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  1. EdL

    In-wall Speakers placed in Ceiling?

    Does anyone know why most in-wall speakers are rectangular and 2 & 3-way configurations and ceiling speakers resemble car speakers? The home we purchased has in-wall speakers (SpeakerCraft 6.0 RT) in the ceiling. They sound like nothing but mid-range. I will be building a box to enclose them...
  2. EdL

    DVD Changer? SonyDVP-NC655P or Onkyo DV-CP500

    Okay folks I need some help. The Sony NC665P or the Onkyo CP500, both are progressive scan which I need for my Mits WS-55807. I also plan to use it for music. The Onkyo has 192/24 DAC's vs 96/24 for the Sony. Both are new and not in stock (wait until 9/28) or in the same show room so I can't do...
  3. EdL

    Should Video Interconnects Run Through Onkyo TX-SR700

    In need of HT Experts. I finally received my TX-SR700 yesterday and I'm wondering what advantage is gained by running component video for DVD, S-Video for cable & VCR through the receiver. Right now I have everything running directly to my Mits-55807. Will there be any improvement or...