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  1. Martice

    Three HTD Middies for sale.

    Bought these for my landlord. She wanted a HT system but changed her mind. I opened up the boxes to show her that they all worked to ease her initial worries. Never used again. Will sell 3 for the price of 2. The color is black. $150 plus shipping. I dont sell here often but you can...
  2. Martice

    Monster HTS-2500 Power Center

    Hello. I am selling my Monster-2500 Power Center for $100.00 even. I do most of my selling on Audiogon and my buyer/selling rating is pretty good if I may say so myself. :) If you would like to see my buyer/sellers rating elsewhere please email me and I will send you the link. I don't have a...
  3. Martice

    QSC RMX 850 power amp

    I am selling my QSC amp that I used for my sub. I am willing to part with it for $120.00 Plus Shipping!! . Please see my sellers rating over at www.audiogon.com under my HTF user name "Martice". http://cgi.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fb.pl?user=Martice&&&& I will take Paypal and Money Orders...
  4. Martice

    "custom D-sub to component video cable"

    I am considering purchasing a Dell 2200 projector. It comes with a D-sub to Component Video cable. Unfortunately, they don't mention the length of the cable and I'll need about 35 feet. I already anticipate that the cable won't be that long so I'd like to know if anyone knows where I can get...
  5. Martice

    ALL-IN-WONDER 9000 Pro 64 MB AGP Card

    I need to sell my ATI All In Wonder 9000 pro card. I bit the dust and bought it from Dell for around $150 dollars and found out that my Sage TV software that I bought 3 weeks later doesn't support the ATI card. I need to buy another card and would be willing to take a lost at the selling price...
  6. Martice

    All In Wonder question

    I plan on using one of the ATI AIW cards to record football games shows via Direct TV. The AIW card says that I can get up to 125 channels on the tuner. My concern is how the 125 channels are determined. Is it the first 125 channels from 1-125 or can I choose which channels I want to record...
  7. Martice

    Can I get good video using HTPC and TV?

    I would like to know if I can get comparable performance watching DVD's from my PC as I do when watching movies via my component DVD player? Thanks
  8. Martice

    Behringer Feedback Destroyer

    This is the 24 bit version (not like you'd need it) and is in wonderful shape. The first $65.00 Bucks plus shipping takes it. For my feedback go to Audiogonand do a search using my name Martice. As far as HTF goes, I have been a member for a while now and have contributed heavily in...
  9. Martice

    SPL Readings

    I have some preliminary numbers after calibrating my sub. I only have the pre BFD numbers and my system was calibrated at 85db. Here are some corrected Raw readings on the left and and my attempt to flatten the overall response of the readings on the right. 18hz - 72.0-----18hz - 72.0...
  10. Martice

    A photo of the AV15 in a Stryke Power cube.

    A slightly better photo of the Stryke Power Cube housing the AV15 driver. Stryke Audio 25" Power Cube w/ AV15 driver
  11. Martice

    Sub amp and extra attenuation ?

    I have a pro amp and love it so far. However, it seems that the levels are too low and I have to jack up the settings in order to reach the levels that I'm looking for. I've been told to investigate a signal attenuator or a line driver. Is the SVS black box the only solution or can I find a...
  12. Martice

    Line Driver for Pro amp?

    Any obvious pros and cons to using a line level amplifier for my Pro amp? Also, where can I get one? Thanks
  13. Martice

    Did the Tumult go up in price?

    First I missed the preorder price. Then it went up to $469.00 and now it's up to $500.00!?! Everytime I think about the possibilities, reality starts to sink in and pushes the possibilities further away. :frowning:
  14. Martice

    Tumult in a Stryke Power Cube 15.2 cabinet?

    Would a Tumult work in a Stryke Powercube 15.2, 25" cabinet using (2)18" passive radiators and being powered with an 830 watt into 4ohm amp? I have a AV15 coming which will be used first. However, I'd like to know my options of swapping drivers in the future if I feel the need. John Janowitz of...
  15. Martice

    Most quietest Pro amp?

    I know the Crown K Series have no fan inside so they are as quiet as a mouse but are their any pro amps that do have fans that are not as loud as some others? My guess is that I'll be putting the amp in another room away from the listening area but I do have some rack space now and if I can...
  16. Martice

    AV15 and spider webs??

    I am in deep talks to have a AV15 subwoofer made for me. However, I've heard mentions about spider webs or something like that on the driver. My question is what is meant by the term Spider webs?
  17. Martice

    Possible amp choice for passive subs?

    Has anyone checked these crown XL-402 power amps out? They seem solid all around. I did a search on this model here on HTF and nothing came up. Here are the link and power specs of the amp. Power output: 260 watts into 8 ohms, 400 watts into 4 ohms, 570 watts into 2 ohms (per channel...
  18. Martice

    PE Plate amps for sale

    I had two passive subs and both were bought without the amps because the buyers already had amplification. So I now have two plate amps that need a home. I am letting them go for $65.00 each or $110.00 for both. Thanks for reading. Martice
  19. Martice

    Biamping 2 Parts Express Plate amps?

    Can I run two plate amps in order to have more power for my sub?
  20. Martice

    Has anyone heard of a driver cracking...

    I have a friend that I convinced to get a Dayton DVC 12 and they just told me that the cone area of the driver has three cracks in it or something to that effect. I will be going over there this Sunday (02/09/2003) but would like to know if anyone has ever heard of this happening and what causes...
  21. Martice

    Blue Filter? Where can I get some??

    I'm looking for some Blue Filter like the kind that comes with Video Essentials which is used for TV calibration. Does anyone know where I can get some from? Thanks
  22. Martice

    Has anyone seen these before?

    My good friend has e-mailed me this link and I've never heard of them before. http://www.nearfieldacoustics.com/The%20System.htm
  23. Martice

    5.1 PS2 or X Box software available?

    Is there any 5.1 Xbox or PS2 software available? If not, is there any coming in the NEAR future? Also, is anyone using either system in their home audio setup? If so, how does it sound? Is there any real low bass information on any of the disk? Thanks
  24. Martice

    Home Theater Builder Magazine

    How many of you are going to subscribe early. I think this is exactly what I need. I wonder if HTF could get some of the DIY projects and their builders in the Magazine?
  25. Martice

    Dharman Clone from Acoustic-Visions

    I just thought that this might interest some of you who like the Dharman but would like to have an alternative look to it. Enjoy.
  26. Martice

    GR Research's next step!! WOW!!!

    For you guys who are wondering what the replacement speaker for the Paradox 1 that used to be offered by GR Research. Well here's a link to an early picture released on Audio Asylum. It employs a ribbon tweeter and the name of the speaker is "CRITERION" Enjoy CRITERION SPEAKER
  27. Martice

    Possible alternative to tube preamp?

    I used to own a tube preamp and have regretted it ever since the day that I gave it up. However, I do like the self sufficient nature of solid state and decided to stay with it for now. Fortunately, I ran into a piece of Pro Audio gear that has me really excited about bringing some of the...
  28. Martice

    Anyone ever try these cables?

    Audio Now If so, what is your impression on sonics and customer service? Thanks
  29. Martice

    Must have Demo DVD!

    I did a search on this forum and the name Mannheim Steamroller returned no hits. Anyway, While I was enjoying myself at the HE Expo today, I noticed a sign that said free DVD so I went into the room to see what was going on. I am so glad that I went into that room because what they were offering...
  30. Martice

    Pictures of my (unfinished) AV1+ speakers

    Here are some links to my AV1+ speakers. I hope you enjoy them and I will also include photos of the finished cabinets once they are done. AV1+ In the Embryonic stages Left side of the Right Front AV1+ Up close and personal! The Beauty and the Beast Feel free to look at any other...