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  1. Samuel Des

    Refinancing - Wondering

    I'm about to refinance, already locked-in. The appraisal and title work are done. But I haven't made my Roth contribution yet. I want to contribute the max $3,000. Anyone have any idea how this might impact my loan? I've got about 60 percent equity, no other debt, and -- if I make my full...
  2. Samuel Des

    Email Program

    Is there an email program for Windows Me and above that will export the email as text? Hope that makes sense. What I'd like to do is take individual emails, and save them as text files for archiving purposes.
  3. Samuel Des

    Aeon Flux

    Any gossip regarding a complete Aeon Flux DVD release? It came out as a 3-cassette box set on VHS a few years back. My third tape is pretty worn, and I'd rather get a DVD replacement.
  4. Samuel Des

    Amp Specifications

    In general, are amplifier power specifications more reliable? (as compared to receiver specifications.)
  5. Samuel Des

    Most Prized Collectible

    I was looking over parts of my "library" -- record and books -- and was pleased by some of the collectibles I've been able to get. Two of these immediately come to mind. 1. December's Children (And Everyone's) - Rolling Stones. Mono, sealed, with the blurb sticker, "Includes the hit Get off My...
  6. Samuel Des

    Beatles Relevance

    Jeff's thoughts in the previous thread:
  7. Samuel Des

    Biweekly Payments

    Anyone ever do biweekly mortgage payments? It seems like you're making an extra payment a year. I figured out the break even point for me would be 3.5 years, i.e., the point where I would recoup the $375 fee for changing to a biweekly plan and then start seeing some savings against the interest...
  8. Samuel Des

    Webcam Recommendations?

    Search yielded comments like "get a cheap one." Anyone have a recommendation? I'd like to spend about
  9. Samuel Des

    LPT Switch

    I'm looking for a parallel port switch to switch between a printer and a wee cam. Are such things available? Any recommendations?
  10. Samuel Des

    Onix Amplifier

    I'm interested in the Onix A2150 Amplifier. Did a search, and got exactly one thread! And even then, it didn't really discuss it. Though I remember that there used to be a few threads before. Anyway, was wondering if anyone had it. I'm still in the market for 2/3/5-channel amps, and just...
  11. Samuel Des


    What albums have you listened to and enjoyed in DPL-II? In DPL? In Logic 7? I have an HK, and I listen to stereo material almost exclusively in L7.
  12. Samuel Des

    Quartermass 2/Quartermass and the Pit

    Wow -- I did a search, and there was only one mention of "Quatermass." And even then, it was in passing. At any rate, I'm thinking of picking these up. How do they look/sound? Are they good movies? Oopsss... I mis-spelled Quatermass. That's why I didn't get any hits... :b
  13. Samuel Des

    More Than One Win XP Pro?

    Aside from the Upgrade and Full versions of Win XP Pro, are there additional versions of this OS? I was scanning around, and noticed this: MICROSOFT WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL EDITION UPGRADE - (RETAIL BOX)- (E85-01012) $169.00 MICROSOFT WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL FULL VERSION- (RETAIL BOX)-...
  14. Samuel Des


    People often say that the M-Audio 24/96 is good for music but bad for games, recommending "lower tier" cards for games. I wonder why that might be? I will probably purchase the M-Audio card, but can't see why it should be bad for games.
  15. Samuel Des

    Website Had Power Rating

    There is a website that had magazine power ratings for receivers, but I no longer have the link. Does anyone remember this website? Does anyone have the link?
  16. Samuel Des

    HK Signature 2.1

    I am interested in the Harman Kardon Signature 2.1 smplifier, but have been unable to find pics of the back of this unit. As it is unavailable locally, I will be purchasing online from Harman directly. I cannot take a look at it here. Are the speaker terminal easily accessible? My HK 7000...
  17. Samuel Des

    Fast Rap

    I'm not a connoisseur of rap or hip hop, but I really loved NWA's Straight Outta Compton and PE's Fear of a Black Planet in their time. Since then, I've moved away from rap, but am now ready to re-discover it. Are there any rap albums that are faster and harder than these? Also, are there any...
  18. Samuel Des

    Jbl Psw-d115

    Hello - I am seeking advice on the above sub, the JBL PSW-D115. No one on this forum has posted experience with this sub (search showed one post, which was not directly regarding this sub). Audioreview.com shows a wide range of opinions, few of which seem to be meaningful. 1. Is there...
  19. Samuel Des

    What The Heck Is My True Weight?

    Given all of the health and exercise-related posts, I thought this might be a good place to ask. :) Something I have trouble determining is my true weight. Before my exercice routines (after work), I weigh ~179 to 183#s. After my routine, I weigh 174 to 176#s. In the mornings, I can weigh...
  20. Samuel Des

    Dedicated HT Sub

    Just curious: Do you use your sub solely for HT use? My full range speakers seem to do very well for HT. Based on my experience, it is difficult for me to imagine the advantages of complicating the equation with an outboard sub (though I have no doubt that a sub will work for other people!)...
  21. Samuel Des

    Great Live Albums

    Great (non-bootleg) live albums seem extraordinarily rare. Most of the time, they seem like artists imitating -- in some cases parodying -- the better original. Still, I think that there are a few standouts. I wanted to mention a few that came to mind. What are your faves? Velvet...
  22. Samuel Des

    Risk 2

    Anyone play Risk 2? I just discovered that this was released two years ago. I think I missed my chance to play it. :frowning:
  23. Samuel Des

    Motley Crue - Motley Crue

    I am in the market for HDCDs. Saw this album listed on the HDCD site, and became intrigued. Any opinoins on this one? Most reivews I've read on Amazon seem to be positive. I'm only a casual Crue listener.
  24. Samuel Des

    Onkyo GXW-5.1

    Anyone use this? Attractive looking piece. Has one coax, one optical and one analog out. Does DPLII, DTS, and DD. I'm thinking of getting it. http://www.onkyomm.com/products.cfm?id=3&p=i
  25. Samuel Des

    Class H+ amplifier circuitry

    What is Class H+ amplifier circuitry? Saw this advertised with some Technics receivers at bestbuy.com
  26. Samuel Des

    Athlon Stability

    Is Athlon still a viable solution when considering stability alone? I'm building a box for my brother, and am looking for CPU/Motherboard recipes. (I'm not worried about periphreal cards.) The OS will likely be XP. Edit - I mean the Athlon XP 1---+ CPUs, e.g., 1500+, &c. The MB should be...
  27. Samuel Des

    JBL NSP-1 5 - 50 Percent Off

    http://www.us.buy.com/retail/electro...8408&loc=14772 Plus free shipping. Also see: http://www.us.buy.com/retail/electro....asp?loc=15012
  28. Samuel Des

    DVD Player Has A SW Out

    I am looking at the Sampo DVE-631CF, which has a subwoofer out. Should I hook the subwoofer cable directly to the DVD player, or should I hook it up through the receiver?
  29. Samuel Des

    JBL Subs

    The last two peices of my HT puzzle are the Subwoofer and a HDTV. As important as screen real estate is, I simply cannot afford the investment until sometime in the future. So my entertainment dollar is no focused on a subwoofer. I would prefer to spend $250 or less on a SW. I know the Sony...
  30. Samuel Des

    Kenwood Product Line

    Is Kenwood about to change their product line? Aside from e-tailers, I have been unable to find the VR-5XX receivers for sale anywhere. Edit - The same appears to be true for Sherwood. Aside from the 7103, there are no other receivers available A(excluding the Sherwood Newcastle line).