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  1. Henry Carmona

    WTB - Tweeter For PSB 4T

    My old 4T tweeter went out and so i thought id ask if anyone had a replacement, maybe an old 4T or similar that isnt working but has a good tweeter. Tweeter has PN in back: 945010 TW1-2AN/P Its circular with 4 screw holes Thanks [email protected]
  2. Henry Carmona

    Seeking Advice From A Real Estate Lawyer

    Fiance's stepfather and his mother are trying to do a "good deed" and sell off my fiance's late mother's home in Minnesota for her and her brothers. Something seems a bit fishy though and i have some questions.
  3. Henry Carmona

    Ginormous Private Residence Swimming Pool

    Largest Home owner pool
  4. Henry Carmona

    Conquer Cancer Home Theater Forum Team

    Hello all Some of you may remember a while back i started a United Devices Cancer Research Team with the blessing of Parker and Ronald. We had a fair number of Home Theater Forum members sign up and donate free PC time for this great cause. That program has ended and the results are...
  5. Henry Carmona

    The Host (Gwoemul) ??

    Couldnt find anything about this movie other than its very limited release :frowning: Does anyone have any info? I even saw a DVD set online (region 3) for sale. Is this thing already on DVD for US release? Is there going to be a wider release in theaters? Did i miss the boat, lol :)
  6. Henry Carmona

    HELP- Dire Straits DVD-A Wont Play :(

    Just purchased the Dire Straits: Brothers In Arms DVD-A/DD 5.1/CD and i cant get ANYTHING out of the 5.1 Surround MLP option. Does anyone know what im doing wrong or is this not DVD-A? The back of the CD case has the DVD-A icon, and the only reason i purchased was due to a review in S&V...
  7. Henry Carmona

    Future Sonics Earphones For iPod

    Just wanted to give a big thumbs up to Future Sonics for creating a great set of earphones/earbuds. I orderd these from Future Sonics for right under $100 as they are currently on sale. I dont have all that much experience with portable music devices or headphones. But i had tested 3...
  8. Henry Carmona

    Soldiers Found In Philippines

    Pretty crazy http://www.abc.net.au/news/newsitems...5/s1378815.htm
  9. Henry Carmona

    Leerrrroooyyyyyyy Jeeennnnkkinnsssss!

    This is a bit old, but nontheless HILARIOUS. This is from the game World Of Warcraft. Theyre getting all set to go in cuz Leroy needs some armor from one of the bosses in there, but he just ends up screwing it up. http://flame.tiefighter.org/WoW/1115793473.wmv
  10. Henry Carmona

    MP3 or OGG?

    Ive done some searching and it seems that ogg files are superior to MP3's. However, id like to know if there are any portable music players that offer ogg capabilities? How many of you encode in ogg? Ive always used LAME for my MP3 encoding and love it, however im always up for learning...
  11. Henry Carmona

    Radar Detectors, Speeding Tickets, etc.

    Anyone have any experience with Veil or other Radar Detectors? What do you use? I found this cool video: http://www.kc8unj.com/radar/veil-blinderfinal.wmv http://www.laserveil.com/
  12. Henry Carmona

    Girls Gone Grabbin!

  13. Henry Carmona

    World Of Warcraft

    Been playing for about a month or so, LOVE IT :) Anyone one else playing, what server? Name? I play on Feathermoon, and Proudmoore as member of TOG (the older gamers). Currently playing on the new server, Sky... something, forgot the name :) Have a Dwarf Priest on there. Heres a pic...
  14. Henry Carmona

    Sinus Surgery-Anyone?

    Was wondering if anyone has had any sinus surgery for a deviated septum. Did you guys have bad allergies/breathing problems? How was the surgery? How long has it been and have there been any side effects or problems? THanks!
  15. Henry Carmona

    A Little Bit Stuck In The Snow

    OK, i did a search and couldn find it so if its already been posted, my bad :) CLICK
  16. Henry Carmona

    Free DTS Download

    I couldnt find info when i made a search, so maybe some of you would like to know that Swedish Radio provides some free DD/DTS/DTS-ES downloads of some "interesting" music :) I say "interesting" cuz im not very familiar with that type of music. They do provide some clips of famous composers...
  17. Henry Carmona

    Anyone ever hear of Michael Elliot?

    This cat has a website (911review.org) and its so unbelieveable! Whats the word on this looney? http://911review.org/index.shtml
  18. Henry Carmona

    Anyone Up Late? Need Help With Chemistry :)

    How do i figure this: Calculate the number of oxygen atoms in 29.34 grams of sodium sulfate, Na2SO4? I hate chemistry :) Anyway, Na=22.99 S=32.07 & O=16.00 I know that if it was just asking how many atoms in 1 mole i could just multiply Oxygen by 4 correct? That is...
  19. Henry Carmona

    Optical Illusions

    The best one is at the end! CLICK
  20. Henry Carmona

    Eclipse GSX vs. M3 (must see)

    OMG!! :D Pt.I Pt.II
  21. Henry Carmona

    Are People Really This STUPID?

    I dont think id believed it if i hadnt seen it :) http://www.public.iastate.edu/~tschrage/demo3.wmv
  22. Henry Carmona

    Recommend A Good Daily Vitamin

    Anyone take any daily vitamins? There are friggin hundreds available, has anyone read anything about which are really worth buying/taking? Thanks!
  23. Henry Carmona

    Looking For A Used Car In Houston

    Hi, A buddy is looking for a small car in or around Houston, TX Budget is $3000, somthing like a 93 Civic or similar. If anyone knows anyone, plz let me know thanks :) [email protected] :)
  24. Henry Carmona

    Holy %&*@ Is This Real? : Part II

    This is just too weird! Scroll to the bottom and click on "Highly Illogical" & "I Walk The Line" CLICK
  25. Henry Carmona

    Holy %&*@ Is This Real?

    No friggin way! http://robpongi.com/pages/comboMOKINHI.html
  26. Henry Carmona

    Ahh PETA :)

    quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nancy Owen, owner of Alegra's Bridal and Invitations, said she was told she could not exterminate her ants. Instead she'd have to relocate them. "I couldn't believe my ears. I thought I was mishearing...
  27. Henry Carmona

    Digital Camera For Sale

    Actually, i just thought this was a funny sale :)
  28. Henry Carmona

    Loch Ness Video

    Dont know if any of you have seen it, but this video was taken in April of this year. No one really knows what has been captured on video here, but its fun to look at :) Video Take the poll here
  29. Henry Carmona

    De La Hoya Was Robbed!

    I cannot believe boxing anymore! Yeah im a De La Hoya fan, but believe me when i say that this decision was unbelievable! Even Mosley was surprised he won!!!
  30. Henry Carmona

    Matrix Ping Pong

    OMG!! This is too CRAZY!! http://www.drunkstunts.com/videos/07..._ping_pong.wmv