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  1. Nick P

    DVDs For Sale. $5.00 Each Free Shipping

    I have the following DVDs for sale: Right At Your Door SuperBad 2 Disk Unrated Extended Edition w/slip cover SOLD The Mummy Returns Collector's Edition The Devil's Rejects 2 Disk Director's Cut SOLD Syriana I, Robot w/slip cover SOLD Sin City Theatrical Edition w/slip cover and Best Buy...
  2. Nick P

    FS: Panasonic PT-56WXF95

  3. Nick P

    FS: Sony DVP-NS9100ES DVD/SACD Player Brand New and Sealed

    Sony DVP-NS9100ES for sale. Brand new and factory sealed. Color-silver. Price - $475.00. Original msrp for this unit was $1,299.00. As I'm sure you already know in addition to being Sony's top of the line flagship DVD player this unit is also a fantastic SACD player. DVD upconversion...
  4. Nick P

    Will a front projector work in my room?

    I'm considering upgrading my 'old' 56" non-HDMI 1080i/720p RPTV with a 1080p front projector but have some concerns with my room dimensions namely low ceiling height. Here is a sketch of my room drawn to scale (click thumb nail for a larger view). Before I get too deep in research I...
  5. Nick P

    My RPTV seems to be streaking

    I'm not really sure how to describe this. My Panasonic PT-56WXF95 has been showing streaks of horizontal light across the screen. There is no rhyme or reason, it happens in light and dark scenes. Just today I was watching Boogie Nights and on several occasions streaks of light would come off of...
  6. Nick P

    Does anyone offer a DVD version of the "No talking, No smoking, ect, ect" preludes?

    You know, the short piece they show in the theaters before the film starts. Like the AMC filmstrip guy. Anyway to get something like that on DVD?
  7. Nick P

    Want to buy: Infinity SM Video center channel

    Hi. I'm looking for an Infinity SM Video center channel speaker. Must be in excellent condition of course.:) Let me know if you have one to sell. Thanks, Nick [email protected]
  8. Nick P

    DVDs for sale

    All DVDs are sold except for Traffic which is now on Ebay! Rush Hour - 10.00 The Legend of Drunken Master - 12.00 The Exorcist The Version You've Never Seen - 12.00 Traffic - 10.00 Evil Dead 2 Dead by Dawn - 10.00 Predator DTS - 10.00 Enemey at the Gates - 13.00 Super Speedway - 12.00...
  9. Nick P

    Twin SVS 20-39CS with Samson S700

    all items are sold!
  10. Nick P

    Slightly confused about Auto Flag Detect with AVR-3802

    Hello everyone. I finally set-up my 2 center surround back speakers and I want to make sure I understand the AFDM. The manual suggests setting it to "OFF". If I set it to off then do 6.1 discrete and 6.1 matrixed tracks play in their correct mode automatically? What about regular 5.1, does it...
  11. Nick P

    Buzz about Onkyo receivers being underpowered has me frustrated and confused

    Well, has it been accepted that the older X7X series are better than the X9X receivers? I bought a 595 based on Onkyo's reputation for having quality receivers with conservative WPC numbers. Then the reviews start coming in and their quality is now in question. Now I'm starting to feel ripped...
  12. Nick P

    Yamaha HTR-5250 or something else?

    I'm looking at the HTR-5250, in order to get DTS, for 319.00. For price/performance would this be the way to go or can you guys recommend something else for VERY close to the same price. Thanks in advance for your help. Nick Pearson