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  1. Brad Grenz

    The Getaway

    Not sure that this belongs in the E3 thread as it doesn't sound like this story is based on something that happened at the Expo. The Getaway impressions and screens Anyone else remember seeing the pics of this game a long time ago? No body beleived it could actually look that good. Turns out...
  2. Brad Grenz

    Evil Dead series DVDs

    Someone want to give me the lowdown on all the different versions of these movies? I saw another version of Army of Darkness on the shelf the other day claiming to be the definitive version, but that's what the last one I bought said (and it didn't have the S-Mart ending!). And the weekend...
  3. Brad Grenz


    Yeah, I think Dino Crisis 3 and 4 are both Xbox exclusive.
  4. Brad Grenz

    Rare's Star Fox

    They're getting some fine results out of the Gamecube hardware. Screenshots at the GIA Check the fuzzy fir effect. Nifty.