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  1. Ken Garrison

    Cool trick you can do with a directview TV

    At night, when it's pretty dark in your bedroom, place your hand on the screen of the TV and flip on the lights for about 5 seconds. Now, turn off the lights and remove your hand from the screen. Notice there is an image of your hand on the screen now. Must have to do with the Phosphers on the...
  2. Ken Garrison

    How low do you have to put your refresh rate until it drives you insane?

    I can't stand anything below 75 HZ. My brother has his 17" Monitor's resolution OVER 1024x768 which only goes to 60 HZ. NOW THAT, hurts my eyes. At 1024x768, it can only do 75 HZ. That also drove me nuts. That's why I let him have that monitor and I have the Dell Trinitron in my room, which does...
  3. Ken Garrison

    Let's chat!! HTF has a chatroom!!!

    Just the other day, I noticed a link for CHAT on HTF. So, I checked it out, and no one's in there. So, as I'm typing this, I'm in the chat all by myself. You must use the same name you use in the message boards. Also, no spaces. KenGarrison, for example. So, let's try this chat thing out. Get to...
  4. Ken Garrison

    No Water since November and I am MAD!!!

    Early November, we noticed we were losing water pressure. Then the pressure ended up to ZERO. So, we called the lawyer, who now takes the rent money because the landlord died, and told him we got no water. So he called a plumber and they went and put a new pump down there. They did a terrible...
  5. Ken Garrison

    Sparks coming outta lawn mower muffler

    Over an hour ago, I went to the Chevron to gets some gas for the lawnmower. Came back, filled it up. Started it and worked on the lawn for about 15-20 minutes. It was starting to get dark outside too. Still enough light to see, but enough darkness to see a couple sparks spit outta the muffler...
  6. Ken Garrison

    Don't you hate when people in the house ask you to turn down the volume?

    This happens all the time. Tora Tora Tora was on FMC a few weeks ago. Yeah, I watched it pretty loud. Mom's over at the computer, "Turn that down". I'm like, "NO!". Some movies are meant to be played at a high level. I only have a Pro Logic sound systems. It ain't too bad. I did rent Pearl...
  7. Ken Garrison

    I think I know why VHS has a lot of previews at the beginning!

    I noticed when I record my DVDs to VHS to watch in my bedroom, they kinda look like shit for the first 5 minutes. So, I think they put previews on the evil Pan and Scan VHS movies so they'll take up that crappy part of the tape so when they show the movie, it'll look better. The beginning of the...
  8. Ken Garrison

    Any news on Snow Dogs?

    I'm still waiting for the widescreen edition!!! WTF is taking so long? Uh, let's all keep calling Disney. Call them everyday. NAG THEM. We WANT SNOW DOGS in WIDESCREEN, DAMNIT!!! It's a movie I've been waiting to see. But damnit, I can't because of Pan and Scan. IDIOTS! (Disney, not you guys)...
  9. Ken Garrison

    Windows machines can't see Linux machine on network

    How do I configure Red Hat 7.3 so when I go to My Network Places on my XP machines, I will be able to see the Linux box?
  10. Ken Garrison

    How did YOU learn about widescreen?

    I learned it by reading on the back of some DVDs, I think someone mentioned it to me, and I looked up "letterbox" myself and have loved letterbox ever since. How were YOU HTFers convinced about widescreen? How'd ya learn about it?
  11. Ken Garrison

    My eyeglasses are anamorphic

    I was told that I have an astimatism. Then I noticed the other day, when I take my glasses off, things kinda get tall and skinny, JUST a little bit. Not much. Then when I put my glasses back on, everything is in it's original shape. If I take my glasses off and hold them out, everything is short...
  12. Ken Garrison

    Local Channals on Directv. La Orl Hou....blah blah. DRIVES ME NUTS!!!

    Do any of you with Local Channels experience this? I have to wait a minute or so for the correct info to show up. Then when I go to surf the non local channels, it pauses for a minute and it's back to La Orl Hou crap. Anyway to fix this?
  13. Ken Garrison

    What's the weakests system you ran XP on?

    First I tried a 166 MMX OCed to 266 with 64 Meg SDRAM. Working pretty good. Then I got it running on a non OCed 166 MMX chip with 64 MB 72 Pin RAM. So far, it's running pretty good on that system. Don't have the pretty taskbar and everything. Got it running in simple mode now. Anybody install XP...
  14. Ken Garrison

    SB Live's surround sound

    Ok, I have Power DVD. I played Rush Hour 2 in DTS. Sounded great. Got 4.1 audio. And I tried my MPEG Video CD files. Prologic 2 was workign great with those. But, when I play a MUSIC file in Power DVD, why is the left and center info coming mostly out of the front left speaker and the right...
  15. Ken Garrison

    I Hate Maxtor!!

    We decided to buy a cheap Maxtor HDD for one of our older machines because the 10 GB Western Digital had cone capoot. I put it in, tried to format it under NTFS and install Win2k. Wouldn't work. We took the HDD back to Compusa for exchange and tried to format it using NTFS. Same thing. So, I...
  16. Ken Garrison

    The Galloping Gourmet - Graham Kerr

    Have any of you watched this show? I just think this show is hilarious. It's one of the best, funniest cooking shows out there. I watch this show every night on Food Network. I understand Graham Kerr has another cooking show out now on PBS. I'll have to check that out. I mean, this guy is just...
  17. Ken Garrison

    I'm a believer now...Bose 5.1 from 2 speakers

    Normally, on a 2 speaker system, you can still hear the rear information behind because the rear info is OUT OF PHASE. Well, I was in Sears today. I walked by this Bose sound system that only had 2 speakers and a sub woofer SOMEWHERE. Anyway. I hit a button to run the test. It showed this race...
  18. Ken Garrison

    I have an old P133 I wanna turn into a Redhat File Server and...

    Well, what I wanna do is turn this hunk of junk into my file server and "DIAL-ON-DEMAND" internet gateway. Well, my 56K modem I got is a WinModem and I need a good inexpensive PCI 56K modem that I can get that'll work in Linux. This server is gonna be on 24/7 and dialed on the internet 24/7. If...
  19. Ken Garrison

    When you go out to call your cat, do you...

    Call her/him with a high pitch voice? or do you Call her/him with your normal pitch voice? I use my highpitch voice because it seems to travel farther. I am a man, yes, but I am capable of screaming like a girl. When I was in 6th grade, one kid got out of the GOOD seat in the computer...
  20. Ken Garrison

    Anyway to adjust OVERSCAN?

    I took my old Goldstar 19" apart last night to see if I can adjust the overscan on it. I saw these 2 resistor dials on the board figuring they might be the ones. I didn't get a chance to see if it made any difference on the screen because my screw driver slipped and blew a fuse. I know it's a...
  21. Ken Garrison

    Letterbox vs Fullscreen Poll @ Howstuffworks.com

    Come on. Get yer asses over there and VOTE. Fullscreen is ahead now. GET THERE AND VOTE LETTERBOX RIGHT NOW!!!!!!
  22. Ken Garrison

    Fox Movie Channel's Stereo Sound is in Reverse

    I noticed on some of the movies I watch on that channel that whatever happens to the right of the screen, I hear it on the left. And Vice Versa. I have my Directv system hooked up the way it's supposed to be and all the other channels I watch are correct, except for the Oldies station on 825...
  23. Ken Garrison

    What I don't get about Chinese Restaurants

    Sometimes, my folks are in the mood for Chinese, and most Chinese Restaurants also sell American food like Burgers, steaks, and other things. What I don't get is WHY the American food takes so damn longer than the Chinese food? The restaurant we went to tonight wasn't that bad. But I've been to...
  24. Ken Garrison

    Logitech iFEEL keeps dying on me

    I had this mouse for almost a year now. I've really enjoyed it. I've enjoyed being able to FEEL my desktop. But now, it starting to do what my Microsoft Optical mouse did.........DIE!!!! It'll quit, and I have to unplug it from the USB port and plug it back in. Are ALL optical mice as bitchy as...
  25. Ken Garrison

    The other video store in our town I never go to is PRO-OAR!!!!

    There was a festivle on that road that store is from. It's called Needful things. They rent and sell Movies, books, LPs, and other kinds of shit. The lady at the other video store I usually go to told me the guy at Needful Things prefers widescreen. So, I decided to walk into Needful Things and...
  26. Ken Garrison

    Could Roy Orbison B&W Night be Pan and Scanned?

    I was looking through the credits at the end of this video and it said Panavision Camera and Lenses by General Camera West. So, I'm kinda wondering if Black and White Night was originally WIDESCREEN.
  27. Ken Garrison

    Tell AMC you wanna see Speed in Letterbox. (HURRY)

    Go HERE to AMC's Contact US page and send emails to Request a Movie and Lodge a Complaint. Tell them you want to see SPEED in it's original letterbox format. They are showing Speed 2x in a row. The first one is Pan and Scan. The second showing should be LETTERBOX. Email AMC and let them know you...
  28. Ken Garrison

    Adrenaline Rush when about to explain OAR

    Do any of you experience this? When I am about to explain OAR, my heartrate starts to rise, I can feel my blood pressure starting to rise. When I was at the video rental store yesterday looking at some DVDs and waiting for customers to leave so I can ask the lady if I can post the OAR vs P&S...
  29. Ken Garrison

    I posted some posters from www.widescreenadvocate.com.

    Just wanna let HTF know that I have printed out 5 copies of the poster at www.widescreenadvocate.com and posted 1 at the local General Store, the Highway Mart in town, and also had the lady at the video store post one behind her counter on a shelf, and tape one on the door. Even though, she does...
  30. Ken Garrison

    16x9 mode on the Directv system

    I have an old Hughes system from 1996 and it has a mode for 16x9. Although, I only have a 4x3 TV, setting it to 16x9 makes no difference at all. The menus aren't tall and skinny. Everything's the same. I figured a 16x9 mode would make the menus all anamorphic, but it don't. What does this 16x9...