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  1. Kevin T

    RAM checking utility

    anybody know a freeware app for checking RAM. i downloaded memtest, but it won't check RAM larger than 768MB so i have to run multiple instances to check my 1GB stick and 512MB stick. it found 2 or 3 errors, but i have no idea which stick has the erros. i was hoping i could download a product...
  2. Kevin T

    internet connection problem - help please

    i'm having an odd internet connection problem that i'm hoping someone could help me with. for some reason, my computer will intermittently not open webpages when i either click on links or open bookmarks. if i refresh, sometimes it will open, sometimes i need to hit refresh again before the page...
  3. Kevin T

    FS: 1/4" Black Techflex Non-Fray (20 feet) $10 shipped

    i bought 20 feet of black techflex for a cable project and realized that i purchased the wrong diameter. i needed 1/8" not 1/4". this is the non-fray version which has smaller monofilaments and a more fabric like feel that the standard black techflex. i paid .70 per foot plus shipping ($20...
  4. Kevin T

    Recommendations on a good All-in-One Printer under $100???

    the dell printer i receive for x-mas has crapped out on me so i need a new printer. i don't print often since i'm not in grad school anymore. i just need something with basic color printing, copying, and scanning abilities that costs under $100. preferrably a black printer with usb connectivity...
  5. Kevin T

    anybody ever use an ionic breeze?

    my home gets quite dusty and i have a dog who spends much of the time indoors as well. i was wondering if any members here have used an ionic breeze unit and what effect it has had on the level or dust and pet dander in their home. any input would be greatly appreciated. thanks much. kevin t
  6. Kevin T

    DIY Paint Stripping from Wooden Chest

    My fiance has a chest which we use as a bedside table. The chest was made for her by her grandfather and it's made out of redwood. For some reason, when she was 16 (she's 31 now) she decided to paint the entire thing white. From what I can gather, the paint appears to be latex and peels off in...
  7. Kevin T

    FS: Custom 6 ft. power cords w/ Marinco IEC & Edison Connectors black techflex

    I am selling two handmade power cords that I made to power my Cary Audio SLM-200 monoblocks. I have sold the amps and am selling off all my cables to purchase new cables. These cords are 6 ft in length. They have Marinco IEC and Edison connectors. They are covered in black techflex with black...
  8. Kevin T

    FS: HDMI and HDMI/DVI Cables

    I am selling a 6ft. HDMI cable, 3ft. HDMI cable, and a 3ft. DVI to HDMI cable(all gold-plated connectors with techflex jacket and ferrite cores at both ends) that I purchased off of eBay. I no longer need these as I've purchased new cables. The cables are mint and in excellent condition. Prices...
  9. Kevin T

    FS: HTPC accessories (Streamzap Remote & Bluetooth KB / Mouse)

    I am selling the remnants of my HTPC. I have a the following items for sale: Streamzap PC Remote $25.00 shipped (now on eBay) http://kgturner.home.mchsi.com/images/streamzap.jpg Micrsosoft Bluetooth Optical Keyboard & Mouse $50.00 shipped (SOLD to...
  10. Kevin T

    Fs: Htpc $450.00

    ***EDIT: Parting out the rest of the system. Thanks, Thomas. I am parting out my HTPC as it is overkill for my needs. I will be purchasing a Slim Devices SB3 to play MP3's from my home computer over a wired ethernet network. I have all the original driver discs. I have listed part out...
  11. Kevin T

    MP3 Streaming Devices: What are my options?

    i'm thinking of scrapping/parting out my htpc which is pretty much overkill for what i need. all i need is a digital jukebox for random mp3 playback. i can take out the 160GB hd loaded in my htpc and put it in my main pc. i can stream the audio to a device in my living room/theater room over an...
  12. Kevin T

    How do I correct last years taxes?

    i was finishing my taxes for this year and realized that i made a mistake in my 2004 filing. i didn't claim everything that i should have, so i shorted myself several hundred if not over a thousand dollars. needless to say, i'm perturbed. are there any forms that i can fill out to correct my...
  13. Kevin T

    FS: Denon AVR-3805 Silver OBM & Remote $675 shipped

  14. Kevin T

    Website for Selling Home

    i'm thinking of selling my home in the next 6-9 months after i do a little interior work (painting, tile...). i'd like to sell it on my own before getting a realtor. are there any major home selling websites that allow me to list me home with pictures, descriptions, and what not? any input would...
  15. Kevin T

    FS: Mirage FRX-Rear Surrounds - White

    I bought a set of HTD in-ceiling speakers for surround duty so I no longer need these. I am the original owner. I have the original box and receipt. I paid $381.50 for these in May of 2000. I'm asking $175 OBO shipped via Fedex Ground. I can accept payment via money order or Paypal.com...
  16. Kevin T

    In-Wall LR or In-Ceiling LCR

    i'm moving my home theater to in-wall / in-ceiling speakers in order to keep my 2 channel and ht separate. i either have room for a pair of main in-wall speakers with no center or a set of in-celing lcr speakers. my ceiling is 10' high. the distance from the wall to the sitting area is about...
  17. Kevin T

    Repairing internet connection ?

    my friend let me borrow her computer because it wasn't working well. she's owned it for 5 years and never had any type of anti-virus software, never degfragged the hd, never done any type of performance tweaking. i hooked it up and ran an anti-spyware/worm/adware program that i had. it removed...
  18. Kevin T

    FS: Monster Power HTS-3500 $200 shipped

    I am selling my Monster Power HTS-3500. I'm going to a strip style unit to make room for another component on my shelf. This unit has been in an enclosed Salamander Synergy rack for 90% of it's life. There are no scratches on the faceplate. I will take it out tonight to inspect the unit all...
  19. Kevin T

    I need a two channel amp less than 4 inches high

    i'm trying to add some power to my denon 3805 receiver, but my audio cabinet has very little room left. hence, i need a stereo amplifier that's less than 4" in height. i'd like solid state, but i'm won't turn my nose up at digital. the amp will be used to power a pair of 4-ohm maggie mmg-w on...
  20. Kevin T

    FS: Custom Heartland Cables

    i am selling off several of my spare cables. these are all heartland cables. they are made from belden 89259 cable covered with black techflex and terminated with eichmann bullet plugs. the pic below is for reference. my cables have black techflex and the cable is thinner than pictured. here's...
  21. Kevin T

    FS: M-Audio Revolution 7.1 soundcard $60 shipped

    i am selling my m-audio revolution 7.1 pci soundcard. i have the soundcard and the driver cd. i will include a 5 ft. heartland cable digital coax cable (belden 89259 with black techflex and eichmann bullet plugs). price is a $60 shipped via usps priority mail. i accept paypal (add 3% please) and...
  22. Kevin T

    WTT: Silver Denon 3805 for Black 3805

    i have a silver denon avr-3805. i would like to trade for a black avr-3805. no need to switch remotes, manuals, or what nots. just a straight receiver for receiver swap. i purchased my 3805 new from crutchfield. i have the original box. anybody interested in a swap? thanks. kevin t
  23. Kevin T

    Partion problem - help

    i have a maxtor 160gb but it only registers as 127gb. i'm using windows xp sp2 and my mobo / bios supports larger hard drives. i was looking under the administrative tools / disk management settings and noticed that i have 24.68gb unallocated. i would like to lump this amount in with the other...
  24. Kevin T

    PC Case HELP

    i have an ahanix d.vine 3 case which my htpc components reside in. however, i'm wanting to find a new case for my main pc. i cannot find any case that meets the requirements i desire. can anybody help me find a case that has: two exposed 5.25" bays (no more than three bays) one exposed 3.5"...
  25. Kevin T

    home networking help

    this might be easy for some of you, but networking is not my strong suit. anyways, here's the deal. i have two computers. my main computer in my bedroom and a htpc / jukebox in my living room. i would like to share my broadband internet connection with the htpc as well as extract files from it's...
  26. Kevin T

    Any receivers out there with custom input naming

    i have a denon 3805 and it's fabulous. however, i only wish that it had custom input naming. i have buttons for xbox, jubebox, sacd, and so forth on my remote, but when i press xbox, the receiver naturally says "vdp" (which is where the xbox is connected). while i feel it's a shame to ditch the...