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  1. Max Knight

    Frank Miller's 300 (merged)

    I also did not find Pressfield's book to be as great as I had heard. It's fairly well put together, and seems very accurate. However, I was never pulled into the story the way I am with a really good narrative. To expound on Chuck's analogy, I'd say The Gates of Fire was more like going out to a...
  2. Max Knight

    If real CSIs don't like the TV CSIs, then...

    What I find really funny is that the "blue light of science" is not limited to just testing with luminol! It's in about 90% of all lab scenes. And I don't mean the use of UV light. The overhead lights are blue! It's become a running joke for me and my friends who watch CSI.
  3. Max Knight

    If real CSIs don't like the TV CSIs, then...

    What I want to know is if The Blue Light of Science is actually used in all labs for CSIs around the nation. It seems that every time you need to find something, run a test, etc. you need to use that blue light. Can I get one for home when I'm looking for my keys?
  4. Max Knight

    High Definition DVD: What is Holding You Back?

    I'm staying out until HDMI 1.3 is settled. When I get into a new format, I want to take full advantage of the sound and video. This means a new player, a new receiver, and a new projector. Likewise I'm put off by the format war. I expect a universal player will come out and that will be the...
  5. Max Knight

    Big Love ongoing thread

    I believe the mission was to break into Home Plus. The gay drifter bit simply seems to indicate that Alby has some repressed homosexual impulses. And from his reaction to the explicit offer of sex I'm guessing that he was probably abused early on for displaying these tendencies.
  6. Max Knight

    Battlestar Galactica: Season 2 - SciFi US broadcast thread

    I like the use of contemporary tech. I always hated the Star Trek "wave this light wand at a person and heal them" medical procedures. People are still people in the future, and they'll use IVs and surgury and needles and all the rest. I would call all the spaceships plenty of future tech. I...
  7. Max Knight

    The Shield: Season 5 thread

    I thinkt that the scene of Lem and Vic watching Kav and Sadie was actually very important. The look that Lem gives Vic when Vic says that they know Kav's weakness was key. Lem is obviously uncomfortable with how Vic can watch an intimate, yet disturbing moment between two people and immediately...
  8. Max Knight

    Battlestar Galactica: Season 2 - SciFi US broadcast thread

    I thought over all it was a good episode, and that it did move the arc forward. But I was disappointed in how the initial "take down" went. Those were the most inept marines EVER. I just couldn't buy it. It would have been much better to have one of the marines go in as the maintenance man...
  9. Max Knight

    Battlestar Galactica: Season 2 - SciFi US broadcast thread

    I think she said "Is it true?"
  10. Max Knight

    Blu porn

    I thought the rise of VHS specifically had to do with going to theaters and NOT "sticking to it".
  11. Max Knight

    Rome. Season One: *Discuss*

    I loved Tristram Shandy. The whole bit about the winding of the clock cracks me up every time I think of it.
  12. Max Knight

    Rome. Season One: *Discuss*

    This particular slave also seems to be Attia's post-coital water fetcher. From earlier episodes she seems to just sit a few feet to the side as Attia has her trysts. So Attia is apparently just fine with her observing the sexual stylings of the elite.
  13. Max Knight

    Rome. Season One: *Discuss*

    I felt that Pullo feels outside of Lucius's family life. Pullo is using his slave girl as a proxy for a wife/family, and it's becoming painful for him to see what a "real" family is like. Previously Lucius was his family, but seeing Lucius elevated separates them.
  14. Max Knight

    *** Official A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE Discussion Thread

    Actually, I think it was more that Richie didn't want someone shooting Joey in the back of the head while he was sitting in front of him! Bullets have a way of traveling after all. Joey would certainly know something was amiss if one of the goons sidled up beside him while they were sitting.
  15. Max Knight

    *** Official A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE Discussion Thread

    I loved this movie. It was amazing, and came across as very real to me. I think Robert Anthony hit it right on with his take on Cronenburg's comments on the stairway scene. Compare the two sex scenes in the movie and you'll see Tom and Joey. Edie was a willing participant in the second scene...
  16. Max Knight

    Deadwood 2nd Season

    I don't think Al and Bullock like each other at all. I think they tolerate each other and recognize how they can each benefit from the other if the walk carefully. The fight was due to Al being pissed off, and talking trash to Bullock in a public place, which Bullock answered back in kind...
  17. Max Knight

    Stephen Chow's latest flick - Kung Fu Hustle

    I was not the biggest fan of this movie, I thought that Shaolin Soccer was much better. The first half of the movie is wonderful, but it felt to me that the second half was from a different film! I love Stephen Chow and have a bunch of his older stuff on disc from China, but KFH didn't live up...
  18. Max Knight

    Oldboy - what's the appeal?

    I would argue that there are quite plausible explanations for the actions in Oedipus. People are more than willing to blind themselves to the truth when it is inconvenient (one of the points of Oedipus in many interperetations). That's part of what makes it a tragedy. We know what is wrong, and...
  19. Max Knight

    Bollywood DVDs...reviewed for PQ and Sound?

    I've been reading this thread with interest, and picked up a copy of Rangeela. We enjoyed Rangeela, but the wife and I would be very interested in seeing a movie featuring some of the traditional costumes. Can anyone recommend a well-transfered import with at least a few good scenes involving...
  20. Max Knight

    Deadwood 2nd Season

    Rick, I'm pretty confident that the whore is not related to Mr. W. If she was, wouldn't he know about the alleged relation she was visiting, and wouldn't the new Madam know to use a different excuse?
  21. Max Knight

    Oldboy - what's the appeal?

    Warning - spoilerish material will follow, and this is a long post! I just watched Oldboy this weekend, and I have to say I was very disappointed. I was really looking forward to this film. The premis is wonderful, I really wanted to see where it was going to go. After...
  22. Max Knight

    Are discs dead? - Wired article

    All this network talk reminds me of a favorite phrase of mine: Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon loaded with magnetic tape. The latency may be high, but the bandwidth is HUGE!
  23. Max Knight

    Deadwood 2nd Season

    Looks like we've got at least one Farker on the HTF. :)
  24. Max Knight

    The Machinist on DVD?

    I just can't believe that. A 6 oz can of tuna is only about 200 calories, and an apple wouldn't have more than 60 or so. 260 calories a day for a year would kill you, no doubt.
  25. Max Knight

    Best ninja movies?

    On the more serious ninja movie tip, Shinobi No Mono is supposed to be quite good. I have a copy that I have not gotten around to watching yet. It's a black and white Japanese film made in the 60s (I think), and is supposed to be quite accurate in many respects.
  26. Max Knight

    Anyone Use "Delicious Library" to catalog DVDs?

    I tried DL, but I didn't like the way it downloaded data. As others have mentioned, support for international DVDs is not very good. I've been using DVDCache lately, and it's been very nice.
  27. Max Knight

    Twilight Samurai

    I have the R3, and it is a pleasant DVD if unremarkable. The film on the other hand is wonderful.
  28. Max Knight

    The Lone Wolf And Cub Series

    I normally don't care about this stuff, but I like to read the site over lunch at work, and it's a bit annoying to have to worry about a person's signature splashing bloody breasts across the page. Back on topic, I have all 6 LW&C movies and I love them! I just heard that HKflix has a good...
  29. Max Knight

    Deadwood Season 1?

    I heard something about Deadwood being released on DVD in February. Anyone have more info?
  30. Max Knight

    Asian Cinema - Give us your film suggestions

    I'd love to see a US release of Sword of Doom. I've been dying to see that film, and to date the UK DVD has prooved elusive and expensive.