCM files of the movies. On the PLEX website: "Content with DTS...
  22. Ushabye

    Alien Covenant - WAS: Prometheus 2 incoming

    The extent of Noomi Repace role in this remains to be seen. Michael Fassbinder has dual roles, one being another android, called Walter, whom he his playing in the clip, which I really liked. Sure, not all of the crew will get equal screen time, but I'm far more optimistic that we'll actually...
  23. Ushabye

    The Cotton Club coming to blu-ray in new Director's Cut

    The version showing at the Berlinale is a 35mm print running at 125 minutes. IMDB: 127 min | 123 min (video) Wiki: 128 mins Plus there's no mention in the programme of it being a new director's cut, which I imagine is something they'd be shouting about if it was the case. At best it's likely a...
  24. Ushabye


    A film running for 4 years is an amazing concept. Time enough for at least two sequels and a spinoff. I was a projectionist in a multiplex for 9 years and the longest single run I had was 6 months: Bridget Jones Diary. The joins virtually fell apart in my hand when I packed it off. Even six...
  25. Ushabye

    Plex Acquires Watchup, News Streaming Service

    I wish they'd coughed up for a DTS licence instead. The re-encoding lag forced me to stop using Plex.
  26. Ushabye

    The Pink Panther Film Collection (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    A Shot In The Dark was an adaption of who-done-it stage play which Sellers had adapted to fit Clouseau by William Peter (Exorcist) Blatty of all people. It's his best performance as Clouseau by far. When the series returned the following decade it was generally structured around mostly...
  27. Ushabye

    Blu-ray Review Jason Bourne Blu-ray Review

    The mistake with JASON BOURNE is that if feels like the third film in a trilogy. The style, a whole series of climaxes. They really should've done an IDENTITY paced film, pulling you back into Bourne's world years later. Instead we get a sort of inferior ULTIMATUM in which Alica Vikander is...
  28. Ushabye

    Citizen Kane 75th Anniversary (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    I finally saw Citizen Kane in 1989 when I had just turned 18. It was one of those 'old chestnut' titles I'd heard much of my life as an example of one of the best films ever made (up to that point, the only clip I'd ever seen was Kane thrashing the room) and my dad would always remind me when...
  29. Ushabye

    Blu-ray Review Theatre of Blood Blu-ray Review

    I understand! I turned off the commentary on Dog Soldiers for the same reason. I think the cast were in the pub before hand and laughed loudly at everything, which quickly became intolerable.
  30. Ushabye

    Blu-ray Review Chimes at Midnight Blu-ray Review

    I went to see him speak on Welles in Dublin last year. The fourth book isn't even the last one! Callow is a brilliant actor and speaker. He's never off the stage in England, writing his Welles' biographies mostly in the dressing rooms of theaters. My favourite role of his is Mr. Beebe in 'A Room...