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  1. Dave Falasco

    What happened to LCVG?

    Derrik, Cameron is just being his usual wiseass self...you may know him better as "Starhawk" on LCVG. He quite enjoys "punking" people and is currently facing litigation for crossing the line in a recent incident with a former friend.
  2. Dave Falasco

    What happened to LCVG?

    Why the heck did it take me this long to check the HTF for info? And here I simply assumed you guys had banned my IP. :) Get well soon, LCVG!
  3. Dave Falasco

    The Da Vinci code

    Except that it's infinitely more readable for the average person. I loved "The Name of the Rose", but damn, Umberto is tough to read sometimes. And "Focault's Pendulum" is exhibit A for that statement.
  4. Dave Falasco

    The Da Vinci code

    Hmm, I just finished Angels and Demons and I was disappointed by it. I thought it wasn't nearly as well-written as The DaVinci Code. Both books were enjoyable, but I felt the second one was much stronger and better written. Probably because it had a far less sci-fi premise. Not that I have...
  5. Dave Falasco

    Beyond Good & Evil...Wow!

    Personally I like playing as a female character, because then I get to tell THEM what to do for a change. In stark contrast to my real-life... :frowning: (kidding, of course)...(er, kinda) :)
  6. Dave Falasco

    completed PGR2 Kudos World Series on platinum!

    I didn't think even that kid robot from D.A.R.Y.L. could beat this game on all platinums. Kudos to you! :D
  7. Dave Falasco

    definition of the "izzles"....

    I think the rule is, if you have to ask, you probably shouldn't be using such terminology. :) Actually, you can probably glean some of the rules by watching an episode of "Doggy Fizzle Televizzle" or whatever it is on MTV. Regards, Dizzle Falizzle
  8. Dave Falasco

    HBO's "Carnivale" (SPOILERS!)

    That theory also fits in with the title sequence, with various scenes and people from the Great Depression morphing into Tarot cards. I think you're really got something there...
  9. Dave Falasco

    Movies you mark your life by

    The Breakfast Club--my first date (I think I was 12 at the time). The Three Amigos--the first date with the girl who would eventually become my wife. Ghost in the Shell--first anime I ever saw, and the beginning of my obsession infatuation with anime. Ferris Bueller's Day Off--a bunch...
  10. Dave Falasco

    2003-2004 NCAA Hoops Starts Tonight!

    I knew I could count on you, Ralph. UC is going to be loaded this year, both on the men's and women's side. Should be a fun ride...oh, and check out the front page of espn.com for a nice little feature on both programs.
  11. Dave Falasco

    Titanic (1997) has greatest ending of all time, according to new survey.

    Oh, is that what he was referring to? I never paid too much attention to the Fred Savage parts of the movie because he irritates me so much.
  12. Dave Falasco

    Charcoal or Gas Grill?

    I've seen Weber grills at Home Depot and Sears, although they may not be displayed at present due to seasonal changes. You can also find Weber grills at many home and garden stores (i.e. stores where you would buy things like outdoor plants, mulch, etc.) I think Lowe's had Weber grills as...
  13. Dave Falasco

    Charcoal or Gas Grill?

    There is a gas/charcoal grill out there, though. I think it's made by Thermos? I used to see ads for it quite often, where a guy was taking his grill out for a walk, and two girls came over to pet it as if it was a dog. Can't find a link for it, but here is one by Char-broil. No idea if...
  14. Dave Falasco

    Titanic (1997) has greatest ending of all time, according to new survey.

    Princess Bride ending: Buttercup and Humperdink get rushed through a bogus "mawage" and Buttercup rushes to her room afterwards, resolving to kill herself. Wesley, having recently been revived from being "mostly dead" by Miracle Max, reclines on Buttercup's bed, and stops her as she is about...
  15. Dave Falasco

    Charcoal or Gas Grill?

    Don't forget to poke holes in the top of your smoker pouch to let that delicious, delicious smoke out. :)
  16. Dave Falasco

    Charcoal or Gas Grill?

    I disagree with that as well. Cooking over an open flame, no matter what the source, is quite different from cooking "in the kitchen" (unless of course you have an indoor barbeque or something). I will concede that charcoal grilled food tastes better, but again it comes down to that classic...
  17. Dave Falasco

    Charcoal or Gas Grill?

    Thanks, man, that sounds delicious! The Weber I have has some pretty thick grates on it as well (the gas grill, anyway), but the charcoal one I mentioned picking up on the cheap has flimsy wire grates and those I would worry about fish falling through. A friend of mine wraps his fish in...
  18. Dave Falasco

    Charcoal or Gas Grill?

    Sounds good, David...could you elaborate just a bit about the heat, though? Does fish cook over high heat like most boneless meats? Or would a medium heat be better? And how do you prevent it from sticking to/falling through the grates? Tin foil? Fish basket? I'm anxious to add fish to my...
  19. Dave Falasco

    Charcoal or Gas Grill?

    As has been previously noted, it's really a matter of convenience versus taste. I agree that charcoal-cooked food tastes better, but as many other people noted, the ability to come home, spin a dial, and be cooking in five minutes is great. For me, it's made the difference between cooking out...
  20. Dave Falasco

    Which of these discounted HT magazines should I get?

    I got a gift subscription to S&V from Tweeter (for spending so much money over the years, I guess... :)) and it was worth exactly what I paid for it. By the fourth issue I was just transporting it directly from my mailbox to the dumpster. I subscribed to HT for years, but that, too has...
  21. Dave Falasco

    Look Mom, I got a job!

    This thread reminds me of a stupid habit I have when watching CSI--no matter who is talking or what else is going on, if there is a corpse on the screen I stare intently at it, waiting to see some tell-tale sign of life from the actor playing it. Whether it's a flicker of the eyelids, or the...
  22. Dave Falasco

    Defining TV shows of the Decades :)

    I hate to say it but for the current decade I would have to throw "Survivor" in the ring. The success of the first season spawned how many imitators? And now, reality dreck is the mainstay of just about every network. Years from now, I think we will look back on this decade as "the (fake)...